Saffron Price in India per kg

Price of Saffron in India per Kg

Price of saffron in India per kg is actually higher but there are lots of parameters connected to this price per kg and it is daily fluctuating with Kashmir conditions, and border related issues.

Saffron Price in India Per Kg

Saffron Price in India per Kg

Saffron one of the expensive spices in the world. It is usually sold at per gram basis or half a gram basis one flower contains three Saffron threads stigma.

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This saffron is collected from multiple flowers 1 Kg of saffron required 15,000 to 17,000 flowers to produce and make the sale able 1 kg of saffron. 

Price of Saffron

Saffron Price in India per Kg is around 3 to 3.5 Lakhs rupees but there is assorting of best quality saffron.

Saffron Price in India: The Richest of all Spices! 

Where small or broken saffron threads or powder is rejected for offering best quality to our customers nearly 5 to 8 % of rejection is taken out and only best quality is offered to our customers not like others. 

Saffron Price in India Per Kg 

As you guys must be aware that every software you are going to develop it is calculated in man hours it takes approximately 380 to 400 man hours.

Each 1 Kg is with intensive pain of labor and multiple process right from before harvesting it has to be maintained like our own kids.

Saffron bulbs are very sensitive once in Autumn it start to blossom and then it is collected.

1 KG of Saffron is subdivided and sorted for a quality to 1 gram or 0.5 gram of Saffron boxes.

Practically when our quality control team looks for quality they really sort only best for you.

With a strict quality they pack 860 to 870 boxes of 1 grams of saffron. 

1 Gm Saffron

One gram of Saffron has approximately 470 threads per gram of saffron. As per Indian cuisines 1 gram of saffron would yield approximately 150 servings of food. 

Quality Saffron

To collect 1 gram of Saffron we need to select and do handpicked saffron for this a rule of thumb, Better quality of saffron threads which is dried stigma with deeper red with orange tips are the best as well evenly sized is sorted for our esteemed customers. 

Those with thin yellow tendril on another end which looks a like Lord Krishna flute on the other side.

The color of best premium saffron threads is a deep red at one tip and thin yellow tendril at another end.

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Crocus Sativus

Saffron worlds expensive spice which is originated from the flower of Autumn Crocus, which is popularly referred as the "saffron crocus".

The bright maroon crimson color styles stigma, popularly known as saffron threads.

Kesar Price in India Per Kg

This threads are stigma of Crocus Sativus which are gathered and dried for seasoning multiple cuisines as well as medicinal uses which also act like a food dye or coloring.

Which is approximately 1 inch long of Saffron thread hence it is meant the earth's most costly seasoning herb or spice by weight.