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Premium Mango Wholesale Online - AlphonsoMango.in

Premium Mango Wholesale Online

Premium Mango Wholesale Online

Mangoes are a popular and delicious fruit grown and exported from many countries worldwide, including India. 

Mumbai, in particular, is a major hub for mango wholesale and export, with several mango wholesale markets and dealers located in the city.

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Mangoes are grown in several states in India, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. 

These states are known for producing a wide variety of mangoes, including Alphonso, Pairi, Kesar, Langda, and Chausa, some of the most popular varieties in India and worldwide.

In Mumbai, mango wholesale markets can be found in various parts of the city, including Crawford Market and APMC Vashi. 

These markets offer a wide variety of mangoes at wholesale prices. 

They are popular destinations for both local and international buyers.

Many of the mangoes sold in these markets are sourced from the surrounding states.

Best Sources for Quality Mangos.

When purchasing high-quality Mangos, you should always seek reputable sources like ours. 

Quality matters, so look for suppliers with a history of providing reliably delicious mangoes free from defects and blemishes. 

Additionally, always inquire about the storage conditions for keeping the mangoes in good condition before purchasing. 

Mango Export

Mumbai is also home to many mango export companies specializing in exporting mangoes to various destinations worldwide. 

Our Company works with farmers and mango wholesalers in the region to source, sell, and export mangoes to multiple countries.

In summary, Powle Home Foods is a major hub for mango wholesale, corporate gifting, and export, with several marketplaces, white labeled, and export companies located in the city. 

These businesses work to source and export high-quality mangoes from various parts of India to destinations around the world.

Several online retailers in India offer premium mangoes for wholesale purchase. We are one of the best sellers serving multiple brands and resellers.

Mango Wholesalers

Multiple mango wholesalers purchase from us and resell the same.

At the same time, we help them with mango quality checks, sourcing, packing, and region-wise distribution, if any. 

Online Market Place

You can search for mangoes on these marketplace websites and compare prices and reviews from different sellers. 

We support most of the players in this from the backend.

Multiple players buying from us are selling our mangoes on nearly 34 marketplaces. 

While they book the order and we do complete order fulfillment by delivering mangoes to their customers' doorstep, or even some of the marketplace resellers deliver themselves. 

Drop shipping of Mangoes

We do drop shipping models for mangoes with Pan India Delivery. 

Find the perfect mangoes and Dry Fruits for your customers today! 

You can shop a wide selection of Mango and Dry fruit products on our online store and have them shipped directly to your door or your customer's doorstep as per your choice. 

Since we have complete FAB Fulfilment, Assurance & Billing we can help you smoothly.

In this model, you might be staying in one city while your customer might be staying in another city where he requires delivery. 

We help fulfill this requirement from our online shop.

Our dropship model allows you to focus on marketing and customer service while we handle fulfillment and shipping. 

Local Resellers & interstate Resellers

Most of the reseller sells in their society or nearby areas.

We help grow this kind of reseller to achieve their sale by delivering premium quality mangoes.

While we deliver to them in bulk, it might be five boxes or ten boxes or more, and we deliver it to resellers' homes or cities anywhere in India. It might be with his label printing or box.  

You concentrate on your sale we will support you.

Facebook & Instagram Mango Resellers

Nowadays, multiple sellers sell their various products on Facebook and Instagram as they are social media platforms that are popular among mango resellers. 

Mango and Dry fruit resellers are individuals or businesses purchasing mangoes from us. 

We have premium dry fruits and GI tag-certified Mangoes and then sell them to customers through their channels.

On Facebook and Instagram, mango resellers often create a page or account to promote and sell our mangoes online

They may post pictures and descriptions of the available mangoes and dry fruits from us and information about placing an order. 

They offer a variety of mangoes & dry fruits, including different types, sizes, and grades, as per our sizing and grading policies. 

Some mango resellers may offer additional products or services, such as gift baskets or delivery options. 

Mango & Dry Fruits as Corporate gifts

A business or organization gives a corporate gift to foreign guests, officers, liasioning, employees, clients, or partners in a year. 

Corporate gifts are often given to show appreciation, build relationships, or celebrate a special occasion.

There are many different options for corporate gifts. 

The best choice will depend on the recipient, the occasion, and the business's budget and goals. 

Mangoes make a great corporate gift during summer, as they are delicious. Many people appreciate them for their taste, aroma, and Magnificent color.

Here are a few ideas for mango-themed corporate gifts:

  1. Mango gift basket: You can create a gift basket filled with various Alphonso mango, Kesar mangoes, and Pairi mangoes.
  2. Mango gift box: You can create a gift box filled with fresh mangoes and other mango-themed items, such as mango-flavored tea or mango-scented candles, Amba Poli, Mango Pulp, Mango Wadi, which we can add with mangoes.
  3. Mango gift set: You can create a gift set that includes various mango-themed items, such as Authentic Alphonso Mangoes, a mango-scented candle, mango-flavored tea, and a mango-shaped stress ball.
  4. Mango gift certificate: You can give a gift certificate for a mango-themed experience wherein a person can buy any products from our website.

When choosing a mango-themed corporate gift, it's important to consider the recipient's interests and preferences. 

A well-chosen mango-themed gift can be a thoughtful and appreciated gesture. 

In Corporate Gifting, you need to send us the details, name, address, and phone numbers, how many mangoes you need to send, and any letter or special stickers or souvenirs you need to add to this.

We will deliver pan India to your consignee. In most of the metros, we deliver the next day in Mumbai same day.

It will be delivered in 3 to 4 days in any remote location.

At the same time, we manage the ripeness and quality of the mango till it reaches your customer's home. 

How Our Mangoes are Harvested

Our team of Farmers does the hand harvesting of the premium mangoes, which are nearly 80% of the maturity process of mangoes.

Our Mangoes are hand harvested from Brahma Muhurta, starting at 3.20 am in the early morning.

We stop harvesting before sunrise as it affects the quality post-sunrise as our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

How Our Mangoes Transported

Once Harvesting is done, our mangoes are stored in a cool place to cool down the temperature for the long journey as we deliver our mangoes to Pan India right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and From Mumbai to Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh.

We do next-day delivery for all Metro cities and deliver our mangoes through Air pan India.

Quality Control Team

We have a team of Agriculture specialist who has been working with these mangoes for multiple decades and assure our customers of quality. 

It is checked with more than 48 SOP before packing and shipping.

Consider purchasing directly from the grower

Suppose you are looking for a specific type of Mango or want to ensure that the fruit is sourced directly from the grower. 

In that case, you can purchase directly from a grower and trader like us.

We are the most-rated Alphonso Mango grower and trader certified with a GI tag certificate by the government of India. 

You can search online or ask for recommendations from local businesses or farmer's markets.

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