How many almonds can I eat daily?

How many almonds can I eat daily? -

How many almonds can I eat?

Almonds are hard and oval-shaped nuts that have one tapering end. 

They are quite popular in India for their health benefits

Almonds are an excellent power source of multiple vitamins copper, fiber, riboflavin, and phosphorous.

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It is especially a healthy natural source of Vitamin E.  

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The nut has a brown hue on the outside and off white hue on the inside.

The nuts are buttery and have a sweet tone. 

These Nuts are highest in calcium, protein, riboflavin, vitamin E, fiber, and niacin.  

Multiple researchers and doctors recommend that 7 to 9 almonds daily will do miracles for your health either you can have it plain or soaked.

You can gradually increase the Badam count to 20 or 23 per day, but more than that is not recommended.

Soaked Almond Benefits

The nuts can be consumed raw or in addition to any other thing. 

Soaked almonds are considered more beneficial than raw or roasted ones. 

They get rid of tannins and make the nuts more buttery. 

When should you Eat Almonds daily?

You can eat any time in the day, but for better results, it is suggested by multiple dietitians that you eat Badam in the early morning and soak or eat plain as per your choice.

If you want to eat soaked ones, please soak them overnight.

It is also advised to avoid salted and fried almonds if you are eating them to increase your health, brain power, and immunity reasons. 

Good for Diabetics, heart patients, health freaks, students, working moms, and pregnant ladies.  

They get along well with desserts like kheer, laddu, halwa, roti, chocolate, ice cream, Etc.

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How many almonds can I eat daily?

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