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Devgad Mangoes

Farm Fresh Devgad Mangoes | Buy At Alphonso Mango

The king of fruits, the Mango, has been consumed by people worldwide for many centuries. This delicious fruit contains vitamins A, C, E, fiber, and potassium. If you love eating fresh Mango, you are at the right place.

There's some good news for people waiting eagerly for mango season! Now, you can get fresh, farm-picked Devgad mango throughout the year. Log on to Alphonso Mango and order a dozen or two pulpy fruit.

Devgad Mangoes: 100% Fresh and Original

Devgad Mango is a juicy, delicious variety of mangoes. These mangoes have a sharp, sweet aroma, smooth exterior, thin skin, and thick pulp. Devgad mango is also well-known for its soft, buoyant flesh and perfect shape. At Alphonso Mango, this fruit is available throughout the year. However, the best ones will be best between April and July.

You can serve the original premium Devgad mango as a dessert or eat a slice! The fruit is fleshy and heavy, rich in aromatic Golden saffron-hued flesh. What makes Devgad mangoes highly tasty is their skin. Its soft and thin skin fruit is uniquely different with smooth, creamy, and moist flesh. Every bite of the delicious flesh releases an addicting fragrance of fresh ripe mangoes.

At Alphonso Mango, Devgad mangoes are hand-picked from the farm. And then, the fruits are air-dried for about ten days to form a hard rind and prevent light from spoiling the quality of the mangoes. The Devgad Mango has a pleasant scent that lingers on in the mouth for hours.

Uses of Devgad Mango

Devgad Mango is a yummy fruit. It has several uses. They include the following:

  • Cut the Devgad mango and eat the yummy juicy fruit raw.
  • You can use cooked fruits. Take the mangoes pulp and cook it with milk, sugar, and spices. When cooked with milk, sugar, and ghee, it tastes yummy!
  • Devgad Mango pulp can be used to make various chutneys and jams.
  • The fruit is also reduced to syrups for use as a drink or in desserts.
  • These days, mothers use Devgad mango to make milkshakes, smoothies, mango cheesecakes, mango ice cream, & lassi.
  • Devgad mango makes a good snack for kids. You can try the fruits as an ingredient for pickles and preserves recipes.

Devgad mango act is also used as an immune booster. Since the fruit is rich in Antioxidants, people prefer buying and using the fruit as a home remedy for preventing many diseases. It is also used to make milk from the Devgad mango's skin.

Price of Original Devgad Mangoes:

For 130 to 180 grams of Devgad Alphonso Mango, you have to pay ₹ 600. However, the price may vary depending on the season. If you and your family love Devgad mango, pay Rs. 1,600.00 to buy 290 grams of Mango.

Currently, there is a supply of Devgad mangoes, so buy them and enjoy the delicious fruits!

What are the advantages of Devgad Mangoes?

The whole Mango contains a lot of potassium, fiber, vitamin A, and well-being. The Mango has especially a high content of vitamin-A. The pulp from the golden yellow skin is excellent for the eyes.

Devgad Mango has some health benefits that include:

a) Good Source of Potassium

Potassium, an essential vitamin in the body, helps maintain healthy organ function. Fruits are a good source of potassium. People who love to eat mangoes will be glad to know that not only mangoes but also Devgad Mango contains a good source of potassium.

b) Heart Health

Devgad Mango is a healthy fruit choice as it maintains the cardiovascular system. It is high in magnesium and potassium. These two elements in the mango help maintain blood pressure.  

c) Vitamin A

The fruit is rich in vitamin A. The mangoes have two carotenoids, namely beta-carotene & alpha-carotene, which are converted into vitamin A by the body. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects against cell damage caused due to free radicals.

d) Low Calorie

The fruit has a low-calorie count and benefits people on a diet. Due to its low-calorie count, the fruit is a great snack option.

e) Antioxidant

Devgad Mango is rich in antioxidants. The fruit has many different compounds that have antioxidant effects. These compounds include Vitamin A, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and chlorophyll.

What are the disadvantages of Devgad Mangoes?

Devgad Mango has some disadvantages as well:

Littlebit Expensive

The mangoes come from natural sources, naturally ripened, but they are costly fruits to buy. So, you have to spend a little extra on this type of Mango. If you compare to mango of Karnataka you will sound it too costly.

Where to buy the best quality Devgad Mango?

AlphonsoMango.in has all the answers! Just visit Alphonso Mango to get a chance to buy the most original and fresh Devgad Mangoes at affordable prices at alphonsomango.in.

We would love to get your mangoes delivered to your home by Alphonsomango.in

Be the first to buy Devgad Mangoes for yourself, friends, and relatives! Being the leading online retailer from India, Alphonso Mango sells all your favorite mangoes! We want to assure you that we sell only authentic and high-quality products.


You can now get 100% original and fresh Devgad Mangoes online with Alphonso Mango. This unique mango product comes directly from our orchards. It is carefully packed to ensure its freshness. It is also checked for quality before being sent to the customer's doorstep.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to buy original and fresh Devgad Mango, visit Alphonso Mango is the right place for you. With us, you can now purchase tasty mangoes online and quickly get them delivered to your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to Store Devgad Mangoes?

Ans - You can store the unripe fruit for up to one week in a paper bag. If you can keep it in an airtight container or refrigerator, it will stay fresh for an extended period, about 10-12 days. However, do not freeze the fruit, as it will lose its flavor.

Q2. Which brand of Devgad Mangoes do you recommend?

Ans – Alphonso Mango has the best hand picked Devgad Mangoes. Our mangoes are quality assured.

Q3. Is Alphonso mango fruit pulp edible?

Ans - Yes, the fruit pulp is safe for consumption. It is a healthy alternative to other fruits and can be a good dessert option. You will get a delightful surprise if you eat it alone or with other fruit or veggies!


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Alphonso Aam - Hapoos Aam - AlphonsoMango.in

Alphonso Aam - Hapoos Aam

Alphonso Aam - Hapoos Aam

Alphonso Aam(Hapoos Aam), also known as Hapoos or Hapus or Hapuz, is a renowned subtype of mangoes with a yellow colour, a unique aroma, creamy pulp, and deep flavour. It is the King of mangoes. Authentic Gi Tag-certified Mango Trees are grown in the Konkan region of Maharashtra.

Hapus Aam - Alphonso Aam - हापस मैंगो - हापस आम

The best fruit, Hapus Mango from Ratnagiri District & Devgad Degad District, also known as Hapus fruit.

Buy Hapoos Aam

Of all the varieties of Indian mangoes, Alphonso Mango is loved the most because it wins in sweetness, aroma, and colour.

It has a bright golden yellow colour, rich creamy and tender texture, and an enticing aroma that's second to none!

Hapus Fruit, the King of Fruits

Hapus, Alphonso Mango, is India's King of Fruits. It is famous for its sweet and aromatic flavour and bright orange colour. Hapus is grown in the western state of Maharashtra and is often exported to other parts of the world. The fruit has a short harvesting season from April to June, which adds to its exclusivity and popularity among mango lovers.

What is a hapoos aam, and where does it come from?

Hapoos, is a variety of mango considered one of the best in taste and texture. It is primarily grown in the western region of Maharashtra, India, particularly in Maharashtra. Hapoos fruit is known for its sweet, juicy flesh and vibrant orange colour.

Be Aware of fake versions or Inferior Mangoes.

You might have heard a hale on the road or a hawker calling it Hapooos in your society. Once he reaches near your home, he will offer Karnataka mango as Ratnagiri Hapoos and Devgad Hapoos. Although they look alike, they are not the mangoes from Konkan. SO while buying, do check for an authentic Gi tag certificate.

Check for these mangoes to see whether they are ripened using chemicals like calcium carbide, which is harmful to you as it will give you a full yellow colour to the fruit as they are fast ripened using natural processes. The mango pulp of this fruit is not exactly sweet and tangy, like naturally ripened.

Also, check whether your fruit vendor has a GI tag certificate for selling authentic Alphonso Aam. Otherwise, you will see the board like lots of supermarkets that sell in tiny words like South Mango because they don't have GI tag certificate, but they sell it in the name of South Mango at cheaper rates.

Tasty Juicy Hapus Aam

The best subtype is grown in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri and Devgad districts.

Fruit of Alphonso Aam from Konkan

The 200 km west line of the Indian coast between Goa and Mumbai (the Konkan region) has suitable soil and climate conditions conducive to ripe alphonso mango production.

Hapoos Online

The subtype that grows in Devgad and Ratnagiri is unique because it has thin skin and thick pulp.

Ratnagiri Hapoos Aam

Devgad Hapoos Aam

Thus, you get more pulp from this variant than others.

Alphonso Aam GI Tag

Some places are famous for certain goods, foods, or crafts. For example, Kolkata is renowned for Roshogulla.

These regions are famous best they produce the best quality of a specific product. Such products are awarded a Geographical Indication or GI tag.

Terms of Use | Alphonso mango

This tag gives intellectual rights to the producers or farmers of that specific region. Thus, a GI tag is a sign of quality.

You can blindly buy products with a GI tag without worrying because they will always be of the utmost quality.

The Amazing Mango Aam!

This tag also certifies the origin of the products. It shows that the product is from a place that makes the best of its kind.

One such product is the Alphonso mango from Maharashtra. Sindhudurga (Devgad), Ratnagiri, Raigad, Palghar, and Thane are the five Maharashtrian districts that have earned this GI tag.

These are the areas that grow the best quality of this delicious fruit

Ratnagiri and Devgad Alphonso mangoes are sometimes called King of Kings.

Ratnagiri Alphonso Aam is available at the start, and Devgad Hapus is available at the end of the season.

Fibreless, sweet, and with a delicious aroma - Hapus is packed with everything you cannot resist. 

Several other states across India and many countries have tried growing this with varying degrees of success. However, Hapus is extremely sensitive to weather.

A legend suggests that it has a King's temper, which is why it is the King of Kings.

This variant's first blossoms are in February, and the fruits are available from April to early June.

Health Benefits

This fruit is a treat not just for your taste buds but also for your health. This fruit is packed is many health benefits.

  • Improves gut health and digestion. The fruit contains digestive fibre that helps relieve constipation and aid digestion. It makes your bones stronger. The fruit is packed with calcium, which increases the density of your bones and strengthens your bones.
  • Keeps cancer at bay. This fruit contains antioxidants, a necessary cleanser to keep cancer at bay.
  • It contains minerals such as selenium that add radiance to your skin.

Storage of Aam

We ship our mangoes in semi-matured condition. It helps in avoiding travel-related injuries.

We advise you to leave the mangoes in the hay and let the mangoes ripen slowly for 4 - 6 days.

Remember, do not wash your mangoes. Washing mangoes leads to disturbances in the ripening process.

Wash Mangoes only when they are ripped, and you cut the mango for eating.

Peel your mangoes only after they are ripe.

To check if your mangoes are fully ripe, glance over the top of the fruit. An aromatic fragrance spreads across the top once the fruit is ripened.

People often mistake colour for being a determinant of ripeness. The aroma is a better indicator of ripeness.

If your mango turns the entire room aromatic, it has ripened.

The rise of e-commerce has awakened a sleeping demon: online fraud. Many websites cheat their customers by selling other variants in the name of Alphonso.

Ratnagiri Hapoos Aam

Devgad Hapoos Aam

Many don't abide by the naturally grown tag. Some sellers use carbide, a chemical, to ripen mangoes.

Many charge you but don't deliver the goods. You can optimize your shopping experience in several ways, especially when shopping for mangoes online.

  • Buy from a trusted website.
  • Read the product information, return policy, terms, and conditions carefully.
  • Read and research the traders or sellers of the website's source.
  • If buying from a website for the first time, opt for a cash-on-delivery payment mode.
  • Read reviews. Ask your friends or family members for their feedback before purchasing.

Alphonso is a fruit that you can not and must not miss. Enjoy it before the season ends.

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