Anjeer (Dried FIG)

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Anjeer (Dried FIG) Anjeer, also referred to as fig, is a round-shaped dried fruit with a hole in the middle.  It contains small edible seeds, which make it crunchy. Fruit is...

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Anjeer (Dried FIG)

Anjeer, also referred to as fig, is a round-shaped dried fruit with a hole in the middle. 

It contains small edible seeds, which make it crunchy. Fruit is sweet, soft, and has a dark brown hue.

Although being a dry fruit, it is quite juicy.

They have a high content of soluble fiber and various antioxidants.

They are often added to ice creams or milkshakes, or smoothies.

The nutrients present in this area are known to do away with fat particles in the bloodstream.

Thus, ensuring uninterrupted blood flow.

These dried fruits are also known to ease pre-menstrual symptoms.

Dried Fig Glycemic Index

Dried fig Glycemic Index is 62

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