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Mango and Dry fruit Recipes / mango

Banana Orange Mango Smoothie - AlphonsoMango.in

Banana Orange Mango Smoothie

Banana Orange Mango Smoothie

Banana Orange Mango Smoothie combines Mango, Banana, and Orange fruits.

Banana Mango Smoothie

Milk or yogurt, sugar, saffron strands, cardamom powder, ice cream, and ice cubes; you could top it with chopped cashew nuts, almonds, akrhot, and much more per your taste. 

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Banana Orange Mango Smoothie health benefits

It has multiple health benefits, which help you like a tasty delight.

Acts like an Aphrodisiac

This blend of smoothies shoots up all your nutrient levels and acts as an aphrodisiac.

Banana Orange Mango Smoothie Recipe

Here we have taken Alphonso Mango or sweetened mango pulp made from Alphonso mangoes as it has very little fiber or minimal fiber. 

You may also use Kesar mango pulp, but it is a bit fibrous; it might change the taste and color of the Smoothie.

You can choose ripe mangoes as per your choice.

Orange Banana Mango Smoothie Ingredients

Summertime is fun with you and your kids at home due to their holidays.

As the Mango smoothie is one of the most natural recipes of Mango, it can take approximately two to three minutes.

If everything is ready, you will love this Smoothie.

  1. You can take 3 to 4 Alphonso mangoes, peel them off and chop cubes. It will be nearly two to two and a half cups of alphonso mango cubes and chunks. As fresh, Mango always tastes better.
  2. You can order here with us if you don’t have fresh mangoes. You can also choose frozen Mango, fresh or frozen. It makes a bit of difference in the taste as I wouldn’t say I like Mango to be frozen; it changes the color of the pulp if it has frozen. 
  3. If you are using fresh Mango, you can add a frozen banana. It tastes amazing.
  4. Orange peeled cleaned better if kept in the fridge
  5. More health-conscious people have two to three tablespoons of malai (fresh cream) and can avoid it if required.
  6. Milk half a cup. You can use vegan milk like homemade cashew, almond, and soya. Here I have taken dairy milk.
  7. Yogurt base or greek yogurt half cup or yogurt milk or Dahi (Curd) nearly half a cup
  8. Half a tablespoon of rose water, or you can use Gulkand (Gulqand, rose petal jam)
  9. Grounded cardamom powder half teaspoon
  10. Optional Ice cubes are ok with it as they would reduce the consistency of a smoothie. I would suggest adding the ice cubes in the afternoon and don’t add them in the evening.
  11. Add sugar or jaggery or Honey or Stevia or Palm sugar as per your taste and choice because, generally, Alphonso mangoes are a sweet delight. Still, you can take nearly three to five tablespoons of sugar.
  12. Add chopped cashew nuts, saffron strands, almonds (Badam), walnuts (akhrot), Anjeer (fig), and mint leaves for garnishing.

How to Make Banana Orange Mango Smoothie Recipe

  • First, make a puree of alphonso mango cubes or chunks in a blender and blend this first.
  • Add the fresh cream first, and get it blended with mango puree.  
  • You can also try our Mango pulp in the offseason when fresh mangoes are not available
  • Add chilled curd or Greek yogurt. Frozen banana peeled orange in the same mix with some ice cubes if required; blend in the blender for some seconds until it becomes smoothie-like.
  • Add a pinch of grounded cardamom powder.
  • Serve Smoothie in a glass or a bottle. Garnish this with saffron strands, chopped cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, Anjeer, and mint leaves. Dry fruits, you can choose and change as per your taste.
  • You can add more ice cubes or water if you need thin consistency.
  • As an option, you can also add Chia seeds to the same as a topping.

Banana Orange Mango Smoothie Calories

Banana Orange Mango Smoothie has nearly 287 calories. It has the right amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, Thiamin, Vitamin B2, Calcium, and Iron. So it is a healthy sweet drink delight for you.

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Aam Papad Recipe | Amba Poli Recipe - AlphonsoMango.in

Aam Papad Recipe | Amba Poli Recipe

Aam Papad Recipe | Amba Poli Recipe

Tasty fruity snack rolls or fruit bars called Aam Papad or Amba Poli in Hindi or Marathi. A sweet summer delicacy, also called Mango Leather in English, is used the whole year in our houses for kids and adults.  

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It is a perfect snack for kids’ lunchbox for their intervals in school. One delicacy top munching bite of all of this prepared with fresh Alphonso Mango Pulp can be made anytime in a year.

Where to buy aam papad

You can buy Aam Papad or Amba Poli anywhere in India if you are looking for pure, Authentic, GI-certified Alphonso Mango.

You can, Aam papad, buy online with us. With best aam papad price or Amba Poli price.

You were made by our farmer partners who make it from the choicest Alphonso mangoes from our farms only.

How to make Aam Papad 

Know the natural process of Aam Papad Amba poli made from pure Alphonso Mango at your home. You can order Mango leather directly from us online.

It is easy to make a home recipe that can prepare from fresh Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango or Devgad Alphonso Mango.

Recipe of Aam papad

Recipe Duration: 6 to 8 mins


  • Two cups of Alphonso Mango Pulp or Three Large mangoes
  • ¼ Cup of Water
  • Four teaspoon sugar 
  • Saffron strands
  • Optional, you can add cut almond slices.
  • Cardamom powder or Nutmeg powder
  • Dried Ginger powder Saunth, sountha (सुंठ) optional 

Aam papad without Sugar

You can replace Sugar with Stevia as per your taste. If required, as Alphonso Mangoes are always sweet.

Step 1

Option 1 

Clean Alphonso Mangoes under running tap water. 

Let them soak in a tub of water for half an hour so that it removes the dirt peel on it if any is remaining.

Peel off the mangoes and take out the pulp of juicy Alphonso mangoes now.

It will be nearly two cups of Mango pulp for you. 

Option 2

In any season, you can prepare this dish to open our Alphonso mango pulp, which you can buy here. Take two cups of mango flesh from this tin.

Step 2

Take this pulp in a saucepan, put Sugar, or use Stevia as your choice. Choose Stevia if you want to make it sugar-free, mix this pulp with Sugar or Stevia, and keep the saucepan for heating for some time. 

Step 3

Now slowly mix the mixture on low flame.

It thickens the mix; add some saffron strands and cardamom powder if required.

Just sauté for some time on low flame once the mixture thickens.

Reduce heat to maintain a simmer and cook it for one to two minutes.

Add some Almond slices to the mix and the saffron strand if required.

Step 4 for aam papadam

Switch off the gas flame and pour this mixture into a greased plate, or you can use Wax paper (parchment paper).

Generally, in Konkan, we don’t use any parchment paper.

It is poured into a dish that is greased with pure ghee directly. 

Now pour this mixture on a greased plate or parchment paper and let it dry under the sun by just covering the dish with a white cloth.

Spread with a spatula in the round shape or square, whichever you like, no thicker than three to four millimeters as per your choice.

Step 5

Let this mixture dry for one to two days under the sun. Now it is ready to eat.

Aam papad without sunlight

As an option, you can skip the sun drying process by using a Microwave that does bake this for four to six hours.


  • As an optional step, you can roll or sprinkle these balls into poppy seeds if required and add dried ginger powder (सुंठ) to a mixture.
  • You can store this in an airtight container. 

Nutrition Facts about Aam Papad – Amba Poli

Nutrition facts about Aam papads are Sugar of 20 gms, with 92 Calories, Saturated fat of 2mg, Potassium of 22.1 gm, Sodium of 246 mg, and total fat of 0.6 gm. It also contains Dietary fiber of nearly 2.4 gm, which s good for digestion. 

It contains Sugar of 20 gms, carbohydrates of 22 gm, and Protein of 1.2 gm, which keeps your kids and you rock. 

For Calorie Conscious People

Activities needed to burn these seven calories are:- 

  • 1-minute cycling
  • 2 minutes of cleaning
  • 1 minute of running 

After leaving the office with an excellent taste, a healthy diet for you and your family, while evening snack.

It can be a small bitter for hunger and taste. It can gulp to enhance your taste buds when you are coming out of a fever.

It is also a tasty snack for kids during their school recess break. 

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Mango Almond Smoothie recipe - AlphonsoMango.in

Mango Almond Smoothie recipe

Mango Almond smoothie Recipe energy booster. 

Mango smoothie with almond milk is the best energy booster this summer with scorching heat. It can act as an easy post-workout smoothie.

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Hapus in summer is a time to relish your taste buds in different cuisines and recipes, which initiate you to make multiple variations in sweet recipes. 

It is, a tasty delectable energy booster, acts as a natural well-being supplement.

Our delectable sweet Alphonso Mangoes, hand-harvested from farms, are ripened without chemicals. 

Mango Almond Smoothie a Tasty Delight

With a bundle of natural healthy compounds in abundant forms like Vitamins, Antioxidants compounds and Minerals, polyphenolic flavonoids, and Prebiotic Dietary Fiber, beta-cryptoxanthin, beta-carotene, and alpha-carotene. 

Alphonso Mango Almond Smoothie, a Vegan recipe

 It is a King of fruits, tasty delectable summer tropical fruit. If combined with Almond Milk or Badam Milk becomes a complete Vegan energy booster with the goodness of Hapus and Badam (Almond).

How to make Almond milk at home

  • Take approximately 40 almonds in a bowl, rinse, and wash them neatly.
  • Pour nearly 100 ml of hot water into the bowl with almonds, cover it and keep it aside.
  • Let it soak for one to two hours.
  • Drain all the water, peel the almonds by pressing softly, and the skin will come out.
  • Grind all almonds in a grinder by putting some sugar if required, as It will still be sweet. You can add little sugar as per your choice.
  • Blend the mix in the grinder, and it will become a paste, add nearly 50 to 60 ml of water to this mixture and blend it in the blender.
  • Add four to six strands of Saffron as per your choice. Keep the blended Almond Milk in a blender jar aside for the further process.

How to make Alphonso aam badam Smoothie

Complete the Vegan recipe if you avoid adding sugar to it. There is no animal product used in this recipe.

With Fresh Alphonso Mangoes

  • For making this smoothie, you can order online Alphonso Mangoes directly from our farms, which are the best mangoes.
  • Wash them under tap water, peel off the skin, and take the pulp from mangoes in a blender jar of almond milk, which you kept aside.
  • Blend the whole mix with aam ka pulp and almond milk with Saffron added as your choice. Add a little cardamom powder and nutmeg powder for a taste if required.
  • Optionally you can add dried ginger (saunth, suntha) as your choice.
  • Optionally you can add the two-three cube of ice if required, and generally, we don’t prefer to add more ice cubes for a thick consistency.
  • Serve the Badam aam Smoothie with Mango cubes, chopped Almonds, and some more saffron strands, and get ready to feel energetic.

With Sweetened Alphonso Mango Pulp

  • For making this smoothie, you can order online Sweetened Alphonso Mango Pulp directly produced from the best Alphonso mangoes.
  • Open the Hapus Pulp Tin and take the pulp in a blender jar of almond milk, which you kept aside.
  • Blend the whole mix with mango pulp and almond milk with Saffron added as your choice. Add a little cardamom powder and nutmeg powder for a taste if required.
  • Optionally you can add dried ginger (saunth, suntha) as your choice.
  • Optionally you can add the two-three cube of ice if required, and generally, we don’t prefer to add more ice cubes for a thick consistency.
  • Serve the Almond Mango Smoothie with Mango cubes, chopped Almonds, and some more saffron strands, and get ready to feel energetic.

Hapus Almond Smoothie is heavy to digest if you want to make weight loss have one glass of the same and skip one meal. Drink a glass of water after this consumption, which helps to stop carbs in you.

Vitamin A in Alphonso Mango

Vitamin A in Hapus helps maintain healthy skin, genital, and mucous membranes.  

Vitamin C in Alphonso Mango

While Vitamins C helps rejuvenate and generate tissues of the body along with reproductive systems, which allows post-gym workout to maintain and boost your energy levels. Boost energy after a gym workout and produce anti-aging collagen.

Alphonso Mango is a natural source of fiber.

Alphonso Mangoes help you in constipation, and bloating with an excellent source of fiber in each serving can improve your gut and Intestine health.

Antioxidant in Alphonso Mango

The antioxidant in this protects you and your body from premature aging.

Vitamin B – 6 in Alphonso Mango

Vitamin B 6 is a power capsule for protein metabolism, energy production, and hormone balance for females and males.

Order delicious Alphonso mango for good health this summer

This summer, order a three-month package with us for a range of mangoes wherein you can choose as per your choice. 

While Hapus Pulp or Aamras is available all season and without any preservatives, enjoy your weight loss with delectable Alphonso mangoes. 

This summer, try Mango Almond smoothie health benefits.

Mango badam smoothie is the best recipe that helps you boost energy and multiple health benefits as per below.

Smoothie for weight loss 

Best weight loss diet made from natural sources, you can avoid sugar as mangoes are already sweet. 

Smoothie for babies

The better alternative for one serving of babies at least eight to ten months old is to keep your baby always energetic, and babies love it due to the taste of Alphonso mangoes.

Helps in weight gain

Hapus and badam may help you in building muscle mass.

Smoothie after a workout

The high-GI carbs with Hapus and badam help drive protein into your muscles, restore exhausted glycogen, and accelerate recovery.

Hapus badam milk in pregnancy 

In Konkan, this smoothie is an energy booster for pregnant ladies, and controlling food cravings help transport oxygen to cells.

Hapus Badam milk for PCOS

It helps balance your moods, and PCOS problems support necessary vitamins and minerals during PCOS.

Hapus Badam milk for PMS

Hapus badam milk is natural Vitamins, Minerals, and calcium during PMS.

Alphonso Aam Almond milk for Post-surgery recovery

The best energetic drink helps faster healing of the body.

Alphonso Aam almond milk side effects

If you are allergic to nuts, you suffer from hyper thyroids, high sugar levels, skin reactions, breathing, and respiration problems.

Please avoid the above problems or consult your doctor before making it.

Healthy Nuts for you

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Almond Gum Milk recipe

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Aamras, How to make Aamras recipe, aam ras - AlphonsoMango.in

Aamras, How to make Aamras recipe, aam ras

Aamras, How to make Aamras recipe

Aamras is a smooth puree of ripe mango recipes or a Mango puree, one of the veg recipes with Maharashtrians and Gujaratis. 

Mangoes for Aamras

Some of the Gujarati people added Kesar mangoes and served them with Poori. Gujarati call it Keri no ras or aam no ras. Aam ras is a Popular dessert in the whole of India. In Gujarati, it is called કેરીનો રસ (kerī-no ras). In Marathi, it is called aamras puri best veg recipe and a popular dessert for the entire family. Aamras Puri is made when you start receiving a large volume of Alphonso mangoes or Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra.

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Or it might be requested from your network for a party with aam ras and puri at your home.

Aam ras recipe with Alphonso Mango 

If you want, we have ready Alphonso mangoes pulp. You can say aamras from canned mango pulp. Which available with us all the season whenever you want, you can order it with us.

How to make Aamras with mango pulp

This tasty, consistent Alphonso mango pulp is made from the best-handpicked Alphonso mangoes from our farm with strict quality control, which are hygienically packed into tin cans of 850 grams and 3.1 kg cans. You can make unlimited aamras thali at home because it saves you more money than outside. With sanitary systems, our factory processes exclusively Alphonso Mango Pulp. No other fruits are allowed in the same. Though aam ras is ready with us, you must prepare puri at home. 

Alphonso Mangos Aam Ras or mango pulp

This Mango pulp is used as ready Aam Ras in Pune-specific tips for tasty Nostalgic Alphonso Mango Aam Ras. Add a tiny amount of milk and cardamom powder, and saffron strands.

Aam ras Recipe | Aamras recipe

The recipe of aam ras with us has two options.

Option 1 Aamras recipe with fresh mango 

In summer, you can order fresh Alphonso Mango from us Online. Seating in Pune, our team will deliver you tasty, juicy, delectable Geographical Indication certified Alphonso mangoes with us.

Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes for Aamras

Devgad Alphonso Mangoes For Aamras 

Hapus Mangoes for Aamras

Alphonso Mango For Aamras

Kesar Mango for Aamras

Gir Kesar Mango for Aamras

Alphonso Mango Pulp for Aamras

Pairi Mango for Aamras

Saffron for Aamras

Nutmeg for Aamras

You can choose the size and variety of Alphonso mango you like. 

As you wish to make, Aam ras, we suggest you select medium or smaller ones as they are tastier for Aam ras. If you are Gujarati, you can add Kesar mangoes from our range in the aam ras or a Payari Mango as an alternative.

Wash and clean Alphonso mangoes under tap water. Do not refrigerate mangoes, as refrigeration reduces mango's taste and turns the pulp to brownish. Since these mangoes are Hapus, they carry very minimal fiber. Peel mangoes and chop the Alphonso mangoes. You can use a blender or hand press the mangoes without peeling, making them softer and pulpier for nectar.

If you require a thinner consistency of Aam ras, add a tiny bit of milk and sugar per taste. You may add little milk cream if you want as per your taste. Steer well the Aam ras, and it is now ready. Add a couple of saffron strands to it as per taste and add cardamom powder (elaichi powder). You can add Jayphal (Nutmeg). It is optional, but it tastes authentic from Konkan.

Now, as a tasty option, you can choose Poori (puri) with Aam ras. If you are a health freak, you can try Aam ras with Chapati or Bhakari of Bajari. It tastes very good with Aam ras.

Option 2 Aamras with Mango Pulp tin

Suppose you had a nostalgic mood in summer or any season of having Aam Ras. In that case, you can order online sweetened Alphonso Mango Pulp, or Alphonso Mango pulp, or hand peeled Alphonso Mango Pulp as per choice with us.

You can add a little bit of water or milk as per your choice to our Alphonso Mango Pulp, which is Aam ras. You can blend this aam ras by adding Saffron strands to taste with Jayphal (Nutmeg) and a pinch of Elaichi powder (Cardamom powder). Our ready mango pulp is the best option, with a shelf life of two years in the full can.

You can order Alphonso Mango Pulp Online with us.

Tip for tasty and healthy Aam Ras 

You can add or garnish Aam ras with Cashew nuts, Almonds, as per your choice. Please add some dry ginger powder (saunth) to aamras as it helps digestion. You can also add Jaggery or canned sugar if required as per taste.

Amm ras is an irresistible dish, and you can not stop one or two bowls of this tasty sweet dish. Therefore, add dried ginger (Sounth, Sounth, suntha). Another variation can be adding Yoghurt or hung curd or more over milk cream, increasing the number of aamras. Still, it is as per your choice and options.

Gujarati aamras recipe

You can make a different version of the Gujarati Aamras recipe. Above, you can Payari mango ras with Alphonso in the ratio of 3:1 means if you have taken 3 Alphonso mangoes, add one Payari Mango. And do the same above procedures.

How to preserve aamras

You can prepare aamras at home and keep them in an airtight packed container in the deep freezer. You can maintain it for six months to one year. Just do not switch off your refrigerator when you go out.  It helps you keep the aam ras in the offseason like you can have it in Monson and winter.

You can also make Aam papad or Amba Poli. 

By using Sweetened Alphonso Mango pulp, some people call it aamras candy. You can prepare aam papad or Amba Poli at your home in Pune, add a little bit of milk to it, pour the mango pulp on a plate, flatten it, and be covered with a typical white cloth, and keep it in the sun for drying for one to two days. You can order our Aam papad (amba poliprepared by our farmers.

Aamras Health benefits

Aamras, a healthy dessert, helps with heart ailments. Aamras can help you gain weight as well. It can promote weight loss. Calories in aamras are nearly 176 in a single bowl serving approximately 100 grams of aamras, 1.2 g of fat, 41 g of carbs, and protein 1 g.

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