Alphonso Mango in Goa

Tasty Alphonso Mango in Goa from Konkan

Now buy Tasty delectable Alphonso Mango in Goa directly from the farmers in Konkan Maharashtra like Devgad, Ratnagiri, Vijay Durga, Sindhudurga, Pawas, and Alibaug.

Our Mangoes are Geographical Indication certified by the Indian Government.

Alphonso Mango Goa, Mango in Goa

Alphonso Mango in Goa

The rising heatwave with a scorching summer beginning from March is onset for Alphonso mango in Goa.

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Mango Goa

Goan culture has a unique relation to enjoy the delicious variety of mango like moving anywhere else.

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A mango which was introduced by Portugal duke Afonso de Albuquerque in near about of Goa is very much adorable fruit indeed here in Goa. Afonso introduced this fruit variety nearly 400 years ago to the world as a King of fruits.

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Despite mango grown in India since 6000 years ago, mangoes were not so famous as it is now in Goa. Afonso, who conquered Goa and made it first Portugal colony has developed this variety of mangoes to send these mangoes back to Portugal in “Columbian food exchange.”

Goa and nearby areas like Devgad, Sindhudurga, and Ratnagiri turned out to the perfect climatic and red soil conditions to cultivate Alphonso mango trees. These started a new love story between Goan people and mangoes.

Mango in Goa specific Goa Mango name

This scorching summer with excellent climatic conditions comes with its generous share of sweat, minerals, heat, and curses with nearing sea breeze. There are lots of other juicy and chilled mangoes during sweltering summer-like:

Alphonso Mango Afonso

King of Mangoes worldwide with a soft juicy sweet tender pulp Goa Alphonso mango is disappearing nowadays. And it is preferred at present by Goan people with Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango and Devgad Alphonso Mango known for its richness and beautiful mesmerizing texture with very less fiber lower than 3% of the whole fruit. With excellent taste and good shelf life, which is gaining high popularity and demand in Goa, especially Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango is very high in need and followed by Devgad Alphonso Mango.

Our Alphonso Mangoes comes with Indian Government approved Geographical Indication Tag, which is hand-harvested by our team of experts.

Naturally ripened without applying any chemicals; hence they are chemical and carbide free. These mangoes are grown in the mango orchard trees, which are feed with the natural mulching method of cow dung, vegetation waste, honey, and cow urine and food waste, which composted and put in the roots of mango tree before the monsoon.

A synonym for Alphonso Mango in Goa is Goa Alfonso, Hapoos, Hapus, Appus, Apus, Afons, Alfonso, or Goa Appus.

Alphonso Mango popularly referred to as “Hapus or Hapoos” in Maharashtra, Gujarat & Goa, and Goa as Hapoos Ambo or Afonso in Konkani language. This fruit is known for National obsession during summer.

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Goa Mankurad Amo!

One of the Goa tops most loved mango variety after Hapoos Amo! Popularly this mango is called Khurad, Malcorado, Goa Mankur, Corado, and more names.

Portugals who named this mango as Malcorado. With a reddish color, which called weak colored. Slowly Malcorado was transformed into Mankurad Amo! (Amo! means Mango) in Konkani, a Goan language.

Goa Malgesh Amo!

A prevalent variety of north Goa Portugals named this mango as Malgesh because it was difficult for them to digest, so they used this fruit as a Table fruit. It comes with different size, quality, and color varieties.

There are two Variations in Malgesh Amo  Goan name or Malgesh Mango.

Akno Malgesh – High grade in Malgesh

Khand Malgesh – Lower-grade comes with a bit of thick skin on the mango.

A synonym for Malgesh is Akno Malgesh, Malgess, Khand Malgesh, Malgessa, Malgeush, Malgueso, and Malgesta.

Goa Culas Amo (mango)!

Well, a known variety of mango in Goa, which is grown on low height and used generally as Table fruit it is not sweet but with a peculiar tangy flavor. It is available in variable variations. The Goa Culas Amo not so preferred due to tangy taste and lesser sweet.

Goa Bishop Mango (Bishop Amo)

With limited cultivation in North Goa, they typically consumed as the home tree only available at very cheap rates. Harvesting of this mango done at the end of May with average quality with large and very susceptible for rotting inside used primarily in a pickle because of sour after taste.

Synonyms for this mango are Bispo, Bisma. It inspired by the size of mango that looks like the big belly of Bishop!

Hilario Mango from Goa

Hilario Mango, named after one farmer, Hilario Fernandes of Siolim village in the Bardez taluka of Goa this tree, was reported in Hilario farm; hence it called Hilario. It fetches a reasonable price in the local market as it is a bit sweet mango than others. These mangoes arrive bt late in May and available till July.

Hence Hilario (Mangilal) Amo is very much in demand in the market as it comes when no other suitable mango varieties are available in July.

A synonym for Hilario Mango or Hilario Amo, which was slowly changed named in Konkani is Mang Hilario, Mangilar, Manghilar, Mangilal.

Mussarat Amo (Mussarat Mango) of Goa

It is North Goa produce, Mussarat mango named after the Bardez taluka of Goa where it is originated or found. It inhibits a bright red color when the fruit is immature. Mussarat Amo Variety used for sweet pickles, Mango jam, which called in Konkani as Mangaad or Mangada (Goan Mango Jam), used in some of the processed food products.

A Synonyms for Mussarat Amo (Mussarat Mango) or Monserrate de Bardez

Fernandin Mango (Fernandin Amo) of Goa

Fernandin Mango a variety that does not get spoiled due to fruit flies and heavy rains. Originated from Bombay and planted, cultivated in Goa. They delayed flower and fruiting mangoes, which harvesting season starts in June. Fernandin Mango is the only mango in Goa, which has consistent pulp than others. Fernandina Mango mostly used as table fruit, yellow fruit with tangy reddish shade on shoulders. 

A Synonym of Fernandin Mango is Fernandina 

Xavier Mango of Goa

Xavier mango is one of the famous Mango in Goa, which is a Tasty and Juicy variety planted across Goa. Means, you will find Xavier mango right near their house from North Goa to South Goa.

Xavier Mango has two varieties of mangoes Fibrous and less Fibrous. 

Other varieties that are available in Goa are Payari, Chaunsa, Totapuri, Himsagar, Dasheri, Badami, and more of mango variants, which are a household name and in your garden in Goa. During the summer period each year, but the only one very best kind of variety, which holds always commended as a king, is the royal king Alphonso Mango!

Mango Plantation in Goa

Since Goa is plentiful with fertile land and variations of nature like Ghats and Sea, there are many plantations done with mangoes. But there are many hard rocks in the Goan ground. Hence there are various efforts taken by the blasting of rocks and refilling the blasted area of rock with the soil and other materials.

Still, there is lots of plantation of Bishop, Hilario, Malgesh, Mankurad, Culas, Xavier, Mussarat, Fernandina and much more. Again, now a day’s Alphonso Mango is vanishing from Goa.

Mango season in Goa

Mango season in Goa starts somewhere around April and ends nearly to July with the help of other mangoes. But still, you can order Fresh, Juicy, tasty sweet delight of authentic Alphonso Mango Online in Goa with us.

Alphonso Mango in Goa

Alphonso Mango Goa delivery is done by our Logistics team, which starts directly from our farms in Ratnagiri and Devgad. Mangoes are cleaned and sorted as per the size and packed for delivery to your home. This Mango box comes with love from our farmers and accompanies a Geographical Indication certificate, which is issued by the Government of India. They are carried directly to Goa Mapusa and Panjim by roads in semi-ripe conditions and further distributed in  Agonda, Aldona, Anjuna, Arambol, Bagha, Bambolim, Bardez, Benaulim, bicholim, Bogmalo, Calangute, Canacona, Candolim, Cavelossim, Chimbel, cuncolim, Dabolim, Goa Velha, Karapur, Majorda, Mandrem, Mapusa, Margao, Monjim, Mormugao, Palolem, parcem, Parvoirim, Pernem, Ponda, Quepem, Reis Magos, Salcele, saligao, Sancoale, Sanguem, Sanquelim, Satari, St Cruz, Taleigao, Vagator, Valpoi, Varca, Vasco Da Gama, and Vodlemol.  Further, in the nearby Goa region, also it includes North part of Karwar and Karnataka.

Mango Festival in Goa

For all mango lovers in Goa, the Mango Festival is a fantastic event of hunting tasty mangoes.

Goa Agriculture directorate arranged the Mango festival in Goa, which retained along with the Konkan fruit festival. There is always a range of Local mangoes grown like Bishop, Hilario, Malgesh, Mankurad, Culas, Xavier, Mussarat, Fernandina, Alphonso mango is also displayed over there. Mancurado can order here.

Along with multiple mango varieties, there is an exhibition on new farming technology.

But your love of Hapoos Amo a Ratnagiri Alphonso mango and Devgad Alphonso Mango you need to order online with us. Ratnagiri Hapus and Devgad Hapus globally considered as the highest grade of the King of fruit.

Because of mangoes sweetness, richness, and lesser or minimal fiber with a creamy texture, Aroma, and sweet, tangy flavor.

Alphonso Mango Pulp in Goa

You can also order online Alphonso Mango pulp with us by just clicking some buttons on your mobile or Laptop.

Now you can taste Amrakhand (Mango shrikhand), or Mango Sasav, which made of raw mangoes. Ripe mango curry, Mango icecream, Amlechi Uddamethi, Ambe Upakari, Alphonso Angoori Basundi.

There are multiple other cuisines Aamo Lassi (mango lassi), Mango iced tea, Mango Mastani, Mango Milkshake, Mango cotta Panna, Mango Kulfi, Mango Kesari, Mango Sheera, Aam ras (aamras), Mango cake, Mango ice cream with condensed milk, Mango Falooda, Mango dragon fruit smoothie, Mango halwa, Mango cheesecake, Mango Mousse, Mango Muffins, Mango Phirni, Mango Rasayana, Mango Modak in Ganpati, Mango Pudding, Mango Raita, Mango smoothie, Mango Salsa, Mango fig banana smoothie, Mango banana orange smoothie, Mango blackberry smoothie, Oats mango smoothie, Mango banana milkshake, Mango raita, mango wine, Mango beer and much more in dessert and sasavs.