Buy Kashmiri Saffron | Kashmiri Kesar | Keshar

Rs. 320.00


1 gm Kesar 2 gm Kesar 5 gm Kesar Pregnancy Pack 10 Gm Kesar

Buy Kashmiri Saffron | Kashmiri Kesar | Keshar

Rs. 320.00


1 gm Kesar 2 gm Kesar 5 gm Kesar Pregnancy Pack 10 Gm Kesar
Product description

Buy Kashmiri Saffron | Kashmiri Kesar | Keshar 

Saffron is the most precious variety of exotic spices, prized by kings & queens for its delicate flavor. 

Buy Kashmiri Saffron Spice

So you’re looking for a little taste of the exotic?

This vibrant-colored & flavorful spice can add an extra dash to any dish.

A culinary adventure awaits their dishes, so try out some new flavors today!

We are proud contributors to the make in India movement.

Authentic Kashmiri Kesar

We supply authentic products grown in Pampore, Kashmir, India, to your doorstep.  

Kesar Kashmiri 

There’s no better place to start than our Kashmiri Keshar.

Buy Saffron Kesar Online for Pregnancy

What better way to enjoy your pregnancy than with India’s most expensive & luxurious spice?

Saffron Benefits during Pregnancy

It has a sweet & floral taste which is good. Read more above during pregnancy.

Taste hits just about every point during pregnancy!

It is safe for pregnant ladies.

Our parents or grandparents advise us to consume this healthy spice during pregnancy.

It makes you healthy & is safe for mothers & babies.

It helps relieve pregnancy-related oxidative stress & aches during pregnancy.

Kesar Price

The price of it can vary dramatically depending on several factors, including the quality of the amazing red spice & the amount you buy.

The stigma of a flower is hand-harvested & dehydrated to sell at rates of gold.

Our spice is handpicked, dried, & packed in the Pampore village of Kashmir. 

It is worth considering buying if you want the best value for your money.

Kashmiri Saffron for Your Food

From the banks of the Jhelum river of northwestern India with scenic beauty from Kashmir in Pampore village,

Known for being the rarest spice in the world.

We will get it delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

Kumkuma Puvvu Cost

Helpful for the aroma, scent, & taste of your recipes.

Wonder spice from Flower of Crocus Sativus of the Kashmir valley.

Produce of India

How does it taste?

The spice smells sweet & floral, but it has a spicy, bitter, sweet floral, delicious taste.

Some say it tastes a bit like honey or grassy. 

100% Vegetarian - A Vegan Product

Since its threads originate from a flower stigma, it is a pure vegan product.

You can use it in many delicacies without any guilt.

Buy Kashmiri Kesar (Keshar)

What is the world’s best aromatic purple spice?

You’ll be surprised to find that it’s Kashmiri Saffron!

This incense-like flavor is derived from crocus sativus, more commonly known as the purple flower.

Latin name - Crocus Sativus

Derived from crocus sativus, it is a Latin name for Saffron

We sell naturally grown products from Kashmir.

Our farmers are GI tag certified, & a Geographical Indication tag is a mark of good quality.

We don’t add flavor, color, or any additional preservatives; they are pure.

Healthy Produce of India


Kashmiri Kesar’s online purchase

Purchase wonderfully aromatic spices online with us direct from Kashmir.

Kesar Price in Delhi

Now buy this & get it delivered directly from our partner farms to your place.

Health benefits of Wonderfull Kashmiri Red Spice

Saffron Health benefits

This red spice contains Crocin.

Price of Saffron

It has immense health benefits. It is one of the healthy red spices. 

Saffron for Baby

Buy Saffron from Kashmir

It helps maintain taste & aroma for a long time.

It may lose flavor with age. Best before 24 months if in packed condition.

Please keep it in the fridge, not in the freezer.

Recipe using this BiryaniAamras & much more.

Product Description

Country of Origin: India.

Location of Origin: Pampore, Kashmir, India, produced from GI tag-certified Kashmiri farmers.

Colour of the product: Dried reddish orange-brown stigmas.

Hands harvested.

100% Natural: no added flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Jars are sealed with aluminum foil. covered with bags & bottles, 

Certified by the FSSAI authority of India.

We have tested for various quality checks by our Quality assurance team.

It is packed with the best farm produce in India compared to other countries, especially if compared with Irani, Spanish, & Afghani produce.

Zafran Spice

With zero cholesterol & zero Trans fat

Gluten-free product.

Non-Genetically Modified NON-GMO

Produce of Atmanirbhar Bharat

Product FAQ

Saffron Milk Recipe for Food

Synonyms & Other Names 

A++ grade Kashmiri kesar

Autumn Crocus



Crocin Stigma

Crocus Cultivé

Crocus sativus

GI tag Kashmiri kesar.

Indian Saffron

Jammu Kashmir Kesar

Jammu Kashmir ki Kesar

Jammu Kashmir ki Saffron

Jammu Kashmir Saffron



Kashmir kesar saffron

Kashmir Kesari

Kashmira Kesar

Kashmiri Jafran

Kashmiri kesar GI tag

Kashmiri Kesar Rice

Kashmiri Kesari

Kashmiri lacha kesar

Kashmiri lacha saffron

Kashmiri mogra kesar

Kashmiri mogra keshar

Kashmiri mogra saffron

Kashmiri saffron

Kashmiri saffron


kesar for Biryani 

Kesar in Kashmir

Kesar Lacha

Kesar Mongra

Kesar of Kashmir

kesar original Kashmiri

Kesar Premium

kesar threads



keshar jaffran

keshar jaffran threads

keshar zaffran threads




lacha kesar

Lacha of Kashmir

lacha saffron

Lacha saffron of Kashmir


Mongra kesar

Mongra lacha

Mongra of Kashmir

Mongra saffron of Kashmir

Natural Saffron

organci Saffron

organic kesar

pampore Kashmiri saffron

premium long kesar

premium long red kesar

pure Kashmiri kesar

pure red gold

Raw Kesar

Saffran of Kashmir

Saffron for Biryani

Saffron Kashmir

saffron kesar

saffron of Kashmir

saffron stigma

saffron threads


Safran - in German

Safran Cultivé

Saffron Crocus

Safran des Indes

Safran Espagnol

Safran of Kashmir

Safran Véritable



Saffron of Kashmir

Spanish Saffron

True Saffron

wild Saffron


zafferano dell'Aquila

zaffran threads


Zafran kesar

κρόκος (krókos) in greek

زعفران - in Arabic

कश्मीर का केशर

कश्मीर का केसर

कश्मीर के केसर

कश्मीर केसर

कश्मीरी का केशर

कश्मीरी का केसर

कश्मीरी केसर

कश्मीरी से केशर

कश्मीरी से केसर

काश्मिरी केशर

केशर - In Marathi

केसर - in Hindi

জাফরান - In Bangla

ਕੇਸਰ - Punjabi

કેસર - in Gujarati

ମାନିଙ୍ଗ ଇଂ ନୀୟ - in Odia

குங்குமப்பூ - in Tamil

குங்குமப்பூ - Kuṅkumappū in Tamil

కుంకుమ - Kuṅkuma in telugu

ಕೇಸರಿ - in Kannada

കുങ്കുമം - Malayalam

สีเหลือง -S̄ī h̄elụ̄xng in Thai

Side effects

Do not consume in large numbers if you consume in large volumes.

  1. It May cause agitation, low mood, & anxiety, resulting in a change in appetite.
  2. Headaches, nausea, sweating, & vomiting.
  3. Diarrhea or dysentery, resulting in dry mouth & drowsiness.
  4. Please seek medical advice before consuming for any allergies.

Allergic reactions

It may result in allergic reactions.

Those allergic to Salsola, Lolium, & Olea species of plants, please avoid them.

Storage condition

Store in a dark, cold place in a sealed container.

Once opened, it can maintain maximum flavor & aroma for up to six months.

It is sensitive to light. Please cover it with foil or a cloth packet.