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Thompson Raisins


Thompson Raisins are plump and the biggest of all. Thompson raisins are two to three times larger than other raisins. 

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These full-fleshed rounded raisins have an intense candy-like flavor and a chewy texture. 

The grapes ripen on the vine, which adds to the raisins' richness. Thompson raisins have small, tender, undeveloped seeds that usually go unnoticed. 

Thompson raisins develop as raw grapes on the vine and naturally deepen their beautiful dark brown hue while drying in the sun. They are ideal snacks and add a nice crunch to your baked goods.

Thompson raisins get their name from the famous viticulturist William Thompson who introduced and popularized the Sultana grape in California and the world. 

Since the Sultana grapes are ripened and dried naturally on the vine, these take longer to produce. But their delicious taste and nutritional value make it worth all the wait.

Thompson raisins are available in two variants: dark and golden. Golden raisins are tangier than dark ones. Sulfur dioxide helps in maintaining the beautiful yellow-brown shade of golden raisins. 

These are then dried using synthetic warmers to retain their plumpness.

Thompson Seedless Raisins make up a wholesome, low-calorie snack just as it is. These raisins can elevate your baked goodies' flavors, such as cookies, muffins, desserts, and cakes. 

Eating Thompson raisins helps with digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhea. Thompson raisins facilitate digestion. The soluble fibers help keep digestive problems such as diarrhea and constipation away.

Researchers conducted by Bayes and colleagues (2012) suggest that raisins comprise high phenolic components, which induce antioxidant effects. These phenolic components also aid the resistance of free radicals that contribute to cancer.

Another research suggests that consuming raisins three times a day could relieve hypertension. Thompson raisins help improve oral health. Thompson raisins help in keeping cavities and enamel decay away. 

This natural candy is probably the only candy your dentist encourages you to eat! Thompson raisins are a rich source of antimicrobial phytochemicals. These phytochemicals wash out the oral bacteria, which cause dental cavities and oral decay.

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