Saffron an Antioxidant that is powerful

Saffron Antioxidant

Saffron an Antioxidant that is powerful

Saffron is rich in plant harmone that act like antioxidants.

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These particles protect cells from free radicals and oxidative stresses.

Crocin, Safranal, Kaempferol and Crocetin, are all notable saffron anti-oxidants

Crocetin, Crocin are carotenoid colors that give saffron its red color which makes this spice a red hot.

Saffron Health Benefits

These compounds could have antidepressant and weight loss properties.

Saffron guards brain cells from progressive damage, increase redness & inflammation, reduced appetite, and help improve brain cell function.

Safranal is what gives saffron its distinctive taste and aroma.

It enhance mood, memory, brain ability, and protect brain cells from oxidative stress, according to research.

Kaempferol can also be found in the saffron flowers petals.

The health benefits of this compound include reduced inflammation, anticancer properties and antidepressant activities.

Saffron It is high in antioxidant-acting plant compounds.

like crocin, crocetin, Safranal and kaempferol. Your cells are protected against free radicals by antioxidants and oxidative stress.