Mango Leaves, Mango Leaf, Mango Leaves Uses

Leaves of Mango tree

Auspicious tree which can feed entire family by sweet mangoes also has great importance for mango leaves as an religious also as an Healthy benefits.

Mango leaf, Mango leaves, Mango tree leaves

Mango Leaves, Mango Leaf 

The mango tree well known for its auspicious and sacred trees in the world.

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Mango Leaves

With the lush green leaf, which indicates prosperity in life as per reference in Ved Purana. It is a Kalpavriksha in Sanskrit. It called cutta palava.

The mango is a superfood in all aspects.

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It leaves are also the best full of Vitamin A, B & C minerals like potassium, copper, which is the best antioxidant and natural blood glucose regulator with a high content of phenols and flavonoids.

mango leaves scientific name 

Boiled mango leaves help infrequent urination at night, excessive weight loss, blurred vision due to diabetes.

Leaves of the mango tree are fleshy with dark green or deep green shiny blossom leathery texture.

Mango leaves health benefits 

They are either narrow oval-shaped like a lance head; of tapering to a point at each end or elliptical shape, which refers to the way of ellipses.

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They are approximately fourteen inches to seventeen inches in length and two inches in width. The tender leaves are purple or reddish when they are new.

Learn about the history and efficacy of Mango Leaves    

Mango Leaves used for most of the religious events in Indian rituals. There are many other health benefits of using mango leaves in different forms for the

Betterment of the human body. Mango is the best summer fruit that brings in a load of other benefits with its branches, roots, and leaves.  

The mango leaves also treated as the best herbal medicine in the Asian continent. The Mango leaves are also rich in different forms of Vitamin, and that gives them maximum importance.

History of Mango Leaves

Mango Leaves replicate the holy significance associated with Lord Ganesh and Murugan, sons of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Both Ganesh and Murugan were fond of mangoes. As per the history of Mango leaves, Lord Murugan advised the devotees about using the mango leaves as a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

Mango Leaves: Green Blessing!


Since then, the Mango leaves are used efficiently in houses and other places as a religious symbol for good happenings in life.

Moreover, the mango leaves also have a history of curing the low oxygen intake problems in humans as the mango leaves absorb the maximum carbon dioxide.

Scientific History of Mango Leaves

Mango originally is a member of the cashew family, and the tree is indigenous in all of the Eastern Asian regions.

The mango leaves are up to 30cm/12 inches long. The summer fruit has its following across the vast areas.  

The mango leaves do not have any scientific name so far, but the mango has a scientific name known as Mangifera Indica.

Though there is no study so far about the scientific names of mango leaves, the scientific Botanist named the Mango leaves as Lanceolate shaped leaves and has a coriaceous nature.

Mango Leaves Uses

Health Benefits by using Mango Leaves

1. Regulation of Diabetes

Mango leaves are very much fruitful in curing the diabetes quotient in the human body.

The mango leaves consist of Tannins that can cure the stage-I of diabetes. These tannins are known as Anthocyanidins as per the medical term is considered.

For making the mango leaves ready for treating the conditions of diabetes, the leaves dried, after which they undergo the process of infusion to treat Diabetes conditions.

Mango leaves are very much profound in treating diabetes oriented diseases.

Diabetic disease Such as diabetic retinopathy and diabetic angiopathy are some of them.

The Mango leaf after the infusion process is soaked in water and left for an entire night.

This water is then consumed by the patients the next day to treat diabetes symptoms. 

2. Cure Restlessness

Mango leaves help the people come out of their anxiety situations and prove its efficacy as the best home remedy.

You need to add a few of the mango leaves to the bathing water in a bucket.

Take a warm water bath with mango leaves immersed in it to get a refreshing feel when you come out of your bathroom.

You will eventually feel relaxed and find yourself free from all types of anxiety and stress in life.

You will be able to think of a clear solution for all your problems and find better alternatives to come out of work or life hassles.

3. Blood Pressure Regulation 

Mango leaves are also a helpful remedy for treating blood pressure problems.

The mango leave solutions can manage the hypotensive properties of the blood regulation factor.

It strengthens the blood vessels and cures the blockage in the veins that troubles the blood flow in the body.

The blood pressure problems can deteriorate the functionality of the body, and it requires timely care and concern.

The medical treatments are very much expensive and create many hassles in life. Therefore please use a bunch of mango leaves to prepare a solution out of it to treat the blood pressure regulatory problems in life.

4. Cure your kidney stones or gall stones

To people’s astonishment, the gall bladder and kidney stones can also be treated efficiently with the use of mango leaves.

The mango leaves undergo a powdering process to make it an adequate solution and are consumed daily for expecting a faster recovery.

The powdered mango leaves are immersed in water and kept overnight to dissolve the kidney and gall stones to flush them out.  

5. Seek medical cure to respiratory problems

Some of the respiratory problems in the human body are cold, asthma, bronchitis, and others.

These health problems require immediate treatment and regulation to suppress adverse health disorders.

The mango leaves can be blended into a drinking solution with a little amount of honey in it to cure cough magically.

If you have a severe cough and cold problems that have led to voice loss, the mango leaves are one of the best remedies to help you recover your voice.

6. helps to heal burns

It said in Ayurveda that burning mango leaves and applying ashes on the burns, which gets relief in burning pain and soothes the skin. 

7. Stops hiccups 

Hiccups are usually short-lived and not a sign of something serious, but if you have frequent hiccups, then there is a natural remedy, burn mango leaves and inhale the smoke.

It will not only help in hiccup but also for a throat problem.

8. Natural Mouthwash for stinking mouth bad breath

If you are facing bad breath and it continues, then either you may have a lousy stomach or Halitosis.

A continuous nasty odor from your mouth exhaled via inhalation, usually, this is not so serious, commonly called as bad breath or Halitosis.

It could be due to dental plaque, gum diseases, cavity, sinusitis, tooth diseases, bad stomach, and wrong gut.

It may cause bad breath, but a leaf of mango always helps you from this. 

Boil leaves or mango leaves to powder and make the concoction drink one to two teaspoons of concoction.

As well as gargle two to three times a day with this concoction and see the results, it helps in the same.

Regular intake acts as a tonic for your stomach, which helps relive toxins by flushing it out from your body and keeps your stomach clean.

Puja Benefits of Mango Leaves

The Hindu religion widely prefers mango Leaves for religious activities and puja events. The Indians very much leaned towards using mango leaves as it is considered holy and brings in good luck and fortune to the house. Here are some of the puja benefits of using Mango leaves.

 How many mangoes leaves in Kalash?

The coronet of seven mango leaves placed where the stem or deth in Marathi is touching the water of Kalash with coconut on the top.    

1. Tying of Mango leaves at the door entrance

The mango leaves considered to hang at the house entrance for many religious beliefs.

For most of the Indian houses, the mango leaves are attached to the house entrance to prevent the evil spirits from entering the house. 

Some people use this remedy to avoid negative energy from putting adverse impacts on the house and amongst the family members.

Moreover, some of the religious celebrations also demand the hanging of Mango leaves at the entrance or other places.

2. Placing Mango leaves in Kalash- Purnakumba Rituals

The Mango leaves are placed over a Kalash to complete a Hindu religious ceremony Named Purnakumba.

It signifies the god’s limbs, and the process completes when a coconut placed above the bunch of mango leaves representing the head of the god.

People use it in completing religious ceremonies for many gods and especially goddess Lakshmi who keeps the negativity away from the surroundings.

These are few of the practical efficacies of mango leaves that simplifies the life of human beings in terms of religious beliefs as well as medicinal benefits.