Buy Kokum Aamsul Online Kokum Rind

Rs. 180.00

Net Weight

250 GM 500 Gm 1 KG

Buy Kokum Aamsul Online Kokum Rind

Rs. 180.00

Net Weight

250 GM 500 Gm 1 KG
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Buy Kokum Online(Kokum Rind)

Kokum is a spice from Konkan used in culinary arts for tangy taste curries, candies, beverages, pickles, and much more. You can also prepare kokum kadhi using this spice.

Kokum is one of the traditional acidity medicine from the Konkan belt of India.

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It looks like a Small Cherry tomato-style red and purple on ripening.

Kokum Fruit

The fresh Variety of this is called Ratamba Dried Variety of this is called Kokum, Aamsul, and kokam is used in all houses in Gujarat, Konkan, and Goa also in some parts of Kolkata.

Kokum Dry

The fruit looks a bit like a sun-dried Mangosteen outer cover to get Kokum or aamsul.

Kokum Fruit Online

It is a Substitute for Tamarind and Tomato in most sea belts in part of India.

Kokum Online

These are semi-dried Kokum that needs to be soaked in the water.

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You can take this pulp, called extract, and use this in your curries, especially in fish curries and veg curries.

Mangosteen family plant

Garcinia Indica is commonly known as Kokum in Maharashtra and the Konkan belt,

Some of the Best dishes are Bhindi sabji (ladyfinger vegetable).

Kokum sherbet and Sol Kadhi 

Garcinia Indica (aamsul) fruit is stored with sugar and kept in the sun for 5 to 6 days, producing a bright-red squash.

Kokum Benefits

Kokum Sharbat, in which 1 part of this bright red squash and three parts of water are added to make a nice beverage called Kokum Sarbat.

In Marathi recipes, it is used as Ambat Varan (Ambat varan or Sour Dal)

Assamese call it THEKERA or Assam Garciana and use patented Sour fish curry (masor Tenga) and Sour Dal (Tenga dali).

We are naturally Growing on our farms in Konkan, Maharashtra.

Natural and free from artificial coloring, dip in natural kokum agal as a preservative.

Kokum Butter 

Kokum oil seeds extract a very good natural butter for your skin called Kokum Butter.