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Can mango cause constipation in babies - AlphonsoMango.in

Can mango cause constipation in babies

Can Alphonso mango cause constipation in babies?

An infant’s illness usually begins when babies start eating semi-solid foods. Constipation is when your Baby has fewer bowel movements.

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Can mango cause allergy in babies?

If your Baby feels constipated, don’t doubt Alphonso Mangoes, as it is the best constipation-relieving fruit in the world.

Alphonso Mango for natural Bowel Movements

The world-famous tropical fruit is the King of mangos. They are an excellent natural source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and are rich in fiber to aid digestion.

Alphonso mango is the best fruit for constipation.

Alphonso Mango relieves constipation.

Still, it could be just more than fiber in Alphonso mangos which helps digestion and smooth gut movement. Recent studies at Texas A & M University show that one medium to big-sized mango a day has a more significant reduction in constipation in a month.

A great source of bioactive phytochemicals in this fruit helps to relieve constipation along with fiber in it. So it may not cause constipation in the Baby. Instead, it helps relieve bowel movements.

Does mango cause constipation for babiesIf you still feel Baby constipated, offer him some water or Alphonso mango fruit juice and Alphonso Mango puree, as this will help relieve constipation and smooth bowel movements. 

You can give small exercises to a baby’s legs to help relieve constipation. Give a warm bath in the tub as while taking a bath, a baby will have proper exercise, and it will help the bowel movement.

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