Mulberry | Mulberries

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Mulberry | Mulberries

Rs. 160.00
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Mulberry (Mulberries)

Mulberries (shahtoot, Shehtoot) are a long oval-shaped fruit having deep purple or black hue. They are derived from the ovaries of multiple flowers.

Mulberry Sweetness is achieved once they are ripe; the fruit has a slight tartness to it. It has a very pleasant fruity aroma.

The fruit has bumpy outer skin. Oatmeal, pancakes, waffles often have mulberry as toppings. They are also used to flavor ice creams, smoothies, cakes, etc. Blending the mulberry and freezing it to form sorbet or fruit bars offers a great snack.

They are at times dried to be eaten as snacks. 


Dietary fiber present in these fruits is very beneficial for bulking up stool which prevents constipation and other issues related to the digestive system.

They help to do away with various toxins present in the body. Including mulberries in your diet will help to cut down those extra unwanted fats. 

Medicines used for type2 diabetes contain special nutrients which are present in mulberry fruit. Consumption of these fruits is recommended for those having diabetes as they positively influence the sugar levels in the blood.

Antioxidants like anthocyanins present in this fruit help deal with carcinogenic substances present in the body. They also stabilize the free and unstable radical known to cause severe diseases and damage to the body.

Dilation of blood vessels is achieved by the consumption of this elongated fruit. The antioxidants carry out the free flow of blood, thus improving blood circulation.

High iron content in the fruit ensures prevention from Anemia. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and is often used as a replacement for the allopathic drug. 

Consumption during Pregnancy

Immunity is improved along with brain activity. The berries cure a common cold and flu as the berries as astringent. Consumption of this fruit during pregnancy is completely safe for both mother and fetus.


You can easily store them in your refrigerator, and they must be consumed within a week.