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The Benefits of Mangoes for Your Eyes - AlphonsoMango.in

The Benefits of Mangoes for Your Eyes

The Benefits of Mangoes for Your Eyes

Mangoes are a delicious and nutritious fruit packed with vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining good eye health.

From improving vision to reducing the risk of eye diseases, there are many benefits to eating mangoes regularly.

Vitamin A: A Vital Nutrient for Eye Health

One of the most important nutrients for eye health is vitamin A, and mangoes are an excellent source of this vital nutrient.

Vitamin A helps to maintain the health of the cornea, the clear outer layer of the eye, and it also helps to prevent night blindness and other vision problems.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin: Antioxidants for Eye Health

Mangoes are also rich in two powerful antioxidants, lutein, and zeaxanthin are carotenoids that act as antioxidants in the eyes.

  • Essential for maintaining good eye health.
  • These antioxidants help protect the eyes from damage caused by harmful blue light
  • Reduce the risk of age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration.
  • They help to protect the eyes from damage caused by free radicals and UV light.
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin are concentrated in the macula,
  • The retina's central part responsible for sharp central vision.

Vitamin C: A Boost for Eye Health

In addition to vitamin A and the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, mangoes are also an excellent source of vitamin C.

This important nutrient helps to improve vision and boosts the immune system, helping protect against eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.

Cataracts are a clouding of the eye's lens that can lead to vision loss. Studies have shown that eating Hapus mangoes or taking mango supplements may help to protect the eyes from cataracts.

Other Nutrients for Eye Health

Mangoes are also rich in other important nutrients for eye health, including vitamins E and K, and minerals such as copper, potassium, and magnesium. These nutrients work together to maintain good eye health and reduce the risk of eye diseases.

Incorporating Mangoes into Your Diet

Eating mangoes daily is a delicious and convenient way to boost your eye health and ensure that you get all the nutrients you need for good eye health.

Try incorporating mangoes into your diet by eating them as a snack, adding them to smoothies, or using them in recipes such as mango salsa or chutney.

Generally, there is no mahurat or timing for eating a mango. It is a seasonal fruit that can be had at any time, whether in the morning, midday, evening, or night.

Benefits of mango for eyes

But there are certain myths known for multiple years about Eating mangoes at night, like making Alphonso mango for eyesight are Good for eyes as Alphonso Mango contains Vitamin A.

It is always beneficial for the skin and eyes. As Alphonso, Mango contains 45% of vitamin A.

It is a sufficient amount that helps the eyes against dryness due to exposure to the sun and night blindness in conjunction, which helps facilitate good eyesight as the extreme source of vitamins required for eyes like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B 6.

Best way to eat mangoes for eye health

Which helps protect eyesight. For eyesight, you can have One Glass of Alphonso Mango Milk Shake. 

In our village, our grandma gave Alphonso Mangoes at night because they act like sleeping aid.

Its delicious taste and aroma help you cool and calm sleep during the night.  Sometimes, it is taken like a Mango milkshakeMango smoothieHapus Aamrascut Alphonso Mangoes, or in any form.

The best way to eat mangoes for eye health is to eat them fresh, ripe, and whole. Mangoes are a good source of vitamin A, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which are important for eye health. These nutrients are concentrated in the mango's flesh, so eating the whole fruit is important.

Here are some tips for eating mangoes for eye health:

  • Choose ripe mangoes. Ripe mangoes are sweeter and easier to digest than unripe mangoes.
  • Peel and pit the mango before eating it.
  • Cut the mango into small pieces or mash it before eating it.
  • Avoid giving your baby mango juice. Mango juice is high in sugar and can cause gas and diarrhoea.

You can also add mangoes to smoothies, yoghurt, and other dishes. However, it is important to note that blending mangoes can destroy some nutrients, such as vitamin C.

Here are some recipes for eating mangoes for eye health:

  • Mango smoothie: Blend a mango, a banana, and a cup of milk. To taste, you can also add other ingredients, such as yoghurt or honey.
  • Mango yoghurt parfait: Layer mango, yoghurt and granola in a glass. Add nuts, seeds, or berries.
  • Mango salsa: Dice mango, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, and jalapeño pepper (optional). Season with salt, pepper, and lime juice. Serve with chips or tacos.

Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about your eye health.

Mango Seed Eye Cream

Some people use Mango Butter, obtained from mango seed, as Mango Eye Cream.  

Type of Mangoes in India

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