Watermelon Seeds

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Watermelon Seeds

Rs. 250.00

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Watermelon Seeds Buy Online India

 Buy Watermelon seeds online with Amazing health benefits.

What is Watermelon Seed

  • Watermelon, known as Citrullus lanatus, is a plant species member of the family Cucurbitaceae, Amaranthaceous. 

  • It is a Vine-like scrambler with seeds inside the Fruit.

  • These seeds are very rich in fiber and protein.

  • These are dried watermelon seeds and roasted after sun drying it in hygienic glass solar box.

  • Good source of protein vitamins, copper. Fatty amino acids like omega three and omega 6, Magnesium, potassium, zinc, and much more.

  • One of the most Nutrient-dense variety of Seed

  • Watermelon seeds help control blood sugar.

  • It is a Magnesium-rich seed with an excellent source of Magnesium, which is more than 139% of the daily recommended dose.

  • Grow like a scrambler Vine family with large Fruit with an average bigger size of 15 to 20 kg in big size watermelon a fibrous fruit.

  • World's biggest watermelon measured the weight of 159 kg (350.5 lb) as per Guinness World records, with more than two and a half meter length.

  • It considered one of the ten world's most prominent fruits.

  • Watermelon originated in Western Africa. With historical records in India from the sixth century.

  • It considered Fruit as well as vegetables.

  • It is the only Fruit which can be consumed entirely with seeds and shell.

  • Watermelon seeds help prevent cancer with its anti-cancer properties.

  • Native to Western Africa but with a significant history in India since the sixth century,

  • When Watermelons not grown entirely, they are white.

  • Watermelon fruit contains nearly 6 percent of sugar and 92 percent of water.

  • When this Fruit is grown bigger near to harvest, they are red, tan, black, or dotted seeds on the outer shell. And white when the tank removed.

  • Generally, some people say hen you eat watermelon, and you can swallow a watermelon seed also.

  • Gluten-free super seeds, whole seeds are rich with carbohydrates and proteins.

  • Roasted watermelon seeds are high in calories, roughly 600 calories in a bowl.

  • The texture and taste of quinoa mixed like Oatmeal and brown rice.

  • The taste of the Watermelon seeds is most similar to Sunflower seeds.

  • Mild Nutty flavor with tender texture helps like sunflower seeds promote your health with abundant nutrients. They are creamy, somewhat nutty, fluffy, crunchy, a blend of all.

  • Most of the time in Indian Cuisine used for gravy supplements with cashew nuts and poppy seeds. For example, paneer makhani or chicken Masala chicken fry. 

 Health benefits Watermelon Seeds 

You can prepare roasted watermelon seeds very quickly at home. Set your microwave oven to 340 degrees spread the seeds roasted on the baking sheet. Let it bake for 15 minutes.

  • You can also dress these seeds with Olive Oil and some salt or chili powder for taste.

Watermelon seed is a food that includes amino acids that fit into its tiny size.

Eating watermelon seeds is one of the rich sources of

Due to the abundant Magnesium, these seeds can help you in hypertension.

It helps to maintain the health of the heart. Moderate eating helps you promoting your health of the heart and holding your blood pressure in control.

You can buy watermelon seeds online for multiple benefits, as it is one of the best snacks.

Magnesium helps to maintain muscle and nerve function. It also improves bone health and boosts immunity level.

The best level of Iron helps boost hemoglobin levels, which carries oxygen through your body.ironiron

Grown a Non-Genetically Modified (GMO), gluten-free superfood organically.

Most popular among health freaks of the world. It is a small pack with a big bash in essential nutrients.

Watermelon Seed Effect of Tridosha

As per Ayurveda, it calms Kapha, Pitta, and aggravates Vata Dosha.

Watermelon seeds for Type 2 Diabetes

With low dietary Magnesium helps insulin resistance. It is linked to blood sugar control with reduced insulin opposition in the body. A healthy diet with essential minerals and vitamin benefits.

The positive effect of the collection of glycogen stores in the Liver and muscle. These help as a diet in diabetes treatment.

Extracts of these considered as anti-diabetic. Acts like blood glucose regulator. With an excellent capability to decrease plasma glucose levels.

Minerals in the pancreas cell help to produce insulin. Right from an early stage. Boosts the immune system and protects cells from adverse effects. It lowers blood glucose levels.

While Carbohydrates slowly digested, metabolize, and absorbed, which cause a slow and lower lift in blood glucose.

Healthy snacks for diabetic patients.

Watermelon seed purely Vegan.

With excellent protein structure, it is the best raw foods without any animal products in their Vegan diet. With its Macronutrient richness, it reduces cravings for hunger and food consumption by multiple time sackers.

In our everyday life, there are multiple reasons to eat more Nonvegetarian meals like meat, fish. These help you with Vegan meal with various recipes. 

In India, specifically, it is the best gravy add on which is generally roasted and soaked in water prepared as a paste for the delicious taste.

Watermelon seeds with lower prices, even lower in calories. One of the most diet for the habitat as it is easy to get required complete protein without eating egg, fish, and animals.

Trail mix with seeds like pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, watermelon seeds. With raisins, almonds, walnut, you can substitute for the flavor like Mango, Mango Pulp, dried blueberry, dried Kiwi. Without added fats and sugar, be considered as low fat and low-calorie trail mix vegan diet.

These seeds are a nutritional vegan substitute for eggs, fish, and meat.

Help Strengthen Hair

 Source of protein, Magnesium, Iron, and zinc. It helps improve your texture and quality of Hair. Reinforces your hair strands and follicle promote hair growth

Watermelon Seed Recipe 

  • You will love this healthy Vegan Gluten-free treat.

  • Enjoy these as a snack, dessert, or breakfast also as side dishes which can make within 15 minutes.

  • You will enjoy as a full or grind to Juices, Oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, which you can sprinkle on top of a salad as a dressing.

  • Watermelon seeds can be adjuvant in multiple gravies with panner, potato, corn, cashew nuts.

  • You can make chikki with watermelon seeds. You can also add it to health bars with peanut and quinoa.

  • If you consume as a whole, they are the slightly crunchy and buttery diet you can roast taste slightly with mild black rock salt or as Oatmeal. Energy bites with Cranberry pistachio flaxseed are an excellent breakfast recipe, Coconut rice with watermelon seeds.

  • You can prepare homemade vegan protein powder with this.


 How much Watermelon seeds per day? 

  • A proper dosage suggested by doctors is 30 grams (nearly one and a half tablespoons of Watermelon seeds).

  • Twice daily during breakfast and evening snacks

  • If your fiber consumption is lesser than the required daily allowance, then this might affect the digestion system's adverse effects.

  • Product Specification

  • Non-Split, non-damaged

  • Origin from India, Western Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, Israel, United States America, and México

  • Less than 0.1 % of foreign bodies

  • With an appearance as golden brown seeds with a round to round shape approx size of 6 to 10 mm round shape.

  • If consumed in the right amount, it has excellent health care benefits of these seeds are enormous.

  • Naturally crispy and crunchy seeds.

  • Standard Pack sizes

    • Watermelon Seeds of 100 grams

    • Watermelon Seeds of 250 grams

    • Watermelon Seeds of 500 grams

    • Watermelon Seeds of 1 K

  • It is full of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals like copper, Magnesium, Lignans, fatty acids like thiamine (vitamin B1), Omega 3, phosphorus, and molybdenum.

  • It is a complete Gluten-free diet.

  • Non-Genetically Modified (GMO); these are with lower cholesterol and zero Trans fat for an active working lifestyle.

  • It also suffices your spicy snacks cravings when you are hungry.

  • High dietary fiber maintains good bowel movement.

  • Insoluble fiber helps the removal of digestive waste from the body.

  • The fair sum of protein amount reduces the craving for food.

  • It can feed to your pet birds, but due to its bitter taste to birds, they avoid this.

  • Low-fat contents help with the risk or threat of heart disease. Which helps lowers harmful LDL, cholesterol good heart health.

  • Can help as a safe diet during weight loss

  • Completely healthy food for your family, 

  • Right from your kids to your elders in the family.

  • Healthy for your pet birds like a parrot, sparrow.

Storage Information 

 Store in a dry and cool keep this in a container.

Watermelon seed during Pregnancy

Good source of Vegetarian protein-rich with nutrients

Include nutrients such as vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, copper which required during Pregnancy, helps you and your baby.

With good taste, it can replace rice, and there are multiple recipes as well helps in your taste swing during Pregnancy.

You can make various recipes during Pregnancy as it gives you a range of variety.

You should consult with your doctor during Pregnancy.

Those Allergic to Watermelon Seeds

 Please avoid these Seed if you intended to allergies.

Consult a doctor before the consumption of this product. 

It is well-tolerated food with unusual allergic symptoms; however, after consuming these seeds, please drink plenty of water.