How long can you keep mango in the freezer?

Alphonso Mango Storage in Freezer

Alphonso Mangoes properly stored in freezer at home may stay for 4 to 5 days in your freezer. It may stay for 12 month also but not suggested to freeze at home you need professional freezers.

How long can you keep mango in the freezer?

Alphonso Mango in Freezer or Fridge

Once You receive Alphonso Mangoes from Alphonsomango. and mangoes are ripe.

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After its ripening process and ready to eat, you can put them into the fridge to increase the shelf life of Alphonso Mango (As Alphonsomango. in always warns you that freezing Alphonso Mango is not the right process as Mangoes lose their moisture, taste in the freezer)

How long can you keep mango in the freezer?

Was the mangoes with lukewarm water (गुनगुना पानी or कोमट पाणी) before putting them in the fridge once they are ripe? 

If anyhow, you store Ripe Alphonso Mangoes in the freezer, it can stay for 4 to 5 days more.

How long can you keep mango in the freezer?

You can also put ripe mangoes in the fridge one to two hours before like if you are ready with your lunch or dinner and you would like to have alphonso mango as a dessert before your meal, just put the mangoes in the fridge to enjoy the taste and coolness of Alphonso in summer.

Do not store the unripe mangoes in a fridge or freezer, as they can get damaged by the cold temperature, and it will block the ripening process of Alphonso Mangoes. 

Though some people and researchers say it can stay up to 12 months in well-maintained freezing conditions, it may be safe to eat. Frozen mango kept at 0°F. 

It is unsafe to eat if dry spots or discoloration are found on Alphonso Mango. 

We will not suggest or encourage you to deep freeze it because, even commercially, it is not done for the Alphonso Mango fruit as it requires vast experience.

Also, it may not be as tasty as Alphonso Mango's ripe condition.