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Best Kesar Mango Price in Delhi: Find Deals Now

Kesar Mango Price in Delhi

Kesar mango is a variety of mango grown in Gujarat, India, specifically in the district of Junagadh.

It is known for its unique sweet and aromatic flavour and saffron-like colour, where it gets its name, Kesar, meaning saffron in Hindi.

Kesar is a variety of natural mango, known as natural Kesar mango, that is grown primarily in the state of Gujarat, India. It is known for its sweet taste, bright orange colour, and thin skin.

We used to send our fruits earlier to Azadpur, Tri Nagar and Jaipur from the capital city of India, but it was a wholesale Business type.

The Kesariya aam is popular among enthusiasts and is considered one of India's best-tasting mangoes. It is typically harvested between April and July.

Kesar Mango Price

Kesar Mango Price in Delhi Not just Price but Taste also matters

In Delhi, the summer sun paints the sky fiery orange, but amidst the heat, a different kind of sunshine bursts forth – the golden allure of Kesar Aam. This mango variety, also known as Kesariya Aam, isn't just a fruit; it's a celebration of flavour, a cultural icon, and an undisputed champion of Delhi's mango scene.

But what makes them so unique? Let's peel back the layers and discover why it reigns supreme in our bustling capital.

A Symphony of Delights:

It is not just about sweetness; it's a harmonious blend of taste and texture. Imagine biting into a sun-kissed mango, its juicy flesh yielding to the lightest touch. The first wave is a honeyed sweetness, delicately balanced by a hint of citrusy tang with saffron colour flesh. 

Then comes the creamy texture, smooth and luxurious, melting on your tongue like a whisper of silk. Every bite is a journey, a symphony of flavours that leaves you wanting more.

Beyond the Orchard: A Story of Delhi's Heart:

Kesar Mango Price in Delhi shares a deep-rooted connection with Gujarat. The bustling markets of Khan Market, Chandni Chowk, and INA Market come alive with the vibrant hues of these mangoes, their aroma weaving through the air.

But If you want authentic Gir Kesar with natural ripening, you can order with us here.

You can also try Local vendors weathered but with eyes twinkling with mango wisdom, offering expert advice and slices of pure joy. Every purchase of Kesar Aam is not just a transaction; it's a taste of Delhi's heritage, a story whispered from generation to generation.

Delhi is also known for its love for Banganapalli mangoes, which are equally cherished by the locals.

Kesar Mango Delhi

We procure our Natural Kesariya Aam directly from our partner farms in the Girnar foothills in Junagadh District.

The tropical fruit are ripened naturally using the haystack method and grass, without any use of chemicals like calcium carbide. Additionally, our plantation uses natural pesticides, including jeevamrut - a mixture of cow dung, cow urine, honey, neem, and other natural ingredients.

Once the Kesariya are ready, we transport them to Mumbai and Delhi airports with different packaging sizes per kg or dozen as per choice. Our logistics partner delivers them to various NCR locations, including Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, and nearby cities.

Thanks to our efficient delivery system, you can enjoy the queen of Kesariya the next day.

What is the current Kesar Mango Price in Delhi?

The current kesar mango Price in Delhi can vary depending on market demand and supply factors. It is recommended to check with local vendors or visit the nearest fruit market in Delhi for the most accurate and up-to-date Kesar Mango price in Delhi information.

Kesar Mango Taste

It is known for its sweet and aromatic flavour. It has a rich, juicy taste with a hint of saffron and sweetness.

The fruit is typically considered less fibrous than other mangos varieties, making it a popular choice for eating fresh or using in cooking and baking.

It also has a distinct aroma that is said to be a mixture of floral, fruity, and honey, which is why it's considered one of the best-tasting Kesari aam in India.

Kesar Mango in Delhi, India per KG or Dozen

Gir Kesar is considered one of India's best varieties and is popular among mangos lovers.

It is considered the Queen of Mangoes and is known for its sweet, juicy, and aromatic taste. It has a rich, creamy aam pulpy texture and a unique flavour different from other Gir Kesar varieties.

It is also available in all types of Mangos in Delhi during the mangos season, which typically runs from April to August.

They are available in local fruit markets and supermarkets. Finding them in speciality food stores with exotic fruits is also possible.

Many people in Delhi love Kesariya aam and consider it the best variety of aam available.

They often make dishes and desserts such as aam ras, aam Panna, and papad.

In conclusion, the Kesariya aam is a well-known and loved variety of fruit grown in Gujarat, India, specifically in the district of Junagadh.

It is known for its unique sweet, aromatic flavour and saffron-like colour. It is available in Delhi during the Aam ka season and is considered the Queen of Mangoes.

It is popular among locals and used to make many traditional dishes and desserts.

Kesar Mangoes: The Queen of Mangoes

Mangoes are a king of fruits, but they hold a special place among the varieties of mangoes. These mangoes, also known as Kesar Aam, are known for their unique taste, texture, and aroma.

They are grown primarily in Gujarat, India, and best are from Junagadh Girnar forest. They are considered one of the best varieties of mangoes in the world.

Their unique golden-orange colour characterizes them and their slightly curved shape. Their unique aroma makes them easy to distinguish from other varieties of mangoes.

They are also known for their sweet and aromatic taste, making them a favourite among mango lovers.

These mangoes are available in the market from April to August and are considered the best when fully ripe. They are also known for their longer shelf life compared to other varieties of mangoes.

The demand for this Kesariya aam has been rising, and many people are looking for ways to buy them online. With the advancement of local buying technology, it is now possible to buy Kesar Mangoes online.

Online retailers like us offer Kesariya aam for sale, which can be delivered to your doorstep.

Mango Price in Delhi

When buying Kesar Mangoes online, you must buy from a reputable retailer. They should have a good reputation for providing high-quality mangoes and delivering them on time.

It is also essential to check the retailer's reviews to ensure they have a good track record of satisfied customers.

Buy Kesar Mangoes online in Delhi. 

In conclusion, Kesariya aam is considered one of the best range of varieties of mangoes worldwide, known for their unique taste, texture, and aroma.

With the advancement of technology in eCommerce, it is now possible to buy Kesar Mangoes online in Delhi from reputable retailers like Alphonsomango.in

 and deliver them to your doorstep.

So, if you want to taste the king of mangoes, Kesariya aam, look for them online and enjoy the sweet taste of India in your own home.


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