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Location / Alphonso Mango Prices in Kolkata

Affordable Alphonso Mango Prices in Kolkata - AlphonsoMango.in

Affordable Alphonso Mango Prices in Kolkata

Affordable Alphonso Mango Prices in Kolkata

Kolkata, also called  Calcutta, is the capital city of West Bengal, known as the City of Joy. It is East India's central hub for all the major cultural, commercial, and education. The people in Kolkata are referred to as Bengalis. Kolkata is known for its rich culinary heritage and delicious sweet treats.

They have a strong affection, excitement, and love for street food, sweets, and Alphonso Mangoes. Bengali sweets and fruits are an integral part of their culture to express their joy and fulfillment during festivals and major occasions.

Some popular sweets in Kolkata are Rasgulla, Sandesh, Rosogolla, Mishti doi, and Chomchom. These dishes are popular in West Bengal and all over India. The texture and aroma of these sweets create a strong love for sweets for sure.

Alphonso Mango in Kolkata

Kolkata's love for Alphonso Mangoes is similar to that of sweets. The Mango's rich texture and creamy mouth-filling sweetness are the tastiest and the best variety of mangoes you'll find in the markets. Between March and June, Alphonso Mangoes are available in many fruit shops and street vendors during the mango season.

Kolkatans also love to gift Alphonso Mangoes to their friends and relatives during this season which is considered a tradition in Kolkata.

But because they are not the native fruit of Kolkata, availability and prices may vary from that of the other states where Alphonso are harvested, like Maharashtra's Devgad, Ratnagiri, and Kesar Mangoes are from Gujarat's Gir.

Mango Festival in Kolkata

Love has no limits. It's beyond the sky! The love for Alphonso mangoes in Kolkata is not just as a fruit that we eat but also in terms of enhancing the cultural and traditional values of the state. The Kolkata Mango Festival is an annual event celebrating the arrival of the Alphonso mangoes in the city, the god's gift.

This Festival is generally held during June, a grand celebration of Alphonso mango, with a wide variety of activities and events. It also allows the mango farmers and traders to showcase their products and connect with potential buyers and also for people to get to know more about the cultural and traditional values.

Alphonso Mango Price in Kolkata

Due to their sweet flavor and heavenly smell, Alphonso mangoes are one of India's most demand. They are mostly grown in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, and Raigad districts. Although they are not majorly produced in Kolkata, they can be seen in the market from about April to June when they are in season.

Local fruit vendors and online marketplaces sell Alphonso mangoes in Kolkata. These mangoes are typically shipped from other states. Due to their high demand and constrained supply, they are considered pricey fruits.

Alphonso Mango 1 Kg Price

Though the Alphonso Mangoes are available in Kolkata during the mango season, they are not easily available throughout the year due to their delicate nature. They are premium products and can be sold at a higher price than other mango varieties, compared to other places.

Alphonso Mango are not sold on per kg basis they are sold on per dozen basis. general weight for mangoes comes to 2.5 kg to 3.3 kg as per the size you order.

Alphonso Mango Delivery 

Shipping fresh fruits like Alphonso mango can be more expensive than other goods. They can be affected by factors such as distance and transport. However, it is possible to ship Alphonso mangoes to Kolkata, located in the eastern part of India.

The best way to ship Alphonso mangoes to Kolkata is through a reliable and reputable fruit delivery company like ours. They will handle the logistics of getting the mangoes from the growing region to Kolkata, ensuring that they are packed properly to maintain their freshness during transit.

We deliver our mangoes by air with our airline partners direct to Kolkata. Let say if we ship it today evening it reaches to Kolkata same day in 3 to 4 hours. from Airport it is delivered by road by our courier partners. Hence in Kolkata it take one to two days for delivery.

Buy Mangoes from Alphonsomango.in

As said above, one of the best places to buy Alphonso authentic GI tag Certified and pure Alphonso mangoes is Alphonso mango. They follow the traditional way of harvesting the Alphonso mangoes in Brahmi Muhurta or the Brahma Muhurta (auspicious time). And there are several reasons why you should prefer buying the Alphonso from this site.

One of the fastest-growing retail online stores in India.

Alphonsomango is an online retail store selling Alphonso mangoes of the best quality and at the best prices. We deliver them to your homes within 24-48 Hours of order! The team always strives to give their customers fresh and naturally grown mangoes and uses traditional natural farming techniques.

Varieties of Mangoes in Kolkata

They grow different varieties of mangos, of which RatnagiriDevgad, And Kesar are famous. They are cultivated in Ratnagiri and Devgad in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. These Mangoes' sweetness and tangy flavor made them the king of fruits globally. And these fruit trees are pampered like a baby in all seasons.

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GI-certified for Authenticity

Due to their premium quality, popularity, and unique growing techniques, this seller is GI certified. All other mangoes, such as Hapus Mango, Malawi Mango, and many more, are grown with the same GI-certified farmer partners with high-quality standards and natural products.

Appealing Discounts

Many seasonal and regular buyers get special product discounts through online order placement. Even with the discounts, the quality of the fruits that customers get will remain the same. We pack them with highly professional methods so that the richness of their texture and smell remains the same when it reaches the customers.

Even though Kolkata not being a significant Alphonso Mango growing zone, Bengalis adore these mangoes for their sweet flavors and smell. They prepare various foods with them, including aam panna, aam ras, aam shrikhand, and many traditional Bengali cuisines.

The festivals and events organized in Kolkata during the mango season show how beloved these mangoes are in Kolkata. 

Satisfy your mango cravings with the best Alphonso mango prices in Kolkata. Get the best deals on the finest quality Alphonso mangoes today.

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