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Mangoes Wholesale

We have a big landbank of Mangoes with our farmer partners as well we work with them directly for all pickup and delivery to your destination Pan India. 

Mango Wholesale & Drop Shipping

Mango Wholesale Buy Online

Searching for freshly ripened Alphonso mango online, we got your back, now you can buy mango wholesale from us and start reselling it to your customers, or you could gift it to your friends or customers by buying from us.

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Our Alphonso mango comes from the Ratnagiri and Devgad.

These mangoes are Freshly harvested and naturally grown in our farms under the supervision of our expert farmers.

We can do drop shipping and wholesale of Alphonso Mangoes and Mangoes for you as we are GI tag certified player as well we have Pan India delivery network while you can take order with you and we can deliver the same online to you with a easy process and whole handling from our side. 

Mango Suppliers - Mango Sellers

We have these large mango farms of mangoes, spreading across the area with beautiful mango trees.

These mangoes are grown without any chemicals, which will take away their natural essence, and are carbide free.

When growing mangoes and then harvesting the mangoes, we don't take any chances. We pick the best of the mangoes for you based on their color, aroma, and tender texture.

Mango Wholesale Price

Mango wholesale price depends on multiple characteristics and the quality of the mangoes.

Also, sometimes it depends on the location, mango quality, and how was the rain was in the season.

Some vendors in wholesale markets like APMC sell it at lower costs because of mixing.

Mangoes Wholesale | Alphonso Mango Wholesale

For example, the upper layer of mangoes is pure Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango or Devgad Alphonso Mango. Still, the Lower level is of Karnataka mangoes, so the average cost comes lower, and you find it cheap, but you don't understand that you have been conned by offering low quality, not the original ones.

We are a group of farmers for Alphonso Mango, Amrut Pairi Mango, and Kesar Mango.

We keep our logistics planned. Suppose you can even do the drop shipping for you in the wholesale rates if you want to do trading.

Even you can gift mangoes as a corporate gift or a personal gift to your loved ones. It might be your customers or relatives we will deliver it to them as if you are gifting them in person.

GI tag Certified Mangoes

You can rest assured while buying Alphonso mangoes or any product from our product lines as we deliver high-quality mangoes to your doorstep.

Also, our mangoes come with the Gi tag certification.

We agree to the terms and conditions of the GI tag and provide you with our products' geographic origins and our mangoes' authentication.

The Gi tag certifies the product we sell and assures you of buying the top tier Alphonso mangoes in India.

You must be living in any corner of the globe. We will get you the beloved mangoes you desire to your doorsteps.

These mangoes are naturally grown and carbide free, with no preservatives and added chemicals.

The Gi tag certification is now available for the mangoes from Devgad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Palghar, Thane, and Alibaug.

The origin of Alphonso mango

The Alphonso mango is known as the mango King worldwide.

The fact which is unknown to you is that our beloved Alphonso mango is not originated from India.

It was brought to us by the Portuguese in the 1500s.

Portuguese had huge trading worldwide and had ships carrying products from different lands to their colonies in India.

One of those ships was carrying a common variant of Brazilian mangoes to Goa's port.

The Portuguese farmers thought of this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the Brazilian mango trees' shoots to the Indian mango trees.

They planted this new sapling in their backyards in Goa. After a few years, these plants bore fruits, and these fruits were something someone has never seen.

These mangoes showed excellent flexibility as it changed characteristics as per the region plantation was done.

The aroma, color, taste, and texture changed accordingly.

The Portuguese farmers planted more of these plants, and almost every mango tree bore fruits. But due to this, many fruits similar looking to the Alphonso mango came into existence. But these mangoes didn't have the original aroma of the real Alphonso mango. They either had no smell or gave an awful smell when pressed against the nose.

The best among these Alphonso mangoes is seen in the coastal region of Konkan because of its low-moisture climate and favorable soil.

Online mango purchase

We offer you naturally grown, chemical-free, and carbide free Alphonso mango anywhere on the map.

These mangoes are freshly ripened and delivered to you in 24-48 hours, depending on your location.

We sell products grown in our mango farms and then harvested by an expert team of farmers.

These mangoes are then cleaned for any soil containing or other particles and then packed in wooden mango boxes for getting it ready to be dispatched.

You may be living anywhere in India & want to enjoy the deliciousness of mangoes at your home or office. You have to order mangoes from us.

You can also buy real Alphonso mangoes wholesale and resell them as per your will.

As mentioned above, these mangoes come with Gi tag certification and a QR code. 

Mangoes Wholesale


We are also selling a wide range of mangoes and mango pulp, which you can choose from our collections and gift yourself the joy of divine sweetness with these mangoes.

We deliver fresh mango pan India, Like Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Kolkata, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh.

Mango Wholesale Market Near Me

You always have the option of buying mangoes wholesale either you can buy them directly from farmers or any traders who stay near you.

An Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) near you can also be a place you can buy.

We handle Mango Wholesale Market near me is directly from your home you have to visit our website to choose the Mangoes and contact us on or our Phone 8369048029.

Our team members will understand your requirement whether you need any different packing, how to be delivered right to your location or multiple locations.

With us, you can even do the dropshipping model for Mangoes where you get the orders, and we will fulfill the orders.

You sell in retail and fulfillment method where your store doesn't keep the mango products you sell this from our stock.

Instead, when a store like you sells a product using our Mango drop shipping model.

You purchase quality mangoes that are GI tag certified and chemical free from us as we are a group of farmers and get it shipped directly to your end customer. 

Devgad Mango Wholesale

Buy the best Devgad Mango at wholesale rates directly shipped from our farms to your locations.

As per your preferences for packing and delivery.

You could also book weekly stock or monthly stock.

You need to contact us with your exact requirements to work out the best wholesale rates for you.

Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango Wholesale

We deliver Pan India with our delivery partners, and logistic network across India delivers you in Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango in wholesale up to your doorstep, or even you can do the retail of the same without stocking the product at your end, we will deliver your products to your customers with the highest quality and best packing.

Kesar Mango Wholesale Rate

We deal with multiple varieties of Mangoes in India Like. We can deliver you the best Kesar Mango Wholesale.

We have our own farmer network and our farms and collections centers.

We deal with the best Mangoes as our quality assurance team works on the best quality procurement, and we deliver it with our Pan India logistic partners right up to your home.

Wholesale Mango Online

Now be rest assured as we would like to partner with your business by providing Wholesale Mango Online as we deal with almost most of the varieties of Mango for you.

Mango Wholesale Price in Bangalore

Pricing in Bangalore for Wholesale keeps on changing on various factors but basic costs are based on the market availability of the mango normally Bangalore has abundant supply from Us but most of the supply was in wholesale and we could do this in retail also.

We are working on the best delivery and pricing options for Wholesale in Bangalore as our team provides the best of the service In the city for our GI tag certified Mangoes.