Crimson Jewels: Nature's Candy in Every Bite

Rs. 80.00


100 gms 250 gms 500 gms

Crimson Jewels: Nature's Candy in Every Bite

Rs. 80.00


100 gms 250 gms 500 gms
Product description

Crimson Jewels: Nature's Candy in Every Bite

Premium Crimson Raisins are dried red grapes prepared using Crimson Grapes, a new variety.

Crimson Raisins

Crimson is a light red, slightly seedless grape with an elongated shape. With a beautiful appearance and elongated shape, it tastes pleasant sweetness.

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Crimson raisin was developed in California with origin in Italy and is now grown and produced exclusively for you by our farmer friends in Nashik, India.

Crimson Grapes Raisins

Export quality raisins with skin colour vary from dark pink-red to pink. The flesh of the raisin is reddish-white and has the right chewiness, often with a satisfying crack.

With rich antioxidant properties, a very high concentration of anthocyanin benefits skin and hair, and anti-ageing reduces aches and inflammation. But also rich in calcium, they are sun-dried without Sulphur dioxide.

Besides, it is often consumed raw for Crimson raisin water for medicinal uses and in various traditional Indian and International nutritious recipes.

They relished their sweet flavour around the world. Its source traced the old English times when raisins came to light as grapes in French, while raisins were mentioned as dry grapes in those days.

Product Specifications

  • The agricultural produce of India
  • Alphonsomango offers excellent-quality Crimson raisins. They are hand-picked from the vineyards of Nashik.
  • Natural snacks with a favorable nutrient profile 
  • Vegan for your cravings for healthy snacks.
  • The healthy choice for all, even for diabetic or general people
  • Therefore, these raisins are residue-free and crimson-red, as no sulfur treatment exists. 
  • Their delicious, sweet taste makes them a natural substitute for candy.
  • 100% Natural, authentically grown
  • Black raisins' nutrients, fibres, vitamins, minerals, potassium, and antioxidants make them the healthiest and yummiest snacks.
  • Alphonsomango offers a wide range of packaging options, including packs of 200 grams, 500 grams, and 1 kg.
  • A natural blood purifier for healthy skin helps free from impurities and protects the skin cells.
  •  Rich in vitamins A, K, C, and B, with multiple nutrients, like fructose and polyphenols, easily absorbed by the body.
  • It helps reduce bad cholesterol in the blood by regulating BP naturally.
  • It helps digest bowel movements, is high in dietary fibre, reduces acidity, and increases immunity.
  • It helps to avoid premature ageing and helps promote hair health.
  • They are high in natural fructose sugar with a low glycemic index (GI).
  • Healthy snacks option for an instant evening snack.
  • Indian natural snacks or morning breakfast.
  • High dietary fibre, no gluten, no go, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol 
  • Often consumed post meal like a dessert.
  • They are manually dried, mechanically stemmed, size graded, pre-cleaned, 
  • Sweet, chewy, and soft, making it an ideal snack for your little ones.

Storage: don't keep in front of sunlight or direct sunlight; store in an airtight container 

 Other Names :

Crimson dried grapes

Crimson Raisin

Red Rose Crimson Raisin

crimson black grapes

jumbo Crimson raisins

raisin rouge crimson

red Crimson raisins

Raisin rose Crimson

raisin Crimson seedless

crimson red grapes