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Health Benefits / health benefits of mango leaf

Mango Leaves: Be Healthy Within! - AlphonsoMango.in

Mango Leaves: Be Healthy Within!

Mango Leaves: Be Healthy Within!

Most people know the delicious, hot fruit from the mango trees, but you may not realize that the mango tree leaves are also eaten.

 The leaves of the green mango are soft, so they are cooked and consumed across many cultures.

Although the stem, bark, leaves, roots, and fruits are used similarly in ancient medicine, the leaves are generally believed to help treat diabetes and other health conditions. 

Mango leaves help in the following ways:

Rich in plant nutrients

Some studies indicate that they develop good bacteria and help treat and prevent lifestyle-related diseases and cancer. Mango leaves contain an anti-bacterial agent that helps curb many lifestyle-related disorders.

Weight management

Numerous animal studies suggest that mango leaves prevent the collection of fat in tissue cells. Studies on rats indicate that lower levels of fat deposits and higher levels of adiponectin are deposited in cells when treated with mangoes.

Fights diabetes

Mango leaf can help in managing diabetes due to the effects it has on fat metabolism. 

High levels of triglycerides cause insulin resistance, PolyCystic Ovarian Disorder, and diabetes. 

Animal studies showed a reduced level of triglycerides after two weeks of mango leaf consumption. 

In a study comparing mango leaf extract with oral sugar glibenclamide in diabetic rats, those given the mango leaf extract had significantly lower blood sugar.

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