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Mango for Desserts

Irresistible Mango Fruit Dessert Recipes

Mouthwatering Mango Fruit Dessert Recipes To Try Today

Mangoes are a tasty fruit that is great in desserts. This post discusses Alphonso types in India and how to choose one for your sweet dish.

We have shared classic Indian mangoes fruit dessert recipes such as Aam ki Phirni, Amrakhand, and Kheer with their recipes. You can try new fusion Alphonso desserts like Fruit Custard, Alphonso Pudding, and Alphonso Kulfi.

Our list also has refreshing Hapus drinks like Hapus Lassi and baked mangos goodies like Mangos Cake and Mangoes Muffin.

Finally, we added exotic Alphonso sweet dish like Mangos Panna Cotta and aam ka Sheera with simple recipes. Get ready to enjoy sweet treats with fresh, juicy mangoes!

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The Different Varieties of Mangoes in India

If you love desserts, try some of India's delicious mango fruit dessert recipes. There are many kinds of mangoes, each with a unique taste and texture.

For example, the Alphonso is a sweet and rich Hapus, while the Kesar has a bright orange colour and intense aroma, making it perfect for desserts. If you want a balance between sweetness and tanginess, try the Hapus or Ratnagiri Hapus, Devgad Hapus as it is sometimes called.

Finally, for those who like fresh consumption or culinary creations, there's always the Payari Amba with its distinct aroma and sweet taste.

Alphonso Mango

Mouthwatering Mango Fruit Dessert Recipes To Try Today. If you love desserts, you should try Alphonso mangoes! They have a tropical flavour and creamy texture, making them perfect for desserts.

You can use them to make Indian desserts like Alphonso Phirni, amrakhand, and Alphonso kheer. Or, you can use them to create delicious treats like Hapus ice cream, cheesecake, and lassi.

The Alphonso season is from April to June, so try these delightful creations.

Kesar Mango

Kesar mangoes are famous for their sweet, citrusy taste and enticing fragrance. Their orange colour is like saffron.

People love to use them in dishes like phirni, amrakhand, and Kheer because of their sweetness.

To add a tropical twist, you can also use Kesar mangoes to make desserts such as fool, mousse, and pudding.

These delicious treats are perfect for a delightful dessert or snack during the abundant mangoes season.

Hapus Mango

If you have a sweet tooth, you should try Hapus mangoes. They taste delicious, with a sweet and buttery flavour.

You can use them to make many desserts like aam ki phirni, amrakhand, aam ki kheer, kulfi, ice cream, and cake. Everyone in the family can enjoy these desserts during the season.

Payari Mango

Are you looking for a delicious dessert idea?

Try using Payari mangoes!

These tropical fruits have a sweet taste and juicy flesh, perfect for desserts. The options are endless, from aam ka pudding to ice cream, cheesecake, mousse, and pie.

These mangoes bring summery flavours to every bite and are great for family gatherings on hot summer days.

Traditional Indian Mango Fruit Dessert Recipes

Are you looking for a sweet treat? Try these traditional mango desserts that capture the tropical flavour of the king of fruits.

You can enjoy creamy phirni, luscious amrakhand, or delightful Kheer. These desserts are perfect for the whole family and bring heavy cream and sweet mango goodness to your table.

Recipes like sticky rice phirni and Alphonso slices in amrakhand are time-honoured, delicious desserts you don't want to miss!

Mango Phirni Dessert Recipes Using Mango

Are you looking for a dessert recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth? You must try mangoes phirni! This creamy rice pudding is flavoured with Alphonso puree, rose water, and cardamom.

You'll need rice, milk, sugar, and ripe mangoes to make it. The recipe is easy to follow and requires just a cup of water and condensed milk.

Phirni has a tropical twist that can take your taste buds to new heights of happiness.

Amrakhand Dessert Made of Mango

Are you looking for a delicious dessert perfect for summer or any special occasion?

Look no further than Amrakhand! Made with creamy strained yoghurt, ripe mangoes, and saffron, this dessert offers a perfect blend of tropical flavours. It's garnished with pistachios and almonds to make it even more decadent.

You can easily make amrakhand at home using coconut cream, Alphonso puree, and condensed milk.

This recipe is simple enough for family dinners but also works great for dinner parties. If you love tropical desserts, then Amrakhand is worth a try!

Mango Kheer and its Recipe

If you're craving something sweet, try Alphonso Kheer. It's a rice pudding that has puree and cardamom in it.

This dessert is perfect for summer because it uses Manila and sweet mangoes. You can make it even better by adding a scoop of ice cream.

It's usually found on tropical dessert menus, but you can add sticky rice and heavy cream to make it even more special. The whole family will love this delicious dessert!

Modern Fusion Mango Desserts

We are looking for a new way to enjoy mangoes. Modern alphonso desserts are creative and delicious.

You can try mangoes, sponge cake, cheesecake, mousse or frozen dessert. Hapus sticky coconut rice is another yummy option.

These desserts have tropical flavours that are perfect for summer. Add ice cream to make a refreshing treat if it's hot outside.

Mango Fruit Custard and its Recipe

We are looking for a tasty dessert recipe to try today. Try making Amba fruit custard! This treat is made with fresh mangoes, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream.

Sliced mangoes are added to the custard for an extra fruity flavour. This dessert is perfect for family dinners or parties and will bring a touch of the tropics to your table.

Mangoes Pudding and its Recipe

We are looking for a tropical dessert to enjoy on hot summer days.

Hapus pudding is an easy recipe combining Hapus puree, coconut, and condensed milk. It's perfect with fresh mangoes and heavy cream, making it a great addition to any family gathering.

Mangoes Kulfi and its Recipe

Are you looking for a summer dessert recipe?

Try the Hapus kulfi made with fresh Hapus, condensed milk, and cardamom powder.

This frozen treat is ideal for hot days and brings a tropical twist to your taste buds. This dessert is perfect for the whole family; ripe mangoes make it even more enjoyable. Make this rich and creamy dessert to enjoy the best part of summer with the king of fruits.

Refreshing Mango Beverages

Try out some delicious mango fruit dessert recipes to enjoy the summer season. You can make a simple smoothie with rice, cream, and Alphonso slices.

Aam ki lassi, a traditional Indian drink, is also an excellent choice for a tropical twist.

If you want something refreshing, go for Hapus iced tea served over ice. Try the mix of lemon juice and fresh Hapus in mangoes lemonade for a tangy taste.

Mango Lassi and its Recipe

Are you looking for yummy and healthy desserts? Try the Aam ki Lassi - an Indian drink of ripe mangoes, yoghurt, and spices.

You can add cardamom or cinnamon to make it even more delicious. It has vitamins and probiotics, which makes it a healthy sweet dish option.

You can also serve it as a refreshing drink during the hot summer. This yummy drink is perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

Baked Mango Delights

Try out these fantastic Alphonso desserts during the season.

Choose from the creamy cheesecake, comforting mangoes crumble, or elegant Hapus tart.

Try the tropical bread pudding with sweet Alphonso chunks, or cool off with refreshing sorbet.

Mango Cake and its Recipe

Are you a fan of Mango fruit dessert recipes?

Alphonso cake is a popular treat that's both tasty and versatile. It only requires fresh Alphonso puree, flour, sugar, eggs, and baking powder.

The recipe is easy to follow, making it ideal for beginners. After baking the cake, you can add whipped cream or fruit to make it even more delicious.

If you're a Hapus lover, other options like Hapus pudding, sorbet, and cheesecake use this sweet fruit, too!

Mango Muffin and its Recipe

We are looking for a tasty treat that everyone will love. Try making Alphonso muffins! These moist and sweet treats use fresh Alphonso and simple ingredients like graham crackers and cream.

Alphonso is the show's star, bringing a tropical flavour to every bite. This recipe is easy to follow and is a favourite among Filipino desserts.

It's perfect for baking beginners who want to try something new. Enjoy the delicious aroma and taste of Alphonso in every bite!

Exotic Mango Desserts

Are you ready to try some delicious Alphonso desserts?

Mangoes Panna Cotta is a smooth dessert made with cream and Alphonso puree. It's perfect for the whole family.

You can also try Hapus Amba Sheera, a Filipino dessert with rice, Alphonso slices, and ghee.

Add Alphonso to your favourite classic recipes for a unique and tasty twist!

Mango Panna Cotta and its Recipe

Are you looking for a fruity dessert?

You must try mango panna cotta. It's a creamy Filipino dessert made with heavy cream and mangoes. Add sticky rice at the base and top it off with delicious Alphonso slices.

This dessert is easy; mix gelatin and sugar, then chill until set. Your family will love this refreshing and unique treat!

Mango Sheera and its Recipe

Are you looking for a tasty and unique dessert or breakfast dish?

Try Hapus sheera, an Indian treat made with semolina, pulp, and sugar. It's perfect for any occasion and can be garnished with nuts and cardamom powder to enhance the flavour.

Combining semolina, Alphonso, and sugar creates a delicious taste for the whole family. Plus, it's easy to make!

How to select the perfect mango for your dessert?

Are you looking for the right mangoes for your dessert? Pick a fragrant one with a sweet smell.

The skin should be firm but not too hard. Don't focus on the colour; look for blush instead. Avoid mangos with bruises or soft spots.


Mouthwatering Mango Fruit Dessert Recipes To Try Today: Mangoes are perfect for making delicious desserts!

Many yummy options include creamy phirni, refreshing mangoes lassi, and exotic mangoes panna cotta. You can even create unique fusion recipes.

Use a ripe Alphonso with a sweet smell and slightly soft flesh for the best taste.

Treat yourself to one of these tasty desserts whenever you're in the mood for something sweet!

Mouthwatering Mango Dessert Recipes:

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