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The King of Mangoes - Buy Alphonso Mangoes Online / Devgad Hapus Mango

Ratnagiri and Devgad Hapus - AlphonsoMango.in

Devgad Hapus vs Ratnagiri Hapus: A Comparison

Devgad Hapus vs Ratnagiri Hapus: Which One Wins?

Both Ratnagiri vs Devgad Hapus mangoes are considered winners in taste, aroma, and colour. However, there are slight differences between the two varieties.

While both are delicious and aromatic, Devgad Alfanso is known for its distinct sweetness and thicker pulp.

In contrast, Ratnagiri Hafoos is known for its tangy flavour and juiciness. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on personal preference.

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Ratnagiri Mango Vs Devgad Hapus

Hapus or Alphonso is grown in Ratnagiri and Devgad of the Konkan coastal strip of Maharashtra. Devgadh, a beautiful coastal town, lies just a little north of the popular tourist destination, Goa.

If you're looking for a serene and unexplored place to unwind, Devgadh is the perfect destination. And the best part?

Ratnagiri, which is located just 100 km north of Devgadha, is easily accessible and makes for a great addition to your trip. Don't miss out on exploring these hidden gems of the Konkan coast.

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You can deliver the best mangos straight to your doorstep with just a few clicks. Our online store offers various mangos, from the sweetest Alphonso to the tangy Kesar. You will find the perfect one for your taste buds.

Don't wait any longer to enjoy this delicious and healthy fruit - place your order now and get ready to indulge in the taste of summer!

What is the difference between Devgad Hapus and Ratnagiri Hapus mangoes?

The main difference between both of them lies in their taste and texture. Devgada Hafoos is known for its sweet, juicy, and fiberless flesh with a distinct aroma. Ratnagiri Hafoos, on the other hand, has a slightly tangier flavour and a firmer texture.

Ratnagiri Hapus Vs Devgad Hapus: Which One Is the Best?

Mango is more than just a fruit for Indians. It's the king of fruits and the pride of Maharashtra's Konkan region.

The most popular variety is the Alphonso, known for its unique taste, sweetness, and fragrance. But which one is better - Ratnagiri or Devgad Hafoos? Let's find out.

Konkan Region of Maharashtra

The Konkan region of Maharashtra, stretching from Mumbai to Goa, is known for its fertile soil, favorable weather conditions, and ideal geographical conditions for mango cultivation. It is home to generations of mango growers.

Ratnagiri Hapus

Ratnagiri Hapus, the world's best Alphonso mango, is known for its pleasant smell, golden yellow color, and sweet taste.

The unique taste of रत्नागिरी Hafoos comes from the geographical conditions of Ratnagiri district, located on the Arabian Sea coast.

The fruit grown in this region has a thicker skin and a stronger Alphonso fragrance. Ratnagiri Hafoos ripens slowly, resulting in a flavorful medium-sized mango.

Devgad Hapus

Devgad & रत्नागिरी Hafoos are both authentic fruits that have a GI tag. Unlike रत्नागिरी Hafoos, Devgad Hafoos are grown in the Ratnagiri district and Devgad in the Sindhudurg district of Western Maharashtra.

The tropical fruits from this region are known for their unique taste, sweet fragrance, and thinner skin.

The ripening process of Hafoos is faster, resulting in a softer and brighter mango.

Which One Is the Best?

Ratnagiri and Devgad Hapus mangoes are known for their exceptional quality and taste. However, they have some differences that set them apart.

Ratnagiri Hafoos has thicker skin, a stronger fragrance, and a slower ripening process.

On the other hand, Devgad Hafoos has a thinner skin, sweeter scent, and faster ripening process.

To ensure you get the best quality Devgad Alphonso or रत्नागिरी Hapus mangoes, it's important to be cautious when buying them. Some markets may sell inferior mangoes.

Purchasing directly from us or through trusted sources like WhatsApp or blogs is preferable.

Buy Ratnagiri and Devgad Hapus

Both regions are the leading producers of Alphonso, not only in India but across the globe.

From March to July, India produces more than a thousand species of mango. But none of them are as desirable as Alphonso.

It is sweet, fiberless, and saffron. Good quality Alphonso weighs about 230 to 270 grams.

Alphonso mango in Mumbai

The रत्नागिरी, Sindhudurg, and Raigad districts of Maharashtra have a combined total of one lakh thirty thousand hectares dedicated to Alphonso mango cultivation.

Mango gift boxes are everyone's favourite in the corporate world. I have specially designed Alphonso gift boxes. We at alphonsomango.

Ratnagiri Hapus

In some parts of India, a tradition suggests that mothers send mangoes to their married daughters' and sons-in-law's homes. 

alphonsomango.in Brings you the original Alphonso mangoes directly from the farms to you.

These mangoes are chemical-free and naturally ripened.

These mangoes grow on family-owned farms and are nourished with extensive care in both districts.

We ensure that no chemical ripeners are used by bringing the mangoes to you directly from orchards. 

alphonsomango. Mumbai offers the smallest and newest रत्नागिरी and Devgad Alphonso mangoes online.

Our mangoes are free of chemicals and are made by traditional farming methods in Devgad, रत्नागिरी, and Sindhudurg.

Our mangoes have a unique aroma, delicious texture, low fiber, and high water.

Buy Ratnagiri Mango

We deliver semi-ripe mangoes to avoid travel injuries.

The fruit will ripen, smoothen, and become fragrant after arrival.

Delivery time for Alphonso Mangoes

Delivery time for Alphonso in Mumbai is around 1 to 2 days.

Besides Mumbai, it is around 2 to 3 days in most metro cities.

Other than Metro City, delivery time is 3 to 5 days.

These are the delivery times for Hapus Mango.


Both रत्नागिरी Alphonso and Devgad Alphonso are unique in their way. The geographical conditions, topography, and gradients of these regions contribute to the distinctiveness of the mangoes.

The quality of the mangoes is also influenced by the manure used, the ripening process, and the moisture content.

At the same time, some people prefer the thicker skin and more potent fragrance of रत्नागिरी Hapus, while others like the sweeter fragrance and brighter colour of Devgad Hapus. So, deciding which is best for you is up to you.

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Devgad Hapus Mango - AlphonsoMango.in

Devgad Hapus Mango

Devgad Hapus Mango

In India, Devgad Hapus Mango is a national favorite. 

Devgad Hapus mango is a variety of Alphonso mango that is grown in the Devgad taluka of the Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra, India.

Mango a Bathroom fruit named by British.

It is considered to be one of the best varieties of Alphonso mango, and is known for its sweet and creamy flavor, and its unique aroma.

It is known for its unique taste, aroma, and texture. They are considered to be the best mangoes in the world, and they are often referred to as the King of Mangoes.

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It has even been featured in the Thousand things to eat before you die list. Alphonso Mango feels like a cross between melon, apricot, and nectarine.

Devgad Mango

Alphonso mangoes are such an essential part of Indian lives that newspapers cover their availability and price.

Because of the short season, people are willing to take advantage of the excellent taste or the high cost. Mango Online

Devgad Hapus Amba

Devgad Hapus mangoes are oval-shaped and have thin, yellowish-green skin that turns golden yellow as the fruit ripens. The flesh is a deep orange color and is very juicy and fiberless.

Devgad Hapus mangoes have a rich, sweet flavor and a complex aroma that is reminiscent of honey and flowers.

They are a popular fruit in India and are exported to many other countries around the world. They are typically eaten fresh, but can also be used to make a variety of dishes, such as smoothies, juices, desserts, and savory dishes.

The Alphonso mangoes rate is 20% higher than other mango species, with the Devgad Hapus Amba being the priciest mangoes. Its taste and texture justify the price paid.

The inner pulp of the Devgad Alphonso is lovely, and its outer skin is slim but firm.

Mango Alphonso: The Wonder of Konkan

Its seeds are also relatively small compared to other mangoes, so there is extra pulp to enjoy.

King of Dev Mango

Many people have tried to grow Alphonso mangoes pan India but they were not successful like Devgad & Ratnagiri farmers for taste, aroma & sweetness.

Still, nothing tops the rich taste of Konkan's coastal and volcanic landscape.

In Devgad, mango is harvested manually to minimize damage.

Devgad Hapus Alphonso Online

Mostly, managers export hand-harvested mangoes, so their price is high compared to mechanically harvested mangoes.

Devgad Alphonso mangoes are of high quality, have an excellent flavor, and have a yummy mouth-watering taste. 

Mango Mumbai

Unlike other mango species, Dev Mango Alphonso has no fiber content. 

Farmers don't use pesticides, culture, or ethyl gas and take all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that the mango ripens naturally.

GI Tag Certified Devgad Alphonso Mango

Our partners at alphonso online mango. Are licensed, Government registered farmers producing excellent quality GI products naturally.

We use modern packaging techniques and cold storage. We take the utmost care in handpicking and delivering fresh mangoes to you.

Naturally ripened Devgad Hapus Mango.

Dev Mangoes in Mumbai have a relatively long shelf life. Our farmers in Devgad do not use any chemicals to preserve Alphonso mangoes.

We guarantee quality and provide our valued customers with Alphonso mangoes free of chemicals and carbide.

Mangoes in Mumbai

Glycemic Index of Devgad Hapus Mango

The glycemic index (GI) measures how quickly a food raises blood sugar levels. Foods with a high GI are digested rapidly and cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. In contrast, foods with a low GI are digested more slowly and cause a gradual rise in blood sugar levels.

The GI of mango is 51-56, which is considered medium. This means that mangoes will raise blood sugar levels at a moderate rate.

However, it is important to note that the GI of a food can vary depending on several factors, such as ripeness, cooking method, and portion size.

Devgad Hapus a Natural Gold

Alphonso Mangoes is a great way to make refreshing drinks, soft drinks, juices, and mocktails.

After trying this mango once, people are willing to pay more because of its quality properties.

Undoubtedly, mangoes cultivated in Devgad are the most beautiful mangoes in the world.

They are delightful, pulpy, and sweeter than any other type of mango.

Their strong odor is appealing, but their availability is limited to six to eight weeks.

Therefore, you must order your mangoes soon.

Why Devgad Hapus Mangoes are the best

Devgad Hapus Mangoes are the best mangoes in the world because of their unique taste, aroma, and texture. They are also naturally ripened and free of chemicals. They are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fibre, and they can offer various health benefits.

How do Devgad Hapus Mangoes compare to other varieties of mangoes

Devgad Hapus Mangoes are superior to other types of mangoes in several ways:

  1. They are naturally ripened, giving them a unique taste and aroma unmatched by other mangoes.
  2. They have a thick pulp and a sweet taste.
  3. They are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

How to order Devgad Hapus Mangoes online

You can order Devgad Hapus Mangoes online from Alphonsomango.in We offer a wide variety of Dev Hapus and deliver them to your doorstep.

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Devgad Hapus Online - AlphonsoMango.in

Devgad Hapus Online

Devgad Hapus Online

Mango is a universal favorite! Alphonso mango is the best of all the types of mango available in the market.

Looking for the best mangoes in the world? Look no further than Devgad Hapus mango!

These delicious and nutritious mangoes are grown in the Devgad taluka of Maharashtra, India, and are known for their sweet and creamy flavor. You can now buy Dev mangoes online from the best retailers for Devgad.

British who use to visit Devgad an Ratnagiri in those days use to call Mango is a Bathroom fruit.

So what are you waiting for? Order your Devgad Hapus mangoes today!

Buy alphonso mango online.

Military expert Alfonso de Albuquerque established the first Portuguese colony in India in Cochin. The Portuguese introduced the art of grafting to Indians.

And that's how our beloved Alphonso mango was born. Soon, Hapus aam cultivation spread its wings all across the nation.

The flavor of Hapus mango is susceptible to the soil and climate it is grown in. Konkan's volcanic soil and topography lent Hapus the distinct flavor and aroma we know today.

Alphonso Mango Online

Soon, Hapus from two districts, Devagad and Ratnagiri, gained popularity. Today Devgad mangoes and Ratnagiri mangoes have become a benchmark for quality.

Devgad Alphonso Mango

Devgad is a small district comprising 98 tiny villages. Around 45,000 hectares of land in Devgad are under mango cultivation.

What distinguishes Devgad hapus mango is its thick pulp. The mango has a relatively thinner skin but a thick pulp.

Unlike Devgad Alphonso mango, Ratnagiri Hapus has relatively thicker skin. Nevertheless, the flavor and aroma remain exquisite.

GI tag certified Dev Mangoes Online

The Government of India has awarded Devgad Hapus mangoes a Geographical Indication tag (GI tag). A GI tag indicates that a particular product is from a region specifically known for it. 

GI tag lends intellectual rights to the region's producers, farmers, and artisans. Thus, a GI tag is a hallmark of quality.

Buying Devgad mango online.

Lately, there has been a surge in Mango online shopping, with a growing number of buyers looking for shopping alternatives online. The following tips hope to make your online mango shopping  experience pleasant.

An a. Keep an eye on the mango season. Devgad mango season commences around the end of February and spans till May. Make sure you place your order during the season. Some websites also offer a pre-booking option.

b. Make sure you buy from a trusted website. One of the critical features of the Devgad Hapus mango is that it is naturally ripened.

Buy Hapus Aam online

However, some sellers may sell chemically ripened, carbide-ridden mangoes

To be sure of your Devgad Alphonso mango's quality, make sure that the website you're buying from sources their mangoes Like ours Alphonsomango.in

It is the oldest food processing company in the region producing and selling authentic Devgad Alphonso mango.

c. Read the return and exchange policy of the website you buy from carefully. This knowledge comes in handy in case of any issues with your products.

Devgad Alphonso mango is a delight that must be devoured and cherished with every bite!

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Naturally ripened Devgad Hapus Mango.

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