Corporate Gift of Alphonso Mango

Corporate Gift Alphonso Mango this season!!

Corporate gifting idea this season for sweet Alphonso Mango. Gift sweetness of this season to your friends, employee, customer like Alphonso mangoes. Best gift for Jain, best gift for Jain religion, Employee gift, corporate gift ideas for VIP clients, corporate gifts ideas for clients,

Gift Alphonso Mango in India, Alphonso Mangoes Corporate Gift,

Mango Gift - Gift a Alphonso Mango

Now Gift a Alphonso Mango to your loved once with a click of button we can manage this for you. 

Mango Gift

Corporate gifting why not Alphonso Mango?

Gift a tradition of love gift a mango to your customer, loved ones.

Either choose from here or just click on contact us here our gift specialist get in touch with you for understanding your gift requirements.

Alphonso Mango Corporate Gift

Yes, caters to your love to your customers, vendors, suppliers, distributors, doctors, engineers, now what your passion should taste. 

Now think on it how your customer will be happy and what should you gift them in the summer season.

What will help to increase your revenue and Ebidta in your corporate order?

What is corporate gift ideas for your VIP clients, or what could be gift ideas for VIP clients?

How you will find Customer happiness, and satisfaction, over and above the performance of your product.

How will you convert the customer as a satisfied customer? Apart from your services Creative client gifts or it may be your supplier who has material but rationing the same stuff for supply to you and sending you lesser material, than what is required you to make him happy.

Unique Gift Idea Alphonso Mango Gift Box

Now we have gift Idea for your customer Alphonso Mango gift box because it satisfies not only your customer but also your customer’s friends and family. 

Corporate Gift from Alphonso Mango

Corporate Gift - corporate gifts

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Innovative business design thinking and gifting ideas our Team works with multiple customers.

Has innovated Alphonso Mango as the corporate gift idea, with their passionate team members it is fully customizable as per your need’s.

It can be customized in multiple variants like 6 pieces, 12 pieces, two dozens, three dozens, four dozens, five dozens of Devgad Alphonso Mango or Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango as per your need and budget.

The box can label as per your requirement, your logo, a small letter or card expressing about your love to your customer/employee as a corporate, creative client gift

Mango Corporate gift

Reason for Gifting Alphonso Mangoes

 There are multiple reasons for Gifting Alphonso Mangoes some of them we are presenting you still if we miss something do write to us on Contact us. 

Alphonso Mango delight for your friends taste buds 


  • Treat your body and your taste buds with Devgad Alphonso mango and Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango, which is known as a King of Fruits and lip-smacking mesmerizing taste.
  • Often it is said that till the time drops of this Juicy, pulpy alphonso mango fruit doesn’t travel on your chick, it doesn’t taste good.
  • No one can ever deny even a slice of mango you can serve them in any form either as a dessert or full meal (at our homes we used to have a meal serving as Alphonso Mangoes only. 

    Gift a Mango

    Alphonso Mangoes a healthy delight

        • Alphonso mango is a health pack for your customers, employees which is a magical summer fruit, enrich with Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Zero Cholesterol, Dietary fiber, Energy, Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B - 6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K (phylloquinone), Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Selenium Se, Zinc,
        • Such healthy nutrients and contents in sweet and Mangofeciant taste which keeps your customer/employee mesmerizing and remember you.
        • Even after they had gulped there Alphonso Mangoes because of the long-lasting smell of Mangoes on your hands which might help you to write some emails for your order.
        • Or your employee may get boosted with performance and competes for assignment before time so that your customer gets happy.
        • You need to decide you should gift Mangoes to your customer and employees also.

        Alphonso Mangoes Seasonal gift

            • Alphonso Mango usually is available from February to June from this actual mangoes are ripened since April to June as it is ripe mango on the tree.
            • So gift your customer Mango in April to May and June as a Summer season gift which is your duty to satisfy your customer with seasonal delight, taste, and aroma which directly reaches from stomach to customers heart.
            • This delectable mangofeciant delight must be enjoyed and can be delivered as a gift box.

            Mango with rich History

              • Mango with rich history and base it is written even in historical texts like Ramayana When Lord Rama was going for Exile ( वनवास – Vanvas  in Hindi) mango as Amra fal (आम्रा फल mango fruit) has reference in Chitrakuta, panchavati, a Kalpa vriksha and gift of fruit of Kalpavriksha is always amazing and definitely it will satisfy your customers need.
              • Why don’t you also become historically known for your customer in coming years that you had sent the Alphonso Mango as a gift to your customer with the rich history of your company and the delightful taste buds cravings with mango?
              • You will always be winning a position in your customer's heart for a memoir.

              Alphonso variety of mango

       deals in Alphonso Mango of different variety like 

                • Devgad Alphonso Mango 
                • Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango
                • Kesar Mango  

                Mangoes ripe color and spirituality

                 Alphonso Mango with its beautiful bright yellow skin color, known as the king of fruit a tender pulp.

                With a velvety texture and lip-smacking aroma that makes these mangoes as a lovely gift.

                The Mango fruit is a symbol of fertility, wealth, love, and even immortality which is prosperity and happiness. Origin of beautiful mango is not known precisely for sure.

                But Gift of Alphonso Mango for prosperity and happiness. Mango leaves symbolize life in Hindu puja. 

                Significance of Mango in Jainism

                Significance in Jainism the Jain goddess depicted under a mango tree, and it is very spiritual, for Jain followers.

                Hence Alphonso Mango is the best gift for Jain religion person. Box of mangoes is the best gift for Jain.

                Significance of Mango in Buddhism

                Mango is known for sacred to Buddhist as Lord Buddha went to kings garden, Lord Buddha ate the Mango and planted the seed from which he sprouted and flowered immediately, which is known as the Gandamba tree. 

                Alphonso Mango for Swami Samartha Followers

                Reference with Shree Swami Samarth with Shree beedkar Maharaj once as per orders of Swami Samarth. Returned to Pune and started chanting word Sadguru Mauli a Jap and went to Shree kshetra Akkalkot for blessing and Swami with his kind heart and blessed Shree bedekar Maharaj by saying.

                The Amra koy (Mango seed) you which have sown has grown into an Amra tree a Kalpavirksha. Mangoes are getting ripe.

                When mangoes are fully ripe, your aim will be fulfilled.

                Mangoes fertility gift basket

                  Alphonso Mango is known as a symbol of Fertility and Aphrodisiac since ancient years and multiple Historic texts.

                  Mango is a symbol of Fertility, gift mango for fertility men who consume more antioxidants.

                  There are Almonds, and mango for fertility goes hand in hand as you can prepare Alphonso Mango smoothie, which is vitamins rich, phytonutrients, minerals, and antioxidants.

                  You can make Mango smoothie with almonds. Vitamin B6 is known as Vital for female Menstrual cycle.

                  When planning for conceiving or conception, you need to have health supplements of fruit like Alphonso Mango.

                  As it is rich with Folic acid, potassium, magnesium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, vitamin E, Alphonso Mango is a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber for healthy elimination.

                  Mangoes help boost virility in men, Alphonso Mango contains abundant Vitamin E, which help regulate sex hormones.

                  So Alphonso Mango is an excellent gift for your question is mango good for fertility. mango and fertility

                  Alphonso Mango Gift Box for Expecting Mom


                    • Gift box for expecting mom you might have your customer or employee or someone a colleague in your office, the neighbor who is an expecting mom.
                    • What could be the best gift other than Alphonso mango a gift delightful tasty gift for mom and fetus, which will help fulfill the craving mangoes while pregnant?
                    • Yes at we can pack this and Deliver this with fancy packing as a Gift box for expecting Mom.
                    • Which would always help fulfill her cravings for mangoes with mesmerizing taste, smell, color, with a tasty mesmerizing pulpy juicy flesh of mango for expecting moms.
                    • As well Expecting Mom will always remember you for fulfilling her Mango cravings

                    Corporate gift ideas for employees

                    Alphonso Mango best Corporate Gift to make your customers happy

                      Are you facing the following conditions in your company like :

                      • Your unsatisfied employee who is not satisfied with his appraisal
                      • Your employee has become slow due to scorching heat or there might be multiple reason’s
                      Once you gift your employee a box of Alphonso Mango he will be happier than ever and his performance might really improve.


                      This is one of the multiple reasons for corporate gift and ideas follows you need to choose your occasion.

                      • Gift ideas for sales employees   

                      Your Sales Employee will be happy with Alphonso Mango as Corporate Gift for him and his family

                      Just assume that This financial year April 2019 to March 2020 is completed and now it is time to reward them for their performance in the year.

                      Till the time you complete their appraisals you need to keep them motivated.

                      you can gift them Alphonso Mango box which can be delivered directly to his home with your message that you have done good job keep performing.

                      By eating this Hapus Mangoes employee will feel always motivated !!!

                      • Gift ideas for staff at work

                      Your staff is always performing and you always feel that they should be motivated gift them Alphonso Mango keep them motivated and achieve the targets of your company.

                      Keeping them motivated and gifting Hapus mangoes to their home. Keep your staff as motivated and achieve their performance in bell curve from bottom to top.

                      • Top corporate gift ideas for employees

                      Your team has been selected by you and now your revenue targets are not yet completed and the whole team needs to be boosted.

                      Yes, has an excellent solution to achieve your targeted revenue that might be increasing your EBIDTA level, Increasing production or sales figure , Or satisfying customer support, or achieving a more satisfied customer base. 

                      You need to push your employee in bell curve from the bottom top in their performance.

                      Make their Tummy happy by gifting them Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango or Devgad Alphonso Mango or else you can also offer them Aamras for the sweet delicious party at their home.

                      You could also gift them mangoes or Aamras and visit their home to increase performance by reducing relation related issues.

                      Gift ideas for employee recognition

                        Your team has been performing and you need to recognize their performance and because you know Employee appreciation is a percentile increase in your revenue, customers, and EBIDTA.

                        For next years Gift Ideas for employee recognition Devgad Alphonso Mango, Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango & Aamras Popular Employee Appreciation Day can bring a smile on your employee recognition ceremony.

                        Alphonso Mango a Gift idea for wedding anniversary this summer

                          It is time for celebrating your relationship with your wife or husband either you had been nimble or your wife has been listening to you and you had completed 50 years of marriage and you need to celebrate the same you can enjoy a gift idea for 50th wedding anniversary.

                          Gift pure 100% carbide free premium export-grade Alphonso Mangoes you can gift your loved one's Devgad Alphonso Mango or Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango or Aamras in this scorching summer.

                          Enjoy this different gift for those who are adding colors in your life.