Jackfruit Chips

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Jackfruit Chips

Rs. 200.00
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Jackfruit chips Online 

In this era, the busy lives of people like you are moving toward traditional food, from junk food snacks to healthy organic food.

Jackfruits Chip Online

Jack fruit Chip is known as Talalele Gare or Jack fruit chip, a healthy and crispy chip snack in south India. 

Homemade salty, crunchy snacks

You can't even Imagine the best bites from the old days.

The same Jack fruit chip famous snack foods fried with turmeric powder in the south. Kerala snack prepared from the best jack fruit in Konkan. Jack fruit chip is made with an exotic recipe in India made by deep frying half-ripe flesh of the jackfruit in-home coconut oil with a little salt and turmeric powder sprayed above it. 

Deep-fried jackfruit chips or Chakka Varuthathu, Talalele Gare. Homemade salty, crunchy snacks in southern India, Konkan, or famous Kerala snacks.

Our farmers chose the fully matured half-ripe Jackfruits from farms, fruit edible part flesh bulb, or Gare cut in small pieces. 

Then, our team of cooks removes the seeds from the flesh bulb. It is sprinkled or marinated with turmeric powder and deep-fried in boiling virgin coconut oil to make this delightful snack. These crunchy, healthy chips are stored in airtight containers for a long time.

 These snacks are as yummy and healthy as fried banana chips or any other healthy snack you can think of as a healthy food additive. Jackfruit chips have fantastic facts that help you choose the right snack with your tea or coffee.

Healthy crunchy snacks to buy

It is a healthy, trendy snack for toddlers to the aged people in the Konkan area, and from the western part to the southern part of India, it is a snack cooked by deep-frying in virgin coconut oil. This crunchy, crispy, yummy snack is sweet and tasty, too, with health benefits.

Shelf life is six months from the date of packing. 

These healthy chips and bitter snacks are generally consumed between two meals. These chips are deep-fried with coconut oil. So it is very crunchy and crispy with the smell of jackfruit. These chips are stored in airtight containers for a fresh taste.

Healthy salty snacks for weight loss

Jackfruit is filled with Dietary fibre. Luxurious with Sugar and carbohydrates. With an excellent source of potassium and vitamin C. Unlike junk food between meals, it also has other vital minerals and vitamins as a healthy diet. 

Jackfruit Due to the great source of Dietary fibre, Jack Fruit Chip is a weight loss supplement. Nowadays, instead of eating junk food, you eat Jack fruit chips to help you to improve digestion.

Jackfruit crunchy chips give you quick energy sources. You can have these snacks without fear of being worried about diabetes. In short, it helps your hungry soul with a good source of energy with a delightful taste. 

Healthy crunchy foods

Jackfruit Chip's antioxidants boost your immunity and act like an anti-ageing skin source that makes you look younger and wrinkle-free. 

Potassium builds heart muscles and body muscles to help your growing kids. Antioxidants in the Jackfruit chip help to flush toxins from the colon. 

Jackfruit chips healthy bites after a gym workout. So, though it is fried in coconut oil, these chips help lower your cholesterol and heart to a healthy level.

Synonyms for Jackfruit chips:

Marathi; Talalele Fansache gare, फनस गरे, तळलेले गरे, Talalele Fanas Gare, Fanas Gare

Hindi: Katahal Chips, Kathal chips, कटहल चिप्स, 

English: Jackfruit Chips, Jack fruit chip.

Kerala: Chakka Kondattam, Chakka Varuthathu, Chakka Chips, Chakka 

Nutrition facts and Values for Jackfruit Chips calories

Jackfruit Chip

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size  1 cup - 100 grams



Amount Per Serving

Calories 418                                     Calories from Fat 48 (20.8 %)


% Daily Value*

Total Fat    11g                                                             17%

Saturated Fat   3g                                                                   0%

Trans Fat 0g                                                                                        0%

Cholesterol     0 mg                                                   0 %

Sodium     142 mg                                                           6 %

Potassium   242 mg                                                       10 %

Total Carbohydrate     80 g                               26 %

Dietary Fiber     6.7 g                                                                 8 %

Sugars     58 g

Net carbs  73.3 g

Protein     7 g                                                               2 %   


    Vitamin A  6%

Vitamin C  8%

    Vitamin B6  12%

Zinc 1 %

    Calcium  2%

Iron  15%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower, depending on your calorie needs.

 These 418 calories can burn with 60 minutes of cycling, 22 minutes of house cleaning may be dusting all your pillows or cleaning your fan blades, you may also do 36 minutes of Running.

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