Does cranberry cause constipation

Does cranberry cause constipation

Does Cranberry Cause Constipation

Cranberries do not cause constipation.

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They are small oval-shaped fruit with having red hue.

The sweetness of the berry is determined by how dark they are.

Cranberries they are tart like lemon hence they are low in sugar, So often sugar is added to berries.

The berries have a high amount of vitamin C, which is beneficial for dealing with problems related to the immune system.

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They are also beneficial for the skin.

The berries are considered to regulate blood sugar levels as they are slowly absorbed into the blood.

A handful of cranberries are recommended for daily consumption. 

Overconsumption of this tasty fruit can cause constipation or nausea.

Also it may reverse and cause you effect of laxative.