Masala Kaju a Masala Cashew

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Masala Kaju Spicy, tangy Taste – Masala Cashew The tasty spicy snacks time Masala Cashew Nuts. This Masala Kaju sourced directly from Goa, Ratnagiri & Sindhudurga with tangy, spicy cashew nuts...

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Masala Kaju Spicy, tangy Taste – Masala Cashew

The tasty spicy snacks time Masala Cashew Nuts. This Masala Kaju sourced directly from Goa, Ratnagiri & Sindhudurga with tangy, spicy cashew nuts taste.

It is the best spicy snacks nut, which you can enjoy this nuts online with a party to your taste bud.

They are rich with buttery with a joyful spicy taste; a healthy Masala treat makes you tempted by licking chili on the cashew's surface. Turn a great snack time and also keep you away from junk food in snacks.

With excellent dietary fiber helps Gut for digestion of your food.

Produce of Konkan region. Known for these best quality fruit is a spicy, creamy roasted munch nut. 

Masala Kaju, a Spicy snack

Masala Kaju is a spicy and tasty fried savory treat time snack.

Most of us across the globe love Masala Kaju snack. These Snacks are always preferred during the evening or on Sunday mornings, or some time with the cold breeze or rainy day it is supper time or tea time with Kaju Masala.

These nuts are from Konkan are deep-fried with light golden brown color. They cooked to toss to coat with red Kashmiri red chili powder original Masala coat cashews, minutes, or golden yellow. 

Snack suits with Tea or coffee are sometimes used with drinks also.

This typical North Indian spicy and tangy recipe prepared with specials ingredients like the best exotic cashews, Kashmiri Masala chili powder, Black pepper powder, and curry leaves

Get refreshed with a munch of these deep-fried Fleshy succulent cashew nuts with oil and butter at the end of the day to feel refreshed and renewed.

The cashew cup adds cashew with a sprinkling of black pepper, black salt, and red Kashmiri chili Masala. Tasty Masala munchy snacks time bites alternative to fuel your active lifestyle.

It tastes too good when served topped up with Chaat Masala or tomato powder. Or it might be Garam Masala as per your flavor needs.

This recipe is ideal for serving on the occasions like kitty party, getting together, weekends, Birthday party, drinks party, and starter. With excellent shelf life, it is widely loved and with a very spicy tangy taste.

Masala Kaju a spicy, delicious Vegan Diet

This is used in Goan Kaju Curry with potato and Broccoli. Masala Kaju Online is the best delight. Cup cashew with chilli powder

Cashew is always known as low-fat food; hence, it is the best food for weight loss. It also helps build lustrous skin with a glow. 

Health Benefits 

  • They are medium in size and slightly costly. 
  • It makes them occasional nuts for many people who can assort with other dry fruits. 
  • The Masala Kaju Online called Masala Cashew, Cashew with Masala, Cashew Masala, Tikha Kahu, and roasted cashew Masala. 
  • They used in recipes like gravy, Goan Kaju Ussal, also used as sheera, kheer, Kaju katli, or baked into cashew butter or cashew cheese.
  • Copper and Iron helps optimize your blood health keeps your blood vessel and nerves healthy.
  • Copper, which contains in cashew, helps protect your hair color and shine. Helps to grow Melanin in hair
  • It boosts eye health with Zeaxanthin and Lutein's high levels, acts as antioxidants, preserves, and builds your eyesight.
  • Cashews with a sweet buttery taste, a distinct kidney shape,
  • The best source of vitamins like B, C, E, and minerals like Phosphorous, Zinc, and much more.

Cashew Nut Effect on Tridosha 

Ayurveda Tridosha balancer says it increases Kapha, Balance Pitta, and Vata.

Packaging and standard weight of Cashew Nut

  • These are medium-size kernel pieces, preferably used as diet food or gravy material.
  • It ranks in W - 320 total counts of 300 to 320 pieces in one pound if they are as a whole.
  • If we consider the weight in one kilogram, it is 650 to 670 pieces.
  • Packed in 4 variations
  • Hygienically packed food.
  • Box pack available for your particular requirements.
  • These packages are hygienically cleaned and packed in the bag.
  • These premium quality cashew nuts Kernels
  • Have been produced with the harvest from fruits, roasting, shelling, and take off cashew nuts' shell.
  • With white color and light ash shade
  • Moisture is lesser than 6% of total volume. 

Cashew nut during Pregnancy

  • You are considered safe during pregnancy. A great supplement to your pregnancy diet helps you with your cravings for different taste bits while hungry. 
  • Rich source of Minerals and Vitamins during Pregnancy for you and your baby
  • A controlled diet that should consume approximately 30 grams means 3 to 4 pieces of this Masala Kaju.
  • It should avoid if Masala or spicy things irritate you and add acidity or don’t like the taste.
  • Consult your doctor for any pregnancy-related consumptions if you feel

Cashew Nut Product Specification

  • Nonsplit cashews, non-damaged
  • W – 320 means 320 to 340 pieces in 1 pound (453.59g). 
  • They are the medium to small size choicest nuts for you.
  • If consumed in the right amount, it has excellent health benefits.
  • 100 percent natural, crispy and delicious cashew nuts
  • Filled with antioxidants and vitamins like B-6, E, and K,
  • With an abundant supply of minerals like copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc.
  • It is a Gluten-free diet.
  • Non-Genetically Modified (GMO); these are with zero cholesterol and zero Trans fat. Suitable for an active lifestyle. 
  • It is perfect for snacking as it can avoid junk food. It also suffices your spicy snacks cravings when you are hungry.
  • It helps in Anxiety and Stress with a soothing and healing effect on the nerve system.
  • If Kaju Powder mixed with Peanut and Almond powder can help you in weight gain. 
  • Low-fat content which helps lowers harmful LDL, cholesterol.
  • Improves your vigor, stamina, strength and boosts Immunity level.
  • Since these are heavy to digest, it gives a full stomach feels in the limit. It's your hunger and weight loss.
  • It helps increase sexual libido.
  • Cashew Masala nut is also used in case of energy loss or gaining body strength back.

Storage Information Of Cashew Nut

Please store it in a dry and cool place in a container. Could you not keep it exposed to heat?

Those Allergic to Cashew Nut

  • Please avoid cashew nut if you are intended to allergies by eating cashew nut. Consult your doctor before the consumption of this product. 
  • Those who don’t like Spicy, crisp taste should avoid the same.
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