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Saffron Red Gold Spice of Kashmir / Gi tag certified kashmiri kesar

Indian Saffron Milk Benefits | Saffron Milk | Kesar Doodh - AlphonsoMango.in

Indian Saffron Milk Benefits | Saffron Milk | Kesar Doodh

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Know the Saffron synonyms - AlphonsoMango.in

Know the Saffron synonyms

Know the Saffron synonyms

Saffron, One of the world's most expensive spices, is known by multiple names. In each region, language changes every 40 km in India; hence there are various names for this world-renowned spice, with an excellent aroma but a bitter taste.

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Saffron is available globally, but most important and renowned worldwide is Kashmiri Saffron or Kashmiri Kesar. 

Saffron synonyms

A++ grade Kashmiri kesar

Autumn Crocus



Croci Stigma

Crocus Cultivé

Crocus sativus

GI tag Kashmiri kesar.

Indian Saffron

Jammu Kashmir Kesar

Jammu Kashmir ki Kesar

Jammu Kashmir ki Saffron

Jammu Kashmir Saffron



Kashmir kesar saffron

Kashmir Kesari

Kashmira Kesar

Kashmiri Jafran

Kashmiri kesar GI tag

Kashmiri Kesar Rice

Kashmiri Kesari

Kashmiri lacha kesar

Kashmiri lacha saffron

Kashmiri mogra kesar

Kashmiri mogra keshar

Kashmiri mogra saffron

Kashmiri saffron

Kashmiri saffron


kesar for Biryani 

Kesar in Kashmir

Kesar Lacha

Kesar Mongra

Kesar of Kashmir

kesar original Kashmiri

Kesar Premium

kesar threads



keshar jaffran

keshar jaffran threads

keshar zaffran threads




lacha kesar

Lacha of Kashmir

lacha saffron

Lacha saffron of Kashmir


Mongra kesar

Mongra lacha

Mongra of Kashmir

Mongra saffron of Kashmir

Natural Saffron

organci Saffron

organic kesar

pampore Kashmiri saffron

premium long kesar

premium long red kesar

pure Kashmiri kesar

pure red gold

Raw Kesar

Saffran of Kashmir

Saffron for Biryani

Saffron Kashmir

saffron kesar

saffron of Kashmir

saffron stigma

saffron threads


Safran - in German

Safran Cultivé

Saffron Crocus

Safran des Indes

Safran Espagnol

Safran of Kashmir

Safran Véritable



Saffron of Kashmir

Spanish Saffron

True Saffron

wild Saffron


zafferano dell'Aquila

zaffran threads


Zafran kesar

κρόκος (krókos) in greek

زعفران - in Arabic

कश्मीर का केशर

कश्मीर का केसर

कश्मीर के केसर

कश्मीर केसर

कश्मीरी का केशर

कश्मीरी का केसर

कश्मीरी केसर

कश्मीरी से केशर

कश्मीरी से केसर

काश्मिरी केशर

केशर - In Marathi

केसर - in Hindi

জাফরান - In Bangla

ਕੇਸਰ - Punjabi

કેસર - in Gujarati

ମାନିଙ୍ଗ ଇଂ ନୀୟ - in Odia

குங்குமப்பூ - in Tamil

குங்குமப்பூ - Kuṅkumappū in Tamil

కుంకుమ - Kuṅkuma in telugu

ಕೇಸರಿ - in Kannada

കുങ്കുമം - Malayalam

สีเหลือง -S̄ī h̄elụ̄xng in Thai

Indian Kashmiri Saffron 1 Gram

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