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Reward Program Alphonso Mango

Earn more & Collect more Points & Rewards.

Wellness always deserves a tasty reward, your wellness and good health with Hapus mangoes is our motto so we want to reward whatever you purchase from us. As a Gesture of love and eternity We always wants to say big thanks to all our loyal customers, so we've created the Alphonso Mango Reward Points program

Whenever you shop at our Alphonsomango.in you will make money of Reward Points for your each purchase, 1 point (which is equals Rs. 0.50) on each Rs. 100 which is spent on us.

Every time you accumulate 200 points, a credit of Rs.100 goes into your Alphonsomango.in Account and can be spent on any purchase with us.

Our Reward Points total up fast, since all your spending @ AlphonsoMango.in counts toward your rewards points total! And you can start redeeming (offsetting with your purchase) your rewards with as few as 200 Points.

Rewarding you, as our loyal faithful customer, with "cash back" is our simple way of saying ‘Thanks’ a Expression of gratitude for shopping with us.

Remember, the maximum the reward points you earn, the quicker you can start realizing even greater savings!

  1. Is there any process to enroll for Alphonso mango Reward Points program?

No enrollment is required. As our customer you will automatically enrolled to earning ‘Unlimited’ Reward Points for each Rs.100 which is spent on each purchases with us.  It’s simple there is no string attached to it there are no black-out dates, either just buy, no restrictions, no restricted products, save and earn more on your each and every spending with us.

  1. How much are Alphonso mango Reward Points worth?

Our Reward Points Values are as follows

Spend Rs. 100 & Get 1 Reward Point = Rs. 0.50

200 Reward Points (Minimum Redemption Value) = Rs. 100

  1. What is Alphonsomango.in Reward Points program?

Wonderful Rewards. Amazing Savings.

Our Reward Points program is an innovative customer-benefit program that enables you to earn Reward points Whenever you purchase with us. 

  • You can earn the credit in your account of 1 point worth Rs. 0.50 for every purchase of Rs. 100 which you spend on us. 
  • When the accumulated points total points get to 200 points, which will receive a total amount of Rs.100 Reward in your account. 
  • You can easily redeem all the accumulated points in your account towards any purchase of the products you wish to buy in our store.

  1. Which products qualify to get Alphonso mango Reward Points?

Our reward points apply to the entire merchandise all products, allowing customers to score points on any purchase they wish at our store, at any time. So once you reach a 200 point bench mark when you shop for range of your tasty mangoes or Mango Pulp at our website. We believes in Wellness with Mangoes as your Swasthya shailee (Means your Lifestyle with food, wellness and overall health).  

  1. Is there a Process to notify me thru Email once I earned enough points to redeem Alphonso mango rewards?

Yes. You'll be notified via email once you have earned the benchmark points which are due to redeem your Alphonso mango Reward. Do watch out for the email with the subject line: Your Rewards with us is ready to be redeemed. We request you to please add Sakhi@AlphonsoMango.in to your email address book in your email address book to ensure delivery of this email to your inbox (not junk folders).

Same Rewards points will also be displayed ready for Redeem Your Reward button in 'Your Reward Points' section of "Your Alphonsomango.in Account", once you have reached the minimum threshold of 200 Reward Points.

  1. What s a limit of Reward Points How much I can earn at our store?

Sky is a limit for you, As well you can earn as much points as you want and can redeem at any given point of time whenever you think. 

  1. Can I use all my reward points earned in one single transaction? Or can I use it partially or fully?

No need you can use as on when required, You don’t have to make sure to convert all your accrued Reward points either in one order or in multiple other orders as on when required. 

If you wish, you can let it build up with every eligible order you place at AlphonsoMango.in. 

  1. What is a claiming process for my Alphonso Mango reward points ?

Claiming your Reward points is very simple. It is as simple as shopping online Add your desired products to your cart, in our website while Shopping Cart page, select ‘Your Alphonsomango.in Fund’ check box as per your payment option which will help to redeem your earned Reward points. Now, you’ll see this applicable in discount amount echoed in your order details as your payment or rewards. 

  1.  What is the Limit of Duration for Alphonso mango Reward points validity?

There is chance you might miss redeeming your reward points? Don’t Worry just relax! With our Reward points are everlasting and points never expire. You can select to either accumulate your points for as long as you require and then redeem them whenever you wish to redeem.

  1.   What is a tracking process for my Reward Points balance at AlphonsoMango.in?

To track all your Reward Points balance at our website, you Just need to log in to your account in ‘Reward Points’ section, you will be able to see the total number of Points earned in Reward points with the respective order in Reward Earnings amount (Point Value) you have gathered in your account.

  1.  My Order is just placed on Alphonsomango.in. Why it is not updated in my Reward Points updated account yet?

You will find the relevant orders points which are updated in your Alphonso mango account, once your payment is processed in your order and product is delivered.

  1.  My questions are not getting answered or I am getting partial answers, what should I do?

We are very sorry to hear that your queries are unanswered, Feel free to ask your queries on sakhi@AlphonsoMango.in or call us on 08369048029 we will be happy to resolve your queries and update our FAQ.

Terms and Condition for Reward programs

At AlphonsoMango.in, once you have become our customer, you get automatically enrolled to our Alphonsomango.in Reward Earn Points program. Whether you're new to AlphonsoMango.in or a regular customer, you can instantly earn Alphonsomango.in Reward Points with your first purchase and every eligible purchase. So, earning the Points is very easy.

Take your some time to know about the terms and conditions related to Alphonsomango.in Reward Points program terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. Rs 100 which is spent on your qualifying purchases at AlphonsoMango.in.is equal to earn 1 Reward Point 
  2. Every 200 points you earn through such purchases, in accordance with Alphonsomango.in Reward Points program, equals to Rs 100.
  3. Your each point is equal to Rs. 0.50
  4. You can begin redeeming your reward points only after your total is above 200 points.
  5. Actually there is no limit to earn reward points on Alphonsomango.in, you can redeem any number of points practically you can earn any as much Reward points that you can which can be used to purchase any Goods on us. While redeeming either in single purchase or multiple purchases.
  6. Your Reward points which you have earned are restorable against buying any of the products which is available on AlphonsoMango.in website ONLY.
  7. Once redeemed, Alphonsomango.in Reward Points which will not be refunded or reinstated to your Alphonsomango.in Account funds in such case Redemption of your reward points order amount is REFUNDED back.
  8. Your Reward Points earned in your account cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash or any other vouchers neither any bank transfers and are not able to transfer to any other individual or Individuals or any other Alphonso Mango account.
  9. Actually none of your points expire which you have earned for your Reward Points at AlphonsoMango.in. You can redeem reward points deposited in Your Alphonso Mango Account at anytime you want to.
  10. You can redeem Reward points along with any other discounts/offers whichever is applicable at AlphonsoMango.in
  11. You will not be able to claim your AlphonsoMango.in Reward points you need to log in to your Alphonso mango Account and you need to click activate the 'Redeem Your Points' button which will appear in 'Your Loyalty Reward ' section once you have acquired the required Reward points.
  12. Reward points at Alphonsomango.in can be redeemed only for the product cost order amount that is without shipping charges or excluding Shipping charges. You may still pay for shipping charges.
  13. When your order value is lesser than your reward points value then your unused points will always remain in your Alphonsomango account. 
  14. When your Order value is higher than your reward points value then you need to pay for the same balance amount through any one of the easy available payment methods or multiple options as per your wish like Cash on Delivery, Credit card, Debit Card, Net Banking or Paytm or all available payment options.
  15. When your reward points cross the limit of 200 which is ready for redemption, AlphonsoMango.in will notify you by email to this effect that your redemption points are ready for redemption. This notification will let you know that you can redeem your Reward points any time whenever you wish for redemption.
  16. All redemptions of Alphonsomango.in Reward Points are final which cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  17. Your Reward points will be added to your account Funds upon your successful payment toward your orders at AlphonsoMango.in. Till the order is delivered.
  18. AlphonsoMango.in reserves all the right at its sole discretion to amend, cancel, or modify any aspect or part of the program and/or any Reward at any time, without any notice.
  19. Any dispute with this Reward Points Agreement (and any further guidelines, polices or rules incorporated by reference) shall be governed and construed in accordance with the rules and laws of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law.