Buy Kokum Aamsul Online Kokum Rind

Rs. 200.00

Net Weight

250 GM 500 Gm 1 KG

Buy Kokum Aamsul Online Kokum Rind

Rs. 200.00

Net Weight

250 GM 500 Gm 1 KG
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Buy Kokum Online Kokum Rind

Discover the unique, tangy flavour of Kokum Rind Online. Our naturally sun-dried, premium-quality, handpicked Aamsul comes from Konkan, Maharashtra.

Add this versatile spice to your favourite curry or chutney for a memorable sweet and tangy flavour.

It Is a tropical fruit native to the Western Ghats region of India.

They are used in multiple cuisines for its sweet and tangy taste and flavour. The mesmerizing sweet and sour fruit is small and round, with a reddish-purple colour and a hard outer shell.

Kokum Fruit

The berry fruit is good for your health. A digestive spice that also treats various ailments with healthy properties.

They interact with and neutralize free radicals, thus preventing them from causing damage.

It is a fruit native to India commonly used in cooking and medicine. Familiar with its sour taste, it is often used as a substitute for tamarind or vinegar in recipes. It is often added to seafood and vegetarian or Vegan dishes to enhance their taste and provide a subtle acidity.

It has health benefits, including aiding digestion and reducing inflammation. It has culinary and medicinal uses.

It acts as a souring agent in curries, a drink flavouring, and a natural food colouring agent.

Discover the enchanting flavours of the Kokum fruit, a tropical treasure cherished for its tangy-sweet taste and numerous health benefits where it thrives under the warm, low Sun and fertile soils.

With its vibrant crimson colour and refreshing flavour profile, the Kokum fruit is a delightful addition to your culinary adventures.

Grown naturally and harvested at peak ripeness. Ensuring optimal freshness and superior quality.

Carefully handpicked with a guarantee that you receive the best nature has to offer—used in multiple dishes, both savoury and sweet. To elevate the taste and add a unique twist.

Whether you're an avid cook or health-conscious, our Kokum fruit is a must-have ingredient. Use it to enhance your curries, sauces, jams, beverages, and desserts.

Its distinct tanginess will enliven your taste buds and leave you craving more. Experiment with this exotic fruit and discover a world of culinary possibilities.

Wonderful red fruit spice from Konkan, used in culinary arts for tangy taste curries, candies, beverages, pickles, and more. You can also prepare Sol kadhi using this spice. It is a traditional acidity medicine from the Konkan belt of India.

Buy Kokum Online

It looks like a small cherry tomato-style red and purple fruit when it ripens. It is a refreshing drink called Sol Kadhi, made by mixing these berry juices with coconut milk and spices.

Fresh ripe fruit called Ratamba in Konkan.

Dried fruit called Aamsul or Dry Kokum.

They are used in all houses in Gujarat, Konkan, Goa, and some parts of Kolkata.

Kokum Dry

The fruit looks like a sun-dried Mangosteen outer cover to get aamsul.

Kokum Fruit Online | Kokum Online

It substitutes tamarind and tomato in most sea belts in part of India. Semi-dried fruits from Konkan are soaked in water.

Buy Kokum Butter Online

You can take this pulp, called extract, and use this in your curries, especially in fish and veg.

Mangosteen family plant

Its Latin name, Garcinia Indica, is found in Maharashtra and the Konkan belt. Some of the Best dishes are Bhindi sabji (ladyfinger vegetable) or hooman of prawn, a goan prawn curry.

Kokum sherbet and Sol Kadhi 

You can prepare sarbat or Kokum Juice with this fruit by adding an equal part of sugar. Keep this mixture under the Sun for 5 to 6 days to make a bright-red squash.

One part of this bright red squash and the (Aagal in Konkani / Marathi). You can add three parts of water to make a nice beverage called Kokum Sarbat. 

In Marathi recipes, you can also use it as Ambat Varan (Ambat varan or Sour Dal). Assamese call it THEKERA or Assam Garciana and use patented Sour fish curry (masor Tenga) and Sour Dal (Tenga dali).

We are naturally Growing on our farms in Konkan, Maharashtra. Natural and free from artificial colouring, dip in natural kokum agal as a preservative.

Health Benefits of Kokum

It is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a popular ingredient in health supplements. It also helps to aid digestion and change food to energy.

It helps cholesterol levels positively. It may reduce the risk of heart disease.

It can aid in weight loss because of its high fibre content. It also contains a compound called HCA (hydroxycitric acid), an appetite suppressant.

Kokum Butter 

Kokum oil seeds extract a very good natural butter for your skin called Kokum Butter.

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