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What's your favorite season? Mine is the mango season. Which one? Oh, I mean the summer season.

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Many Indians love the summer season. It's the season of mangoes!

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In India, aam is available from March till May. April and May's months are especially loved because that's the Alphonso season.

Alphonso or Hapus mango is cherished across the globe for its distinct aroma, beautiful skin, deliciously juicy pulp, and creamy texture.

It is of medium size and weighs around 150-300 grams. This tropical delight is packed with health benefits.

It's an excellent alternative to processed sugar. It contains carotenoids that work as cancer prevention agents.

Devgad and Ratnagiri Hapus

Hapus was brought to India by a Portuguese military officer, Alphonso de Albuquerque.

He brought the Hapus sapling to India and taught Indians the art of grafting.

It took Hapus some time to reach Konkan. But once it did, it never left.

Konkan's Hapus is the tastiest. Other states did try growing it, but it wasn't as tasty as Konkan's.

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The Konkani red soil and hot-humid climate add to Hapus' flavor profile. Two Konkani districts are especially loved for their Hapus.

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These are the Devgad and Ratnagiri districts. These districts produce top-quality Alphonso mangoes.

The top quality of these mangoes has earned them GI tags. A GI tag is a benchmark of quality and origin.

Devgad Hapus is the creamiest and tastiest Hapus. It has thin saffron yellow skin. Thus, you get more pulp in it.

Ratnagiri Hapus is the second-best Alphonso in the town. It has golden-yellow skin.

Enjoy Mango Shop Online.

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You can now buy premium quality Alphonso mangoes online at our shop.

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We strive to deliver fresh, naturally ripened mangoes picked straight from farms and shipped to your homes.

Our mangoes do not contain carbide. Carbide is a chemical component that speeds up the ripening process.

However, it is harmful to your health. Also, it hampers the taste of your Hapus. Thus, eating naturally ripened mangoes is always the smarter thing to do!

We ship all across India. We aim to offer local farmers of Konkan a platform to sell fresh products across the country.

Buy the freshest of Alphonso mangoes before the season runs out.

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