Imported Fresh Cherries online - Cherry Fruit

Rs. 500.00

Net Weight

200 Gm 500 Gm 1 Kg 2 Kg

Imported Fresh Cherries online - Cherry Fruit

Rs. 500.00

Net Weight

200 Gm 500 Gm 1 Kg 2 Kg
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Imported Fresh Cherries online - Cherry Fruit

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Cherries are small fruit that is often found in bunches. This round-shaped fruit has a red hue.

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They are sweet with a hint of sourness. As the cherries darken, they become sweeter and less sour.

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They have a fruity aroma and are firm and become soft as they are overripe. The cherries have a seed that is often discarded.

The fruit gets along well with desserts like cakes and ice cream. 

These plump berries are often used in the stopped meal, pancakes, waffles, etc. They are also added to smoothies.


They are specially imported from Chile.


Melatonin is a hormone that is present in cherries. This hormone is responsible for managing the sleep cycle. They prevent insomnia and ensure better sleep.

Cherries have a low-calorie count; thus, adding them to your diet will ensure weight management. These red berries are also known to increase metabolism.

As the cherries are alkaline, they are great for dealing with acidity. They neutralize the acid effect and prevent indigestion. The fruit is beneficial for improving blood circulation. 

Potassium in fruits is known to do away with excess sodium, and they create a balance between potassium and sodium, which helps to manage blood pressure levels.

Antioxidants are essential for dealing with free radicals that mainly cause cancer and other severe diseases. They are very beneficial for the skin, and damage caused by the sun is cured by its consumption.

The berries are also beneficial for improving the quality of hair. 

Consumption during Pregnancy

Cherries have a good iron content which prevents anemia in pregnant women. They also increase blood flow to the placenta, contributing vital nutrients to the fetus. Morning sickness that is common during pregnancy is taken care of by these cherries. They are also beneficial for preventing any congenital disabilities. 


Cherries must be stored in an airtight container and can easily last up to a week if stored in a refrigerator. Make sure to do away with excess moisture before storing these fruits.

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Cherry Fruit Indian Names


Cherry (Hindi),

चेरी (Hindi)

चेरी फल (Bhojpuri)

Cherry (Telugu),

Cherrypazham (Malayalam),

சேலாப்பழம் (Tamil)

செர்ரி (Tamil)

चेरी फळ (Marathi)

ಚೆರ್ರಿ ಹಣ್ಣು (Kannada)

ಚೆರಿ (Kannada)

ચેરી (Gujarat)

چیری (Urdu)

گِلاسہٕ (Kashmiri)

ਚੈਰੀ (Punjabi)

చెర్రీ పండు (Telugu)

చెర్రీ (Telugu)

चॅरी (Konkani)

চেরি (Bangala)

প্রুনাস অভিয়াম (Bangala)

Kashmir Mishri Cherry

Mishri Cherry

Mishri cherries

Black Heart cherry

White Heart cherry

Stella Cherry

Lambert Cherry

Pink Early Cherry

Napoleon White Cherry

Black Tartarian cherry

Van Cherry

Early Rivers cherry

Black Republican cherry

Bigarreau Noir Gross cherry

Guigne Noir Hative cherry

Early Purple Black Heart cherry

Guigne Pour ova Precece cherry

Bigarreau Napoleon cherry 

Guigne Pour ova Precece cherry