Godambi - Marking Nut

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250 gms 500 Gm 1 kG

Godambi - Marking Nut

Rs. 280.00

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250 gms 500 Gm 1 kG

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Product description

Godambi - Marking Nut

Means in Marathi inner kernel of Bibba, an identical cousin from the cashew nut family available from Konkan.

A nutrient full cousin of cashew nut, the best crunchy nuts beneficial for energy regain.  

These trees are Indian Native trees like Semecarpus Anacardium, commonly known as marking nut tree, varnish tree, and phobia nut tree. 

What is Marking Nut - Godambi

  • It is called in English as Marking Nut. An Indian tropical nut, Cultured in Konkan and western coastal belt and dry regions of India. A home plant of India with outer Himalaya to coromandel coast (west coast of India).
  • Grown in monsoon in rain forests, on the tree (Rain Forest or Monsoon forest with the deciduous tree) 
  • Moderate-sized deciduous trees, deciduous plants are commonly known as rain forest plants in Konkan.
  • The fruit divided into two parts, 
  • Red Orange part of the fruit flesh, with a black stone fruit that raises at the fruit's end. 
  • The nut is about nearly one inch long. 
  • The adjunct fruit is edible and sweet when ripe; sometimes, it dried in the Konkan region.
  • This Toxic black fruit produces a severe allergic reaction. If it is eaten directly or due to its resin and gums, contact the skin directly. 
  • Kernel black colored stone fruit. It called as गोडंबी Many times called Cashew nut of a poor person in Maharashtra and Goa coastal region due to lower price.
  • Kernel from Bibba fruit, which is known as a cousin fruit range of Cashew. From 250m of sea level, only known in India as a dry fruit. 
  • Europeans gave this name because the washermen used it in the laundry. It was a mark on cloth and clothing before washing. It provides an insoluble ink in water, which marks the fabric.
  • A medicinal plant, fruit, and Kernel with medicinal properties
  • Super nutritious, tasty seed, used as a dessert in many Indian desserts quality cashews. 
  • Light buttery in taste, with white meat, crispy, and crunchiness, which makes it perfect. As an addition to multiple desserts as a topping, and can be consumed as Munch nuts.
  • It was roasted with salt for eating, reddish-white in the outer shell, and white when the husk peeled out. 
  • Heart-Shaped kernel seed with nearly 8 to 10 mm thick and 15 to 25 mm long. With the exterior with white, roundish shape inside.
  • A full super-rich health seed known in India, Widely used in India with multiple names as
    • Arab Name - Beladin, Hab- el – Kalb 

    • Biological name - Semecarpus Anacardium 

    • English - Ink Nuts, Marking Nuts, semecarpus 

    • Hindi - Bela, Belatak, Bhel, Bhilava, Bhilawa, Bhillataka, ker beej, keer beeja 

    • Kannada Name - Aginimukhi, Bhallataka, Chera 

    • Konkani Name - Bibo, Bibwa, Godambii 

    • Malayalam Name - Alakkueeru, Cerkkotta, shengotta 

    • Marathi Name - Bibba, Bibha, Godambi, गोडंबी, बिबा

    • Persian name - Biladur 

    • Tamil Name - arutkaram, ceraankottai, cenkottai 

    • Telugu Name - Bhallaathaki, gudova, Jeedi, Simidi 

    • Urdu Name - Baladur, Bhilanvana

  • Best Immunity booster packed with Vitamins & Minerals It is the lip-smacking eating this. 
  • Best addon diet for post-pregnancy lactating women after delivering baby prepared with nutritious laddu a dessert or eaten directly as munch nuts.
  • The Nuts with best results for both female and male genitals 
  • Seeds used as with medicinal values since ancient ages

Medicinal value and Health Benefit of these nutritional seeds

It possesses medicinal properties like potent anti-inflammatory, anti-atherogenic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-reproductive properties.

The best nutrients help Hair Growth, effects the stimulant Central Nervous System of the body. 

Acts like an Anticancer best nutty diet as prevention to cancer.

Encourages the digestive system to help you with digestion disorders.

Ayurvedic medicine system always considers this is best for various ailments, mainly Digestive tract and diseases like ascites, colitis, dyspepsia, diarrhea, piles, tumors, and worms. It is best to cure asthma and cough.

Excellent Nutty add-on to cure various skin related diseases such as skin rash, itching, and swelling

You can make it taste salty seeds to your food roasted with Himalayan Pink Salt. Help right metabolic strength as it is with the right amount of Phosphorous, which helps digestion. 

Very rich in many nutrients and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc,

For blood pressure respiration cancer

It has shown a noticeable impact on illnesses related to the heart, blood pressure, respiration, cancer, and neurological disorder. 

It also helps as the best digestive tract supplement, also used for multiple skin problems. 

For Inflammation

It helps you in reducing Inflammation by massage to joints with pain by taking out Oil of this.

For the reproductive system

Aphrodisiac with Sweet taste, for sexual power, with multiple nutrients.

Reports have shown with nutrients and vitamins. It is closely related to the cashew nuts. As per Ancient Ayurveda, it is preferred for the female reproductive system.

It benefits the Genital systems of Males and Females.

Godambi for Skin problems 

 As per Ayurveda, it is Kusthaghna that means Herb or seeds are used in skin disorders.

It helps in Skin related disorders and ailments.

Godambi seeds for Diabetes

In Ayurveda, this seed is used for the treatment of Diabetes. It helps you lowering Blood Glucose with excellent medicinal properties like Anacardic acid, bhilawanols. It also posses bioflavonoids, glycosides, phenolics, and sterols, which allows you in diabetes.

These seeds help in regulating blood glucose. Eaten may help reduce blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes, hence improving and regulating insulin in the body.

These will also help you replace your junk food diet like chips, burgers, and pizza with seeds.

Godambi effect on Tridosha

Helps balance your Vata and Pitta Dosha Improves Kapha Dosha as per Ayurveda texts.

Godambi a Vegan Diet

  • The best protein form is the best raw foods without any animal products, a Vegan diet. 
  • Vegan food replacement for proteins and nutrients. From other sound sources, which contain crab, lobster, and oysters, and meat. 
  • With its richness, it lower’s cravings for hunger and food consumption by repeated snack eaters.
  • These seeds are a nutritional vegan substitute for eggs, meat, and fish.

When to eat Marking nuts in the morning or evening? 

  • A proper dosage by doctors is 20 grams (one tablespoon of these seeds), 
  • If your fiber intake is reduced, then there might be digestion system adverse effects.
Product Specification

  •  High-Quality Kernels of these Seeds

  • Price – Slightly Cheaper than other premium nuts with terrific nutritious and medicinal values

  • Non-Split, non-damaged

  • Origin from India

  • Foreign bodies are less than 0.1 % 

  • With a white interior color and reddish-brown in the outer husk. Edible Oval, and Flat. 

  • Its anticancer properties help you prevent cancer by quality in some ancient medicine. Hence suggested those who are prone to this disease can eat a handful of these nuts daily.

  • If consumed in the right amount, it is the best source of health benefits with tremendous results.

  • It has a buttery taste with crispy and crunchy bites.

  • Standard Pack sizes 

    • Pack of 250 grams

  • Rich with antioxidants and vitamins, and minerals. Like copper, magnesium, Lignans, fatty acids like Omega 3 fatty acids, thiamine (vitamin B1), molybdenum, and phosphorus.

  • You can include it in a gluten-free diet.

  • Non-Genetically Modified (GMO)

  • Fulfill your spicy snacks cravings when you are hungry

  • Good food increases sexual power to help increase sperm count. It helps the reproductive system with Proteins, Vitamins, and minerals.

  • The right amount of protein amount reduces hunger for food.

  • With lower fat content in these seeds help in heart disease. 

  • These seeds are rich in Zinc, helps in Hair Loss (androgenic alopecia)

  • You can roast these seeds in olive oil. Mix it with dry fruits like raisins, walnut, peanut, pistachio, cumin, chipotle, salt, and Masala.

  • Healthy food for the family makes you energetic and nourished.

Godambi dry fruit in English 

This seed dry fruit in English means marking nut. Which is a cashew nut family cousins

Storage Information 

  • Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight after opening the packet.
  • Pack in a clean airtight container after opening the packaging. 

During Pregnancy

  • It would help if you avoided it during pregnancy, 
  • Excess use of this may induce abortion in pregnant women.
  • To be consumed only with consulting your Doctors during pregnancy. 

Those Allergic to this

  • These seeds, original raw, have some oil if burned and contacted with your skin.
  • Please avoid these Seeds if you intended to allergies. 
  • Consult a doctor before the consumption of this product.