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Kashmiri Safron

Saffron or Safron, in French, is the costliest spice globally. So, most of us use just a little of it. The process of making this spice is labor-intensive and difficult. It is collected by hand from the Crocus Sativus flower.

Safron taste and aroma booster for your food

Safron the Red Spice

Safron or Saffron, in French, is the costliest spice globally.

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So, most of us use just a little of it.


The process of making this spice is labor-intensive and difficult. It is collected by hand from the Crocus Sativus flower.

The threads we use in the kitchen come from this flower. Beyond cooking, this spice has medicinal properties.

In old Greece, people would eat it to boost mood, increase fertility, and improve memory.

What is Safron used for Health Benefits

It is a powerful healing chemical. It contains various plant compounds that are naturally healing chemicals.

They help protect your cells against oxidative stress and dangerous body-damaging chemicals.

Health Benefits

This spice comprises of crocin, crocetin, safranal, Kaempferol. Carotenoids like crocetin and crocin this spice it's color.

These compounds can act as antidepressants, protect brain cells, fight swellings, and help reduce weight by lowering the desire to eat.

Safranal gives the spice its flavor and smell. It improves mood, memory, and

learning and protects the brain from healing chemicals.

Kaempferol is found in this flower petals and can help reduce swelling and depression and have

anti-cancer properties.

a. This spice can mellow the signs of depression.

It is also known as "sunlight spice" because of its color. It can work as a mood booster and is more effective in treating the signs of mild-to-medium-level depression.

Some studies show found that eating 30 mg of this sunlight spice a day may be as effective as drugs that reduce depression.

The study also showed that fewer people suffered from side effects compared to standard treatment.

b. It can fight cancer. 

The healing chemicals in this spice help neutralize body-damaging chemicals linked to long-lasting sicknesses such as cancer.

Its compounds kill cancerous cells and hold down or stop them from growing and not affecting the

healthy cells.

Crocin can cause cancer cells to become more sensitive to drugs.

c. This spice reduces PMS symptoms. 

Safron for PMS

PMS is a pre-menstrual disease that shows emotional, mental, and physical signs in women before a menstrual cycle.

Women of age group 20-45 who ate this spice daily around 20-30 mg are better than medicine in treating PMS signs of sickness like headaches, pain, irritation, and hunger.

d. It increases sexual indulgence. 

Foods or products that help increase sex drive are called aphrodisiacs. This spice contains aphrodisiac-like properties that promote sexual wellness.

Women with reduced sex drive can have up to 30 mg of this spice for more than four weeks. They experience less pain.

e. This spice reduces appetite. 

It reduces the desire for increased eating, which means you are less likely to want snacks between meals.

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People having this spice through meals desire to eat fewer snacks and lost much more weight than people who were having weight-loss medicine.

It not only helps with weight loss, but it may raise mood, which reduces your want to eat snacks.


f. This spice helps treat heart disease.

Its healing chemical properties can prevent blockages in the blood vessels and help lower cholesterol, which is the major cause of many heart problems

g. It helps in decreasing blood sugar. 

A person with blood sugar disease experience increased insulin response and lower glycemic levels when given this spice.

h. It may improve vision in the elderly. 

This spice seems to improve eyesight in people with age-related eye disease and protect it from damage by body-damaging chemicals connected with AMD.

You can add this spice easily to your diet. It goes well with delicious foods like biryani, sweet dishes, and many more.

Soak some threads in slightly hot or warm water to draw the full flavor. Add threads and the water for a deeper, richer flavor.

You can buy it in thread or powder form, but the stalks are more in demand as you can know they are natural, without any adulteration.