Aamras - Ambyacha ras - Keri No Ras

Rs. 150.00

Net Weight

250 Gm 500 Gm 1 Kg

Aamras - Ambyacha ras - Keri No Ras

Rs. 150.00

Net Weight

250 Gm 500 Gm 1 Kg
Product description

Aamras - Ambyacha ras - Keri No Ras

Aamras or Aam ras is a sweet Marathi or Gujarati dessert, a world-famous Indian cuisine.

You will rarely find very few people who may not have to eat these Aamras if you have stayed in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Goa, Panaji, Ratnagiri, Nagpur.

It is one of the famous desserts or feasts in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, and some parts of Rajasthan.

Aamras or Keri No Ras is a dish of Handpeeled Alphonso Mangoes. 

It is added with milk, Saffron (Kashmiri Kesar), pure cow ghee, Jayphal (Nutmeg), and cardamom (elaichi) added to the pulp to enhance its flavor.

You will always find this in Maharashtrian and Gujarati traditional marriages as a dessert and a big queue near this stall.

Aamras Puri

Aamras Puri is a famous dish that you can order now online. It is always enjoyed in our homes.

Historically this is served with puri, which you can eat either directly or with Chapati, Puri, Phulka, bajre ki Rotli, neer dosa, and much more. In Konkan, we have seen some people who eat Aamras with Vada. 

You will enjoy this during the summer—only Aamras Puri and no other recipes other than this food for the day a feast. 

You can carry Aamras and prepare Poori or Puri at home as per your needs. You can enjoy this food during your travel or in small picnics. During summer, if you are traveling somewhere during this pandemic, you don't have to eat outside.

Product Description

  • Pure 100% Alphonso Mangoes only
  • We don't deliver any Puri or Poori. You need to prepare or order with others.
  • We give the option of adding sugar as an add-on without any charges. Or else we don't add sugar to the same till you order.
  • Kashmiri Kesar saffron strands, Nutmeg, Cardamom powder, and Sunthi (dried ginger) are added while making the aamras.
  • We make small pieces of the mango and peel it, while our products have a few small pieces of a lump in Keri no ras.
  • We use only fresh mangoes. We don't use frozen mango in this
  • We choose ripe mangoes for this.
  • You can consume it directly or prepare mango recipes using this.
  • You may use Jaggery as a substitute or palm date sugar as your choice.
  • You can even call this Mango Puree, Ambyacha ras, Keri No Ras, Mango Nectar, or Aam ka ras.
  • You can choose the Kesar Mango ras to add while selecting the same. 
  • Gujarati Cuisine is available on selection as a blend of 25% Payari Mango and 75 % Alphonso Mangoes (Hapus Mangoes).
  • You can click here for off-season Aamras, a Mango Pulp prepared by us. 

Available in 3 variant 

  1. Plain Alphonso Mango Ras Aamras
  2. Blend of 25% Payari Mango, 75% Alphonso Mango
  3. Blend of 25% Payari Mango, 25% Kesar Mango, 50% Alphonso Mango