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Saffron for Baby -

Best Kashmiri Saffron for Baby

Saffron is safe for infants. It enhances their immune system and strengthens their body. 

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It is helpful in digestion and, most importantly, guarantees oral hygiene.

It is safe for infants over six months to consume.

However, ensure that your tot isn't fed more than two kesar strands.

Baby Saffron

It should be served with the baby only after the completion of six months by the baby.

Saffron benefits for expecting mothers

Consuming Kesar is immensely beneficial, especially for expecting mothers. We've listed a few benefits for you:

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  • It has properties similar to the hormone oxytocin, which induces contractions during labor.
  • It may help induce labor.
  • Pregnancy is marked with colds and runny noses. 
  • It helps tackle these colds.
  • It is an excellent mood stabilizer and can aid in regulating mood swings.
  • It aids digestion and improves blood circulation.
  • The carotenoids present in Saffron enhance immunity and keep cancer at bay.
  • It helps regulate insulin secretion, thereby regulating the glycemic levels in the body.
  • It relieves rashes and irritation and also improves bone quality.

However, mothers need to exercise caution and moderate their consumption of Saffron. 

It may trigger allergies or act as a sedative.

People who have bipolar disorder are advised to keep away from it.  

Saffron benefits for Baby

Its health benefits are known as using this spice helps the baby keep cheerful, boosts bone development, and skin regains radiance and glow.

It also helps maintain an even skin texture. 

Makes your baby cheerful.

It is an energizer and a mood stabilizer. It has a relaxing and calming effect on your tot and helps curb irritability and excessive crying.

Aids bone development.

It comprises calcium and fiber. These nutrients are essential for bone development and baby health. 

Provides immunity against flu.

Small kids are often susceptible to flu and colds. Being warm-natured, they provide immunity against fever, cold, and flu. Grate nutmeg in water and boil it along with cloves and Kesar. Apply drops of this concoction to your Baby's chest.

Aids vision.

The beta carotene present in this helps with the strengthening of the retina. As a result, the vision of your tot improves and stays updated for a long time.

Aids memory.

Infancy is crucial for a baby's memory development (neuronal development) and Baby's brain (neuronal networks) formation. Neuronal networks are crucial for memory. It may aid this neuronal network development and its strengthening process, thereby enhancing memory.

Benefits to baby skin | Saffron for Baby Skin Whitening

It is common for your tots to have dry skin. However, you can't use moisturizer creams and lotions because baby skin is much more sensitive than adult skin. It helps overcome this dilemma. It also lends your baby soft and healthy skin.

Helps boost appetite and digestion

This spice boosts blood flow to the digestive system. It helps coat and calms the baby's gut. In some digestive disorders of the baby, it helps to calm and damage and inflammation to the guts. It can be especially helpful in the cases of leaky gut syndrome in babies, which may result from food intolerance, asthma, or food allergy. 

For baby Massage

You can add one to two strands of this spice and keep it overnight in virgin coconut oil or almond oil as it helps in building and toning muscle and body.

It also helps Baby sleep calm and cool with this.

How to pick the best Saffron for kids?

Buy always the best quality from us, which is 100% export quality Kesar.

Make sure your it is of top quality. Use Kashmiri saffron because it is the best on this planet. Never feed your child more than one to two couple of strands. The excessive consumption of this is not good. It may lead to diarrhea, skin boils, and allergies.

Furthermore, the relaxing properties of kesar may turn into a sedative if consumed in excess quantities. It is not advised to feed this to newborns. It is safe for infants over six months to consume kesar in small quantities. It is a great baby health enhancer, provided it is consumed in moderation.

Saffron during pregnancy for baby fair?

A commonly believed myth after consuming this during pregnancy helps the baby have a fairer complexion. But unfortunately, it is a myth, as you all know. 

Sorry to tell you that this is a myth, but it is a fact. The pigment, melanin, controls the baby's fairness, passed on to your baby by your parent's genes means you and the baby's father. It helps decide the hair color and skin tone. 

The type and quantity of melanin gone to your baby for fair skin and good hair color are fixed by genes (nearly six genes).

Each one is a copy of the mother and father, which are inherited.

Hence Baby's fair skin is not depending on the Saffron, or kesar spice has no role in it. 

But it is healthy food for your baby after six months of age in other aspects as per above.

There are no scientific studies that prove that Saffron makes your baby fair. 

How to make Kesar Milk for your baby?

It should be served only for toddlers or babies above six months old.

Take one to two strands of this wonderful spice, mother's milk in a spoon, or other foods like cereal or any other liquid food you would be giving Baby. You can also give a Kesar Doodh to lactating mother (breastfeeding mother)

For Baby above one year

You can prepare Saffron Milk which is given to babies over one year. You can give one to two strands of this with cow's milk daily. It could be added supplement which helps Baby.   

For a Baby with a cold or flu

An age-old home remedy in some colder regions in Northern parts of India like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh is giving Kesar milk and applying some on the baby's forehead and some to drink. 

Always Buy genuine export quality Saffron for Baby

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