How cranberry taste like

How cranberries taste like

How does Dried Cranberry taste like 

Dried cranberries are red, small, oval-shaped, and wrinkled berries. 

These berries look like raisins. 

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They have a sour and sweet taste with a hint of sweetness.

The dried cranberries have a similar taste to that of a sweetened lemon. 

It has a high acid content and low sugar content.

The berries are considered to regulate blood sugar levels as they are slowly absorbed into the blood.

Regular consumption can prevent cancer. 

It helps in cancer with Antioxidants and Vitamin C if someone already has cancer.

Dried Cranberries help prevent the tooth from decaying as harmful bacteria can't stick to the teeth. 

They are recommended to pregnant ladies.

The berries help prevent premature deliveries.

 It contains polyphenols which are essential for the benefit of the fetus.