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Alphonso Mango New Zealand

Alphonso Mango in New Zealand: Taste the Best

Alphonso Mango in New Zealand: The Ultimate Guide

Enjoy the delicious taste of Alphonso mango in New Zealand, known as the "king of mangos" in New Zealand.

These juicy mango are grown in Ratnagiri, India. They are now available in beautiful Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Pan New Zealand.

This blog will explore how Alphonso mango in New Zealand made their way to New Zealand, their popularity, and their impact on the fruit market in the country.

Premium Quality Alphonso Mangoes

Alphonso mangoes, or Hapus, are highly sought for their exceptional flavour and sweetness. These mangoes grow in Ratnagiri and Devgad, Maharashtra, India, known for its aamrai Mangos farm.

The region's fertile soil, warm climate, and abundant rainfall create the perfect conditions for growing the best hapus. The package of Hapus you received contains 6, 12 & 24 pcs of mangoes. The Product delivery will start from mid-April 2024 to June 2024.

Can Alphonso mango and pulp be found in New Zealand in June?

Yes, it is possible to find Alphonso mangoes in New Zealand. They are imported from India Mumbai and can be found in select specialty grocery stores or online platforms Like us that offer international produce. These mangos are highly sought after for their unique flavour and sweetness.

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What Makes Alphonso Mangoes Stand Out?

Alphonso mango are known for their unique, sweet flavour and aroma.

The Alphonso's smooth, rich pulp melts on your tongue, leaving a lingering embrace of its sweet, buttery taste. Every bite is a testament to its royal lineage, a dance of sunshine and sweetness that lingers long after the last morsel is gone.

The pulp is a vibrant orange colour and is free from any fibrous strands, making it enjoyable to eat.

The aroma of Alphonso mangos is a signature characteristic, a mix of fruity and sweet notes that fills the air once the fruit is cut open.

They are a highly valued type of mango that is grown in particular regions of India.

The Geographical Indication (GI) tag certification ensures that only Hapus fruits grown in these areas, such as Ratnagiri and Devgad, can be called Alphonso mangoes. It guarantees consumers that they are purchasing genuine, high-quality fruit.

GI Tag Certification: Assurance of Quality

GI tag is a recognition given by Indian Government to products with a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation attributable to that origin. Hapus, along with other Indian varieties like Langra and Kesar aam, have received this certification.

The GI tag guarantees authenticity that the mangos bearing the name have been grown, produced, and packaged according to strict standards in designated regions of Konkan Maharashtra, India.

By buying tropical fruit from us with the GI tag, consumers are assured that they will get the best quality fruits with the unique flavour profile that Hapus is known for. This certification protects against counterfeit mangos, ensuring consumers receive genuine Hapus.

Journey of Alphonso Mangoes in New Zealand from India

The journey of Hapus from India's mango farms to New Zealand's shores is a testament to their popularity and demand.

New Zealand, with its thriving Indian community always craving authentic, tasty and a growing love for tropical fruits, has become a new destination for these luscious mangos.

Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, is the primary entry point for Hapus as mango season begins in India. Most mangos purchased from supermarkets in New Zealand are expensive and don't taste the same.

Customers have tried different varieties from Peru and Mexico that are available on New Zealand supermarket shelves but have found them lacking in sweetness and texture compared to the beloved Hapus, which they loved in India.

Demand for Alphonso Mangoes in New Zealand

The demand for Hapus in New Zealand has increased, driven by their unique flavour and sweetness. New Zealanders have developed a fondness for these Indian mangos, also known as Hapus, due to their exceptional taste and quality.

The sweetness of these fruits, coupled with their luscious pulp, has captivated the taste buds of mango lovers nationwide.

Indians who are living in Wellington grew up eating them like these; they tried dozens of varieties (there are thousands). Keshar aam, named for that luminous saffron colour, is among their favourite.

As the mango season approaches, there is a palpable excitement among fruit lovers in New Zealand, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Alphonso mango in New Zealand.

The demand for these fruits, especially on social media platforms like Facebook, has prompted their distribution to other cities, allowing mango lovers in Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch to indulge in the sweetness of Hapus.

Shipping Process Mumbai to Auckland

The shipping process from Mumbai to Auckland is carefully executed to ensure that Alphonso mango in New Zealand in prime condition.

These fruits are packed with the utmost care, using specialized techniques to maintain their freshness during transit by air.

Temperature-controlled palates are used, ensuring they are stored at optimal temperatures to preserve their flavour and texture. The shipping process also considers the specific shipping requirements to NZ, such as customs regulations and documentation.

This ensures that the mangos arrive in NZ without any delays or issues as they are transported by air, allowing customers in NZ to enjoy the delicious taste of Hapus.

Under the watchful eyes of mango experts, the shipment of Alphonso mangos from Mumbai to Auckland takes place, adhering to strict quality control measures. This meticulous process ensures that the mango's maintain quality throughout the journey, arriving at their destination in NZ ready to be enjoyed by mango lovers.

Expansion to Other Cities

Hapus mangoes, the "king of fruits," have become a famous delight in New Zealand. A well-crafted network ensures these golden treasures reach Kiwi destinations in peak freshness, even in cities further south, such as Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch.

As more people discover their melt-in-your-mouth texture and vibrant sweetness, the demand for these premium mangoes soars. Take a bite, and let the taste of summer transport you to a golden oasis right in the heart of NZ.

Quality and Freshness in Delivery

Delivering Hapus to different cities in NZ comes with the responsibility of maintaining their quality and freshness. Every step is taken to ensure they reach consumers in peak condition, providing them with a delightful mango experience.

Stringent quality control measures are in place as per the MPI authority of NZ to ensure that the mangos maintain their lusciousness and sweetness during transit.

From the careful selection and packing of the fruits to the use of specialized transportation methods, the delivery process is designed to preserve the delectable flavour and aroma of Hapus aam & Kesar Aam.

Kesar Mangoes and Payari

While Alphonso & Kesar mangos steal the spotlight, other mangos varieties are worth exploring. Kesar aam, native to Junagadh Girnar Gujarat, India, is known for its sweet, juicy taste and vibrant orange pulp. These mangoes are often used to produce aam ki lassi, a popular Indian drink.

Payari mangoes, on the other hand, are loved for their unique aroma and distinct flavour. They are characterized by their fragrant, saffron-like scent, which adds an extra dimension to their taste. Payari amba, like Alphonso Amba, have a short season, making them highly anticipated during the mango season.

Unique Features of Kesar Mangoes and Payari

With their sweet, juicy pulp, Kesar mangoes have a mesmerizing flavour that lingers on the palate. The saffron-like aroma adds a touch of sophistication to this mango, making them a favourite among mango connoisseurs. The unique sweetness and aroma make Kesar mangoes a treasured fruit during the mango season.

Payari mangos, with their distinctive fragrance, bring a burst of flavour to any dish or dessert they are added to. The aroma of these mangoes, reminiscent of saffron, is as captivating as their taste. Payari mangoes have a loyal following among mango lovers who appreciate their unique flavour profile and aromatic qualities.

Availability and Demand in New Zealand

Alongside Alphonso mangoes, Kesar and Payari mangos have also gained popularity in NZ. The availability of these mango varieties in the country has increased over the last year, owing to efforts to import the best mangos from India.

With Indians growing their love for mangos, NewZealanders have shown a heightened interest in these varieties, contributing to their rising demand. Restaurants and fruit markets nationwide now offer many mango products, providing consumers with many mango experiences.

How are Alphonso Mangoes Impacting the Fruit Market in NZ?

Alphonso mangoes have recently arrived in New Zealand, bringing a new dimension to the fruit market. These mangoes have sparked innovation and introduced new mango flavours to the market. They are captivating both mango fans and primary industries.

The impact of Alphonso mangoes on the fruit market in NZ goes beyond their exceptional taste. The arrival of these mango fruits has presented new opportunities for fruit farms and mango distributors, creating a buzz in the fruit industry and attracting attention from primary industries.

Are Alphonso Mangoes Changing New Zealanders' Taste for Mangoes?

Alphonso mangoes are now available in New Zealand, changing how people think about them. These fruits have a delicious, sweet flavour, winning over Indians in NZ and causing them to reconsider their preferences.

More and more people in New Zealand are choosing Alphonso mangoes over other varieties, suggesting a shift in the market since we have come online.

This change shows that people's tastes are evolving and that Alphonso mangoes are becoming a top choice for fruit lovers.


Alphonso mangoes have changed the fruit market in New Zealand for the better. Their quality, unique taste, and GI tag certification make them popular among mango lovers. Hapus have come a long way from Mumbai to Auckland, proving their demand and popularity.

They are now available in other New Zealand cities, including Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch, which means more people can enjoy them. Besides Hapus, different mango varieties like Kesar and Payari add to the fruit market's diversity.

All in all, Alphonsomango.in have genuinely impacted New Zealanders' taste for mangoes and continues to be a sought-after fruit in the country.

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