Raisins for Immunity

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Raisins for immunity

Raisins comprise a mountain of health benefits such are minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Therefore, raisins improve immunity against various viruses, and probably, even the coronavirus.

Raisins with a mix of Vitamins and Minerals help balance body fluid levels and boost your immunity at par.

Herd Immunity

The herd Immunity boosting awareness program was started by the Ayush Ministry of India has suggested Kadha, which comprises Raisins during Covid19. To boost your immunity level in your body.

Active natural immunity occurs when the vitamins and minerals in raisins start to boost immunity.

Best natural sources of vitamins for women's immunity

Raisins can be the best natural source of vitamins for women's immunity-boosting with the pack of Vitamins and Minerals.