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How many blueberries per day - AlphonsoMango.in

How many blueberries per day

How many blueberries in a day

Dried Blueberries Online have a dark purple or black hue. 

They are tiny berries loved worldwide.

There are multiple recipes in Indian and other cuisines so that you enjoy these sweet treats for your sweet tooth.

They are low in sodium and calories.

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They are round in shape and used specifically in baked products, chocolates, or ice cream.

The berries are generally sweet with a hint of sourness.

The sourness of the berries depends upon the time of harvest.

If the berries are harvested before the time, they taste sour.

Thus, sweet berries must be harvested after they have ripped.

They can be consumed raw or with any other dish.

How much should you Eat?

A handful of tasty berries you can eat daily.

The serving size of these tasty dried blueberries is as follows :

For kids and Children: 6 to 8

For adults: 12

Dried Blueberries also help in lowering your cholesterol level in the body.

It is good for heart health, cancer, and digestive issues.

Most of the berries, like blueberry, are relatively higher in fiber.

Eating it in excess, you might have gas, diarrhea, bloating, and mineral deficiencies.

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Benefits of dried Blueberries

Helps the urinary tract. It helps prevents bacteria from connecting to the urinary bladder lining.

It helps prevent heart diseases by lowering your cholesterol level in the body.

Have anti-oxidant effects.

Dried blueberries are rich in vitamin K, about 23.8 micrograms.

Vitamin K in this is nearly 20 to 26 percent of the recommended daily value for vitamin K.

This Vitamin K plays a crucial role in bone health and helps blood clot properly.

Aids in losing body weight recent study by a group of scientists suggests that dried blueberries can affect genetics, which tries to regulate storage and fat-burning, mostly lowering cholesterol and reducing abdominal fat. 

Rich in vitamin C. A water-soluble Vitamin C in these berries helps tissue repair and bone growth.

Excellent natural, tasty source of Dietary fiber.

Have anti-cancer effects as it has good value, increasing anti-oxidant activity in your blood during cancer.

Helps in preserving the vision.

It contains Vitamin A treatment for dry eyes and helps fight eye inflammation.

Helps in improving the memory power.

Protects the brain and attention to required tasks.

It also helps increase blood flow to key brain areas, as well as improvements in memory.

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