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Jaiphal / jaiphal for babies in diarhea

Jaiphal Nutmeg for baby - AlphonsoMango.in

Unveiling the Benefits of Jaiphal Nutmeg for Baby Health

Jaiphal (Nutmeg) for Your Baby  

Fussy-eating kids at home are one of the most known food problems for parents struggling to feed their choice kids.

Fussy-eating kids can be a challenge for parents, but there are some things you can do to help them develop a healthy relationship with food.

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Sometimes, your child's favorite food is Mango Pulp and jelly across chapati. Tomorrow, your kid won't touch the stuff you might have prepared for them.

If left without solving the same, picky eating may result in a limited diet and a lack of adequate nutrition.

Add Masala a Nutmeg for Baby.

If you keep on agreeing and making food as per your kid's choice, they will not taste the other type of food recipes you may know, and it may result in serious power struggles and ongoing arguments.

Add Spice to food

Spice is a fruit, seed, bark, root, salt, or other plant material used for flavoring, aroma, or dyeing (coloring) your food.

Spices are differentiated from leaves, herbs, flowers, or stems of plants.

It might be used during cooking or maybe as a garnish.

Spices are sometimes used as Medicinal properties for the Health benefits of your baby.

We usually love or intend to spice up our food with lots of effort to make it tasty.

Some of the spices add color to your food. Some add flavor. Some add aroma to it.

As per Ayurveda Shushruta texts, various spices and herbs help make you feel better and cure your medicinal properties like Kapha, Vata, and Pitta.

Effect of Nutmeg on Tridosha

It Balances Vata and Kapha Dosha.

Generally, we follow our parents or any older person in our house who keep guiding us about adding different spices to babies.

One such beautiful, tasty spice originating from Indonesia and coming to Our Konkan and Kerala that your baby will benefit from is Jaiphal or Nutmeg or Jayphal or Jatiphala, Myristica fragrans, and much more in your language.

Nutmeg, which is called in Tamil as 

Yes, it can greatly benefit your little one, a fussy eater.

Suppose you are not aware of how you can use this seed-shaped fragrant spice. And how it will benefit you and offer it to your baby.

What Is Jaiphal?

Jaiphal or Jatiphal is a warm and fragrant spice masala, which Means it gives heat to your body. These seeds are sourced from Myristica fragrans tree.

This aromatic spice is used worldwide in various recipes as it is famed for its health benefits and medicinal properties.

It has been recorded in multiple Indian cultures and texts for centuries to spice up the food and heals different illnesses. It also benefits the baby in many ways. If you have some older person like a granny at home, she will always add Jaiphal as in baby food.  

When to Add Jaiphal to Your Baby's Diet

You can add this spice when introducing solid food to your lovely baby. Generally, at our place in Konkan, we start solid food for the baby after six months. However, you should consult your pediatrician or doctor when to start solid food.

However, parents always like adding spices to their baby's diet.

Still, spices are forever safe for your kids. You can add this Jatiphala to the baby's diet after six months as it helps for the baby's sound sleep, helps in cough, and loose motions, cures diarrhea, and much more.

Nutritional Value of Jaiphal for your Baby

If you want to be familiar with the nutritional content of this warm aromatic spice for your kid,

Values in this table are with the approx values in 100 grams of Jaiphal.

Nutmeg Nutritional values for your Baby

Health Benefits of Jaiphal for your Baby

It offers multiple health benefits to your loved one. Your baby is always benefited with immense health if you give this Spice to your baby regularly.

What are the Benefits for Baby

There are multiple benefits of this Spice, which helps your baby in multiple ways,

It cures the Indigestion problem.

As a baby's digestive system is not fully matured, it may result in indigestion problems.

You can introduce solid foods into your baby's diet like cereals, vegetables, meat or other fruits, proteins, grains, cheeses, yogurts, and more.

The baby's immature digestive system might not work efficiently, and it may result in stomach gas, colic, ache, or even diarrhea kind of symptoms.

Giving this Spice for diarrhea in babies may help to be an excellent natural remedy for handling this ailment's symptoms.

But if you start adding this Spice to your food, it may keep such problems away as this Spice is rich in dietary fibers and helps digestion with easy bowel movement, and remove gas from the body.

It also stimulates digestive secretion and digestive enzymes, which helps cure stomach cramps or pain in babies.

It keeps the Stomach aches away.

Giving this fragrant Spice to your baby will always help to be beneficial for his stomach illness if any.

Small kids are generally inclined to colic or gas problems as they are mostly in bed, and digestion is a problem.

This problem is commonly found in all babies as they swallow air while feeding milk or crying. It is typical among new babies.

New-borns have an underdeveloped digestive system that quickly passes through food; hence, it doesn't break down entirely and form gas or colic problems.

If you want your baby Jaiphal to Sleep 

Jaiphal for Infants and Baby are used from ancient ages. It is used for good sleep. Parents have usually been using this Spice for their babies as this aromatic Spice helps improve sleep in them.

You must add this Spice to your kid's warm milk and one strand of Kesar.

Your baby will start to feel comfortable and relaxed, which will bless them with a sound sleep, which is essential for growth.

Since it solves your kid's stomach aches and problems, it will also induce a night of sound sleep. Restful sleep is needed for the baby's health.

It calms the body and mind of the baby with a good night's sleep quality.

It helps treat a cough and cold.

Spice's natural treat provides heat and warmth to the body when your baby has any cold or cough problem and helps treat cough and cold symptoms in babies.

It possesses potent antibacterial qualities that boost the immune system of the baby.

You can give it to the baby with a cup of hot milk with grated Nutmeg powder, a few drops of honey, a single strand of Kashmiri KesarSoonth(dried Ginger), and crushed cardamom. You may add a spoon of Mango pulp for the taste to keep cough and cold away.

Giving this for your baby's cold is one of the most natural home remedies from your grandparent's day.

How to Store it for Baby

For storing this fragrant Spice, we advise you to store it in an airtight jar.

Keep it with the outer shell. If possible, grate it only when you are serving your baby. It will always keep it safe after use. Keep it back in an airtight jar.

As said earlier, this Spice is used for its typical fragrance, flavor, and aroma, and when it comes in reach with open air for a longer time, it tends to lose its flavor and aroma qualities.

Always check your stored Spice; for any fungal infection as you might use your wet hands while grating. Clean the Jaiphal always after use.  

At any moment, if you feel that your Jayphal has loosed its flavor and fresh fragrance, it's time to change it with a new shelled one.

How to Select Jaiphal for Baby Food

Whenever you are concerned about your baby, we know you will always give the best for them.

And when you plan to Buy Jaiphal for your baby, you will surely need to choose the best quality.

Know More about Nutmeg Jaiphal

We recommend that you buy natural quality products compared to anything you could buy in the market.

Also, buy fresh spice nutmeg as far as possible Nutmeg with a shell is always preferred. Don't buy powder of this Spice because the flavor and aroma can quickly fade away with time.

You must also keep your attention to the size and color of the jayphal. If it has to be big, the best it is.

Recommended Dosage of Nutmeg for Baby

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