Amba Wadi Recipe, Mango burfi recipe
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Amba Wadi Recipe | Mango Burfi recipe

Amba Wadi Recipe

Mango Burfi

A dessert from Konkan this are sweet and tangy dessert bars of Mango mania. We use to eat this in our homes in Konkan, mostly when we were on holiday. As our Paternal and Maternal Granny use to make it for all our kid's gang. A Fulltime enjoyment in summer days as those were days where we were not getting any burgers or subs in our village in those days.

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Alphonso Mango Almond Smoothie, Mango almond smoothie
Mango Recipes

Mango Almond Smoothie recipe

Mango Almond Smoothie a Vegan Milkshake

Enjoy this summer with an energy booster made from Almond, Alphonso Mango helps you in all the health-related problems and boost your energy level. Excellent supplement during weight gain, gym building, Erectile dysfunction, weight loss, muscle toning, and much more.

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