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How many almonds can I eat daily? - AlphonsoMango.in

How many almonds can I eat daily?

How many almonds can I eat?

Almonds are a popular snack in India because they have many health benefits. They contain important nutrients that give energy to our body, like copper, fibre, riboflavin, and phosphorous.

Almonds also have a lot of Vitamin E, which is good for our skin, helps our immune system, and reduces inflammation. Soaking almonds makes them easier to digest and absorb because they break down things in the nut that can make it hard for our body to get the nutrients. So, if you want a healthy and nutritious snack, soaked almonds are a great choice.

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The nut has a brown hue on the outside and off white hue on the inside.

The nuts are buttery and have a sweet tone. 

These Nuts are highest in calcium, protein, riboflavin, vitamin E, fiber, and niacin.  

Several researchers and doctors suggest that consuming 7 to 9 almonds daily can work wonders for your health, whether eaten plain or soaked. It is advisable to gradually increase the consumption of almonds to 20 or 23 per day, but one should not consume more than that.Soaked Almond Benefits

The nuts can be consumed raw or in addition to any other thing. 

People consider soaking almonds more beneficial than consuming them raw or roasted because it removes tannins and makes the nuts more buttery.

When should you Eat Almonds daily?

Multiple dietitians suggest eating Badam in the early morning to achieve better health results. You can either eat them plain or soak them overnight if you prefer soaked ones. However, it is advisable to avoid salted and fried almonds if you aim to enhance your health, brain power, and immunity.

Good for Diabetics, heart patients, health freaks, students, working moms, and pregnant ladies.  

They get along well with desserts like kheer, laddu, halwa, roti, chocolate, ice cream, Etc.

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How many almonds can I eat daily?

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