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Alphonso Mango Rabri (Rabdi)

Alphonso Mango Rabri (Rabdi)

During summer, mango foods become essential. We add this delicious fruit to every dish we can to enjoy the season.

The unique flavor of this tropical fruit makes a variety of delicious recipes.

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History of Rabdi

Rabri a sweet condensed milk this amazing sweet recipe was created in Uttar Pradesh land of Lord Krishna a beautiful Mathura city.

There Are reference of this in Chandimangla a Mangalkavya in early 1400 years.

Today, we will tell you how to make mango rabri.

It is among the tastiest dessert made in the summer. Those who love this amazing fruit are crazy about this recipe.

You have to make this dish at home in the summer, but if you haven't ever tried to make it, try them today.

Rabri is a delicious dish made from condensed milk, made by boiling milk until it turns white or light yellow.

Add jaggery, spices, and nuts to taste. This dessert is cold and delicious.

Rabri is the main ingredient in many Indian sweets, such as Rasapali, Sena Giri, and Kheer Sagara.

It is made by burning sweet milk in a large open container (Kadai). When a creamy layer begins to form on the milk's surface, it is removed and cooled.

Mango Rabri Recipe

Serves four.

Preparation time: 5-10 minutes.

Cooking period: 45 minutes


  • Whole milk - 1 liter
  • Mango- 3
  • Sugar - 100 g
  • Saffron - 10-12 threads (Optional)
  • Pistachio- 50 g

Cooking Instructions:

To prepare your rabri, first you need to Buy best Alphonso Mangoes

peel two fruits and pour the pulp together.

Now you can also take our ready to cook Mango Pulp 

Cut them into small pieces. Also, cut the pistachio into small pieces. You can add Kashmiri Saffron

Now put the pan over a high flame and burn it with milk.

When the milk starts boiling, reduce the flames, and add sugar and saffron.

Boil the milk on light heat till it is one-third of its original volume.

The milk should not burn, so it is better to use a pan with a heavy bottom.

When the milk is reduced, let it cool.

Add puree to it mix well. Now you are very near to your recipes just wait for some hours by putting it to refrigerate. 

Garnish it with kishmish, cashew nuts, Keshar, grated Jaiphal and almonds, and some mango cubes.

Your delicious sweet tasty yummy  mango rabri is ready.


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