Mango Price In Delhi

mango price in delhi

Mango Price In Delhi

It changes as per the availability of the fruit

Mango Price in Delhi 

The Delhi Power rule teaches that Kingdom is not determined by one's name, title, or fame, but that true power is power with honor.

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This philosophy can be used even for mangoes in Delhi.

Delhi a Kingdom of Mango

Delhi is home to a wide range of mango varieties which arrives in the city from various parts of India, easy example like Dasehri which is source from north to Neelam in the south, Alphonso Mango in Maharashtra or Kesar Mango, Payari Mango.

You can find a yummy delicious taste variety and everyone gets to choose whichever type they like.

But if you think royal power house of Delhikar there's one type which is loved by all in India.

That dear loved variant of all people heart is the Alphonso or Hapus mango.

Hapus mango is rich in aroma taste and sweetness.

It is power house of healthy minerals, flavor, healthy nutrients and has beautiful yellow skin with sometimes a red hue on it.

Generally It is a natural alternative to artificial sugar.

It improves blood circulation, help boost your digestion, prevents cancer, and is great for skin, hair even you can use it for facial.

Origin of Alphonso

Hapus was brought to India by a Portuguese military officer, Alphonso de Alburquerque. He was a first guru who taught Indians grafting with mango.

Hapus grows exclusively in Konkan. Which is now GI tag certified by Indian Government That's because its taste depends on the soil it grows in.

Konkan has volcanic soil and a hot-humid climate. It adds to the flavor of Hapus.

Other states have tried growing Hapus but they couldn't beat Konkan.

Two of Konkan's districts are especially known for their Alphonso mangoes: Devgad and Ratnagiri.

There are lots of varieties of Mangoes which are sent dir3ectly by Air to maintain freshness of the fruits to your doorstep in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and more.

GI Tag certified Alphonso Mangoes in Delhi

Our Mangoes are Naturally grown in Konkan and ripened naturally without using any chemical.

Our Alphonso Mangoes are GI tag certified Alphonso Mangoes.

Alphonso Mango Price in Delhi

Earlier we use to send our Alphonso Mangoes from our Devgad and Ratnagiri Facility to Delhi in following markets:

Azadpur Fruit Market

There were multiple Fruit Wholesalers in Azadpur, Mango Retailers in Delhi, Fruit Suppliers, Fruit Distributor, Fruit Vendors, Fresh fruit sellers in Delhi.

Shastri Nagar Fruit and Vegetable Market

Most of the nearby fruit and vegetable wholesalers use to source our mangoes from there

Delhi Fruit & Vegetable Consumers Co-operative Federation Limited  

Delhi Fruit & Vegetable Consumers Co-operative Federation Limited in Greater Kailash 1

Now we are sending to wholesale markets as well as to your home directly.

Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes in Delhi

In Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, mango orchids spread across 8208 square kilometers. These 8208 sq km produce the best Hapus mangoes.

These aams are valued for their unmistakable smell, taste, flavor, and surface. Dissimilar to Devgad Hapus, this variation has a radiant brilliant yellow skin.

Its unrivaled quality deserves it a GI tag. GI tag is a definitive benchmark for quality.

It is granted to unrivaled quality items that are created in a particular locale.

The greatest aspect of Ratnagiri Hapus is that they are sans carbide mangoes. Carbide is a synthetic compound that rates up the aging system.

Therefore, the mango becomes yellow yet is difficult to contact. When normally matured, an aam turns delicate like pear or avocado when completely ready.

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We spend significant time in conveying normally matured Devgad and Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes directly from homesteads to your doorstep.

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