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India is prized for its diversity. You can find diversity in almost every sphere of life in India.

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But what brings Indians together is food! Indians love food and take pride in it!India is home to many varieties of fruits and vegetables. One such fruit is mango. India has around 24 varieties of mangoes that grow in various regions of the country.

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For example, you can find Dasehri mango in the north. Neelam and Totapuri mangoes are grown in the south. The most popular variant is grown in Maharashtra. This variant is known as Hapus or Alphonso mango. Hapus is prized for its delicious sweet taste, distinct aroma, juicy pulp, and beautiful yellow-orange skin.

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Konkan is the only place in India that grows Hapus. The taste of this variant depends on the soil and climate it grows in.

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Konkan's hot-humid climate, terrain, and volcanic soil add to Hapus' taste. Other regions across India have tried growing Hapus, but they weren't as tasty as Konkan's Hapus.

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Alphonso was first brought to India by a Portuguese military officer, Alphonso de Alburquerque. Two Konkani districts are especially known for their Hapus: Devgad and Ratnagiri. The Hapus in these districts are of premium quality. Thus, they've been awarded a GI tag. GI tag is a hallmark of quality. Any product with a GI tag is considered original and of superior quality.

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You can now buy different variants of Indian mangoes online.

However, a few pointers need to be considered.

  1. Always buy naturally ripened mangoes. Many sellers use carbide, a chemical compound, to speed the ripening process. As a result, the fruit becomes tasteless and harmful to you.
  2. Know what you're looking for. Since mangoes are available in many varieties, it is easy to get confused. Read up on how to identify various types of mangoes.
  3. Always buy from a trusted seller or website. Read reviews before buying. Ask your friends for their experiences with the website.
  4. If it's your first experience with a website, place a small order. That way, you won't lose money even if your product doesn't get delivered or is defective.
  5. Read important information regarding the exchange, returns, and after-sales services carefully.

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These mangoes are shipped to you straight from farms to your doorstep.  We ship our mangoes by airThe mangoes we send will ripen at your home. This helps in reducing damage caused by travel.

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You can use these green mangoes to make chutneys, dips, salsa, or pickles. To buy premium quality mangoes, click here.