mango leaves scientific name

Mango Leaves an kalpavriksha or Amra pan

Mango leaves with lots of Auspicious values and health benefits known in Ayurveda and other streams of medical science. 

Mango Leaves Scientific Name

Mango Leaves Scientific Name

Mango leaf or Mango leaves don't have any scientific name.

Scientific name of mango

Still, the Mango tree and Mango are called in scientific language as

Mangifera Indica, a scientific name while Indica Indicates the origin of India.

Mango leaves are dark green and natural shiny. They are either oval elliptical or lanceolate with long stalks with leathery texture.

Aam Ka Scientific Name 

Since history, known as Mango leaves, are auspicious during every pooja in our house with multiple evidence in history, which indicates that Mango was present since days of lord Ganesha, Ramayan, Mahabharta with history of 5000 Years BC.

Mango leaves with auspicious spiritual value also have multiple health and medicinal benefits; instead, Mango is the only tree with each part that has therapeutic value and benefits to the whole world.

Mango Leaves Benefits

Mango leaves contain beneficial plant compounds like terpenoids, polyphenols.

Act as a remedy for earaches

Anti-inflammatory properties

Anticancer properties

Cures Respiratory problems

Fights restlessness

Good for your Guts

Heals Burns

Help control Diabetes

Help Vision health

helps fight bad breath

Immune health of the body

Lowers Blood Pressure

May support healthy Skin and Hair

Stop hiccups

Treats Dysentery

Treats Gall and Kidney stones

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The views of from various Internet studies and books and other study material. Please refer to your doctor before starting any remedies.