What if I Receive bad mango?

It is really unfortunate natural condition if you receive such mangoes. We are always committed for same. We do consistent quality checks at farms in Devgad & Ratnagiri & Delivery center.

What if I Receive bad mango? - AlphonsoMango.in

What if I Receive bad mango

Alphonsomango. in the team of farmers and Alphonsomango. in packing, team members always have a quality check while dispatching. We try all our techniques with our trained team members to filter out bad fruit without cutting it at the first source at farms itself, then again we sort out the fruits by examining at the delivery center when Alphonso Mangoes reaches our delivery center before packing from Ratnagiri and Devgad.

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Despite all these checks and efforts at the farm and delivery center, if the fruit received at your home turns out less than perfect or has some issues inside which are not measurable for Alphonso Mangoes from outer look without cutting Alphonso Mangoes, Alphonsomango. 

I really can’t do much for bad or damaged Alphonso Mangoes. Alphonsomango. can send you a replacement for those mangoes; in addition to your next order, you need to send a photo of your cut bad mangoes or damaged mangoes.  

 At Alphonsomango. In We can guarantee you we will give you our best, also that no one else in the Online Alphonso Mango business is trying as difficult as what we can do for a quality check to take the very large risk of Alphonso Mangoes.