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Mango Fruit Online Shopping India -

Mango fruit online shopping in India

Alphonso mango is widely known as the King of mangoes. It is a tropical fruit that grows on the mango tree, also known as the tree Mangifera Indica. 

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Alphonso mangoes are part of the cashew family Anacardiaceae, a family full of flowering plants.

They are the most widely cultivated fruits and have various mangoes in India. Their botanical name is mango Mangifera indica, where India represents Indica. 

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 Aroma and a mango seed in the center of the fruit. They are in the top 10 things you should try before you die.

Alphonso mango online 

Now you can buy the lip-smacking divine mangoes of Devgad and Ratnagiri from us anywhere in the world. We deliver fresh mangoes under 24-48 hours based on your location. 

Our mangoes are naturally ripened and grown under expert and team farmers at our farms. We have large farms of mangoes in Ratnagiri and many other places. 

Alphonso mangoes grown on our farms are chemical and carbide free, making them very natural and healthy for you.

When you choose from our website, we choose the best and highest quality mangoes for you, and after harvesting, we get them cleaned for any dirt or particles and then pack them gently in the wooden mango boxes. 

Then, with our logistic partner's help, we deliver it to your doorstep.

GI tags certified mangoes.

Our mangoes are Gi certified, making them very safe to buy, even with your eyes closed.

The Gi tag is a short form of Geographic indication registration of goods.

It helps you identify the geographic origin of the mangoes. 

You can feel assured while buying mangoes as Gi certified, which is government approved and shows the mangoes' authenticity.

Mango health benefits

Let's take a look at why mangoes are loved so much worldwide. 

Ripe mangoes are an abundant source of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. 

The vitamins in mango are very beneficial for improving your immune system and help fight respiratory diseases like asthma and inflammation. 

Mangoes also have vitamin A which helps reduce eye dryness and improves night vision. They also contain alpha & beta- carotene, which improve eye health.

A single large piece of mango also has proteins and other necessary nutrients to keep your bones strong and healthy.

Not only mangoes but also the mango tree is beneficial to humans and especially for this planet earth.

When the season comes, the mango tree absorbs all the carbon dioxide and uses it to produce new branches, stems, flowers, trunks, and leaves. While doing that, it also gives out pure oxygen. 

The leaves of the mango tree are also beneficial to human health. These leaves are proven to help stabilize blood pressure. Some other benefits of mango are that they can, at certain levels, help cure colon cancers. 

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We sell varieties of mangoes and pulp grown on vast farms with several mango trees. These mangoes are chemical-free and grown using grafting. 

We ensure that we deliver the best and high-quality mangoes to you, which are naturally ripened and carbide free. 

You must be living anywhere in India.

We get you your beloved mango peti with lots of love and care. 

With our logistic partner's help, we deliver this box of happiness to your doorstep in 24-48 hours approx. 

You can blindly trust us with your mangoes as we give you the Gi tag certification for our mangoes from Devgad, Ratnagiri, Alibaug, Thane, Sindhudurg, and Palghar. 

We Indians love to give mango boxes as a token of love and summer memories to our loved ones, which reminds them of mangoes' juicy refreshments on hot summer days.