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Buy Alphonso Mango / buy mango tree online in india

Buy Mangoes Online India - AlphonsoMango.in

Buy Mangoes Online India

Buy Mangoes Online India

India is loved for its diversity. You can find diversity in essentially every circle of life in India.

Alphonso mangoes are a popular Indian variety of mangoes that are known for their sweet and juicy flesh. They are in season from February to June and are often considered the best mangoes in the world.

Buy Mangoes Online India

However, what joins Indians is food! Indians love food and are proud of it!  India is home to various fruits, spices, and vegetables. One such fruit is the king of fruits, the mango. 

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India has around 24 sorts of mangoes made in various country regions. 

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For example, you can get the Dasehri mango in the north. Neelam and Totapuri mangoes are found in the south.  The most well-known variety is found in Maharashtra. This variety is known as Hapus or Alphonso mango.  Hapus is esteemed for its delectable sweet taste, unmistakable aroma, scrumptious pulp, and awesome yellow-orange skin. 

Hapus mango Online India

Konkan is the only spot in India that creates Hapus. The taste of this variety depends upon the soil and climate it is made. 

Konkan's humid climate, landscape, and red, volcanic soil add to Hapus' flavor. Various regions across India have had a go at growing Hapus, yet Konkan's Hapus was more heavenly.  

Two Konkani territories are especially known for their Hapus: Devgad and Ratnagiri. The Hapus in these territories are of premium quality. 

GI tagged Mangoes

So, they've been awarded a GI tag. GI tag is an indication of high quality.  Anything with a GI tag is seen as novel and of first-grade quality. 

Trivia: Did you know that Alphonso was first brought to India by a Portuguese military authority, Alphonso de Albuquerque?

Buy Alphonso mangoes online

You can now buy different varieties of Indian mangoes on the web. But, a few pointers should be considered when ordering mangoes online. 

  • Always buy ripened Hapus mangoes naturally. Various vendors use carbide, a manufactured compound, to speed the maturing cycle. Consequently, the fruit gets dull and dangerous for you. 
  • Know what you're looking for. Since mangoes are available in various kinds, it is easy to get confused. Read about the best technique to recognize various types of mangoes. 
  • Always buy from a seller or site you trust. Read reviews before buying. Ask your friends or relatives about their experiences with the site. 
  • Suppose it's your first buy at a site. Please put them in small order. You will only lose money if your order is delivered correctly. 
  • Read important information concerning the exchange, returns, and after-sales services mindfully. 

alphonso mangoes. in ships premium quality, chemical-free Alphonso and Kesar mangoes throughout the nation.  These mango are shipped to you straight from farms to your doorstep. We transport our mangoes by air. 

We offer green mangoes that age at your home. This guides in reducing damage caused during travel.  Usually, mangoes are ripened in the grass. They take a short time to age.

However, make sure you don't wash or refrigerate them. This stops the aging cycle. You can use these green mangoes to make chutneys, dips, salsa, or pickles.  

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