Why Mamra Badam is costly?

Why Mamra Badam is costly? - AlphonsoMango.in

Why is Mamra Badam costly?

Mamra badam is one of the most expensive dry fruits.

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It is a rich source of essential nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Badam is also known to have numerous health benefits.

Why Mamra Badam is Costly, Some of the reasons for high cost are:

1. It is native to India, Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan. 

it is considered the premium variety of almonds in the World

2. The tree takes nearly ten years to mature and bear fruits.

3. Badam trees require a lot of care and attention.

4. Only a limited quantity of this Mamra Badam is produced 5% yearly of total Almond production in World.

5. The demand for these nuts is very high as it is considered to be a superfood with immense health benefits.

6. The harvesting and drying process of badam is quite tedious and time-consuming.

7. It is mainly exported from Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, & some parts of India from Turkey and Iran.

All the above factors contribute to the high cost of Mamra Badam.

However, despite its high cost, people widely consume badam owing to its numerous health benefits.

Some of the key health benefits of this are:

Rich source of vitamins and minerals:

It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, Etc.

Nutrients for our body play a vital role in our overall health.

Boosts brain power:

The high levels of nutrients in these nuts help boost brain power and improve cognitive function. 

It is also known to improve memory and concentration.

Good for the heart:

The potassium in this helps regulate blood pressure and keep the heart healthy. 

It is also known to lower cholesterol levels and protect against heart diseases.

Improves digestion:

It is a good fiber source that helps improve digestion and prevent constipation.

The fatty acids in badam also help reduce inflammation in the gut and promote a healthy mamra badam benefits for digestive system.

Boosts immunity:

Rich in antioxidants, it helps boost immunity and fight against infections.

The vitamin C present in this also helps in boosting immunity.

Reduces stress:

The magnesium present in it helps in reducing stress and promoting relaxation. 

It is also known to improve sleep quality.

Strengthens bones:

The calcium in this helps strengthen bones and prevent diseases like osteoporosis.

Good for skin and hair:

The vitamin E present in this helps in keeping the skin healthy and prevents premature aging.

It also helps in maintaining healthy hair.

Reduces inflammation:

The fatty acids present in this help in reducing inflammation throughout the body.

Helps in weight loss:

Vegan Source of protein and fiber, which help feel full for a longer time and prevent overeating.

It, in turn, helps in reducing weight.

Almond Mamra Badam Price

They are grown in the Mediterranean region and California.

The climate and soil conditions in these regions are ideal for the growth of this nut.

These Mamra Badam trees take about 10 to 11 years to mature and bear fruits.

Each tree can yield up to 30 kgs of almonds every year.

The harvesting season of almond mamra begins in August and continues till October. 

During this time, the fruits are carefully handpicked and sorted according to their quality.

The best quality almonds are then packaged and sold in the market. 

At the same time, those broken are wasted around, which gets 1/10th of the price of almonds.

Almond mamra are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats.

They help boost energy levels, improve brain function and reduce cholesterol levels.

It is truly a superfood with immense health benefits.

Although it is quite costly, it is worth the price owing to its health badam benefits

So, include badam in your diet and enjoy good health.

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Why Mamra Badam is costly?

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